Release next week

Sat, 02/22/2014 - 20:34 -- BlueWinds

My spellcheck didn't recognize the word "dildo."

Computer, it's time you and I had a long talk. When a woman loves herself very much, sometimes she...

The next release will have the first dark-skinned woman in the game. Meet Nixa, a backer-requested NPC. Yay!

It's really, really hard to find dark skinned pictures. I eventually had to make one myself - original source is here. Those necklaces were a real pain to select around, but totally worth it.


Expect a release sometime next week, either middle or end. I've been plugging away at Katri's images today - I just need to get back to writing events for her (him) and then we'll have our sixth and final employee. :)


Frankie (not verified) on

I honestly can't tell which picture i like best, the original or your's.

You did a good job with it :)

Terryble on

Without meaning to delve into racism and xenophobia and Japan, etc. etc. etc. I've always thought that the "Dark Skin" thing in hentai is strange.

As far as my own tastes go I've never had a special interest in either direction but it is nice to just see something different from the norm once in a while.

Dasanko on

Well, this is nice after a dry week and a half.

EDrake7 on

Are we going to have some male-male action later on? It'd give some change for all the girls around...

BlueWinds on

If someone else wants to write it and find images I'll include it in the game, but I'm not going to do so myself.

I'm only barely interested in straight sex, much less gay. *^^*

firedrop2007 on

That makes me sad...

How can you not be interested is sex?

BlueWinds on

Are you saying lesbians can't have sex? That makes me sad now too... :(

(kidding, kidding)

But asexuals do exist, and I still identify as one to some extent (I'll probably write a post about that at some point).

caseyzero on

He might have been counting lesbian sex as gay sex.  :)

EDrake7 on

Oh, well... Darn. :S

Guess we'll have to see...

AshurianMystic (not verified) on

Is the game coming out today?

BlueWinds on

Another development release, once I finish writing / testing some stuff, but not a final public one.

Natas Baker on

There might be a surge of sudden same sex action in this game if you are patient. ;)

Jethro Makari on

I might actually be able to contribute here. I have a folder dedicated to darker skinned girls because fuck yes, darker skinned waifus are such delicious. I think the most relevant issue would be credit, but here, take this folder full of pictures and love.

I'm sure there's plenty that's pretty dismissable, but hopefully there'll be a couple of useful items in the pack.