Release 1.03

Wed, 06/18/2014 - 08:21 -- BlueWinds

This is unexpected.

I have a boyfriend. I'm a little confused, since I didn't think I was attracted to men. I've still never met one I was physically interested in - this is a long-distance (the longest distance!) relationship. We've known each other for a couple of years now, but recently things have been getting a bit... heavier, I guess you could say... and I decided to be bold and ask, butterflies filling my stomach, if he was feeling the same way as I. The schoolgirl confession was just about as cute to live through as it looks in anime - I'm not a schoolgirl anymore, but it sure felt that way. :3

We've never met in person, nor have we yet exchanged pictures - but we're hardly strangers. Will the wonders of the internet ever cease to amaze? I sure hope not. :)



But that's not why you're here. Or maybe it is. Anyway, here's a new release of the game.

- Bugfixes

- Talking with Hilde and Katri

- A couple more bugfixes

Sorry for not responding to everyone who messaged me - there are a lot of you! Just for a sense of scale, I get 5-10 messages weekly, even now. It's manageable when I keep up daily, but when I take a break for a while... well, they pile up. If I haven't responded to you yet, and your message still applies or your bug still exists in this new version, please contact me again or post here.

I'm also uploading this release to the online verison - sorry I forgot to do that lost time. ^^;;


Konjou on

Congrats Blue, may it be a great experience

AColonyOfAnts on

Grats grats!  I'm not sure it has anything to do with sexual orientation though; the fact that you asked someone out without having seen their face, let alone meeting them in person pretty much means you did it solely on basis of his personality.  I've had similar experiences, I've met guys that I found amazing enough to push me into the bi-curious (and I would definitely date if I were a girl).

Even if they are of a gender you have no interest in, that doesn't mean that the personality there isn't something you can't admire/fall in love with.

benryher (not verified) on

Congratulations!  I'm selfishly hoping you keep this blog from him so that you can tell us about further developments without hesitation, though for all I know this blog is how you two met haha.  I've genuinely never heard of this sort of relationship forming, so I'm very curious to hear about it as it develops.Also: Oh, I never realized you didn't update the online version after the last patch.  The bug report comment I made may have been irrelevant, then :/

Coga on

Ha! Congratulations! And to hell with gender- like AColonyOfAnts said, if their personality gels with yours and you like them, who gives a shit about what they've got dangling under their fork?


P/S: Make sure he's legal :P



Voduxe (not verified) on

Well congrats! I actually envy many people for their ability to feel emotions as stong as love, so enjoy it. As for sexual orientation, well, Emperor Claudius of Rome (41-54 A.D.) was considered an oddity because he only liked women. Life marches ever onward, with or without you. Take a chance.

Arith on

Congratulations, and bless your life.

Infernalistgamer (not verified) on

1028 moves is a suspiciously computery number...did I just run out of turns?

Anonymous (not verified) on

My heartfelt congratulations. I hope you have a wonderful relationship, even if it is never destined to be a physical one. :)

Hiroko (not verified) on

I have this saying. Everyone is a little lesbian or a little gay.You have to be to some degree in order to be confident in your own appearance. If you do not think you look good, or not good to the other gender, then you are comparing something you see as a flaw in yourself (or some one else) to a feature for your gender that you think is attractive, wether it is because you think the other gender thinks that, or wether you personally feel it is attractive.I haven't really thought much about the situation from a non-straight perspective, but I can't see how much differently it can really be. I supposed one could go into typical male-female pshycology, procteaion and the whatnots, but mentioning is enough. Never be afraid of what or why you want. Embrace.

ArgentRain (not verified) on

I found this game today, and it's pretty fun.

I would have finished with it without downloading it, but I unfortunately tripped over some kind of script error, and that was the definitive end of one playthrough.

Buying your way out of debt is fun, and I did that about 1/2 of the way into my doomed playthrough, but I won't consider the game actually "beaten" until I have all the girls fit, slutty, and out for public use.

A shame I can't leave the slavers to finish breaking Hathawa and then buy her off them, but whatever.

May get this finished to my satisfaction later this weekend or next weekend, nice job.

ArgentRain (not verified) on

Right, so that script error I ran into earlier shows up even in the downloaded version.

I played through again on Chrome, in case it was an issue with my old firefox browser, and while the trouble did show up again, I was at least able to get a couple files exported this time.

Here is the bug report.


But yeah.  My only two really major complaints about this game are getting cockblocked from fucking Hathawa during the "all whores collected" orgy, and not being able to leave the slavers to train her for me so I could buy her back from 'em.  Well, I'd also like to be able to have Antinua put in the stockades for the full 3 days and whipped like the noblean wanted, but that's more minor.

BlueWinds on

Haha, yeah, Antinua has her own little rules about things, and it's really not a good idea to try and mess with her.

Ever get the impression that she follows laws only when convenient, and isn't really worried about the consequences? Well, it's true - she's a whole lot more important and powerful than she generally lets on. More on her in the next game. :)

Hm, I'll take a look at the bug - you're not the first to report it, but I've been generally lax about anything to do with this game when the new one is burning brightly in my eye.

Anonymus2 (not verified) on

hi i really enjoy this game but i am to dumb to install/play it on my pc. Can somebody help me please?

AColonyOfAnts on

Download the Release 1.03 file and extract it into a new folder.  You can boot up the game by opening the index.html file.

Longdistance expert (not verified) on

Hi there! i stumbled upon this wonderful work of art as i was searching for a similar tittled game... and i played the online version i believe. I must say apart from one or 2 typos i saw during the entire first play, i was extremly impressed with the quality of work you've done... thank you for this lovely creation and i hope you find happiness in life. 


:PS I have traveled the world (literally) and fell in love only once my entire life, and that was during a long distance relationship that stretched for 5 years! we met in an online game Perfect world was the tittle... ironic i know but it turned out to be perfect for me, we are now married and both beyond happy. I wish you the best and live life while you can, because contrary to popular belief, life is very short.

Jackolantern (not verified) on

Gratulations for getting a internet boyfriend:)

I got into a internet relationship last year and to have the feelings grow that way was a immense suprise, not to mention that the person loved me back was just incredible. Sincere wishes of best of luck with your love!