Reuse content from 1?

Mon, 07/08/2013 - 19:32 -- BlueWinds
Yes! Copy old writing into the new game.
82% (275 votes)
No! New content only.
18% (62 votes)
Total votes: 337

So, I'm finally at the point mechanically in Version 2 where I can start doing a shit-ton of writing, with far fewer interruptions to go code a feature that's missing. Which brings up the above question.

I refer here only to generic events and actions - the market orgy, the tentacle attacks, visiting the temple, etc, rather than any girls or girl-specific content.

If you do want me to reuse text, keep in mind that content from the old game does have to be ported - I can't just copy-paste the text, I have to go over it and adjust some things. This is faster than writing new text, but it does take time.

Which do you prefer?

Also, contrary to my previous words, I will be releasing another version of the demo before the offbeatr campaign finishes. Look forward to it in the next week or so - you'll be able to actually hire Wend and work at the Onsen with her. Also, lots of placeholder images will be filled in.


Anonymous (not verified) on

Yes, you absolutely should reuse generic events in the meantime. I fully expect this project to be a bootstrap process; this will help you focus on the more interesting aspects of the second version.

Later on, as you're free and feel inspired :P you can write new text.

Hitzuki (not verified) on

I think it would be easier for you to copy the text for now, that way you can concentrate yourself more into scripting and such. It's nothing bad to do and like Anon says, you can always change the text later on. :3

svnhddbst (not verified) on

reusing generic stuff (mechanics, themes, physics) is what gaming is based on. it's like the mortar in the road, the rocks might not be reused but the generic uninteresting stuff in between is reused , with a bit of customization where necessary, to help keep the developers from driving themselves insane doing every little thing.

BlueWinds on

I'm not talking about reusing the mechanics and themes here - I'm talking about reusing specific game content, the exact in-game text.

Dave (not verified) on

Resusing appropriate old content would totally add to the game, the generic stuff's too good to leave behind!

Anonymous (not verified) on

You might as well make use of writing you've already done. Especially when it comes to generic filler content.