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Fri, 08/22/2014 - 08:53 -- BlueWinds

You know what I haven't talked about on this blog for a long time? Porn. Time to change some that a bit. Know what else I haven't done? Reviewed a game.

I recently discovered (and the developer recently began making) Princess - in their own words, "It's a text&pictures porn RPG about a girls adventures in an unknown and dangerous world. The game is fully translated into English." You take on the role of a nameable princess, kidnapped from her fantasy world and forced to survive in the slums of a high-tech city.

You have a number of basic stats - Athletics, Agility, Int, etc., and your main goal is managing Hunger and Energy and Shame while trying to make money.

The bad

  • There is not a lot of content yet. An hour or two of gameplay, if you read everything (which I recommend!)
  • The opening part of the game is very luck dependent. I ended up save-scumming a little, rather than starve to death and have to start over.
  • There are typos and some Russian words still scattered around. You can sometimes tell that English isn't their native language.

The good

  • G'damn it did I have fun. Like, tons of fun. For such a small game, it's just... great.
  • The shame mechanic is really cool. I like the idea of a stat that limits how much sexy-time you can have, doling it out rather than letting you binge all at once. I also like very innocent characters, to the princess was extra neat. :)
  • The writing is just the right length. One sentence descriptions when you want them, full pages full of text to help get you off. Did I mention it got me off? Like, repeatedly and intensely? It's been a long time since I found a hentai game that did that.
  • It's in active development! Most projects don't last super-long, but this looks to be getting a release a month, with a not huge but decent amount of new content each time.

The fetishy

  • Rape. It is possible to avoid if you're lucky and skilled, but your princess will probably get fucked by dirty men.
  • Embarassment. This is the big one that the game runs off. If you don't like this, you'll probably want to stay away.
  • Mermaid & Centaur. Not a major theme, but they're there, and you'll probably have sex with them by accident just following the normal storyline. Not my thing, but easy enough to ignore.
  • Lactation. How much exposure you have to this is your own choice, but it's there. I mostly avoided it.

So, long story short, great game, would recommend, play and enjoy.


wind (not verified) on

If you ask me there is too much grind comparing vs reward.And update are depending on "paid vote" so soon it will go one way and any variety lost.

And I always cheat there... Giving myself like 1000g ;p

Anonymous (not verified) on

Aw, why do so many good games only work on Windows? I was really excited at trying this out!

BlueWinds on

Yep. I'm on Linux, and have to run a lot of games not under Wine (which sometimes works) but on a virtual machine. :/

This game would have been a good candidate for RenPy-ification. Would work anywhere and the menus would be better.

Anonymous (not verified) on

Hm, so does this one work under Wine? I haven't gotten around to setting up a virtual machine yet, it's kind of a pain...

BlueWinds on

It does, but only a 32bit wine prefix (not a 64 bit one). See here if you don't know how to do that. ;)

Anonymous (not verified) on

Thanks! I got it working pretty smoothly!

Taikdarys (not verified) on

You know, I really like your reviews. They are really useful! A good way to find good games to play.

By the way, Blue, may I suggest to you two particular games? One for use with Java, the other for playing in the browser. I don't know if they will work on your machine since it seems to be a linux and I use windows, but hey, maybe they will, maybe they won't, right?


The first one is called Night Games. It is the Java one, so it will require you to have Java. This game is about sexual figthing, basically, in a competition that happens at night in a school. Basically, you search the school looking for the other competidors, fight them, and then end up taking their undewear and having sex with them in a dominant or submissive way. It is really well written and has a great amount of content; you can fight, you can train, you may discover secret locations, you may visit the competidors in day time, and so and so forth. A bad thing about this game, however, is that you're pretty limited to your character; it will start as a male, and as far as I know, there is no way to change that. The good is... aside from the content, there are two things that make this game cool: your opponents will progressively get better as the days go on, forcing you to be constantly training your character so that you don't fall behind, and you can join a fight between two girls (all of your competidors are girls, if I forgot to say that) in favor of one of them, which will give her the win (and if I remember right, this can trigger a lesbian sex scene between the girls, so, hey, plus here!)... and of course, this can also happen to you, so don't be surprised if you start a fight only to get instantly defeated by another girl interference.

Here is the link, if you want to try it:


The other game is Fallen. Now, this one in particular has considerable less content than Night Games and is more cliché, per say, but in compensation, he allows you to start with either a male or female on the start of a new game, as well as turn into either one during the game (as well as a hemafrodite). Now, even with less content, Fallen still has more than enought to keep your for some hours playing it. There are some typos and all, but nothing that makes it unreadable, and holy shit, it get's a lot of uptades. You can expect something like two updates per month, which is pretty good at this kind of game. And also, it has the arena! The arena is very interesting because it's basically your character put naked in a place agains't eight other random guys and girls. Now, what makes it interesting is that, as far as I know, the arena isn't affected by your normal status that much. There is no normal figthing there, you see? Instead, you choose to attack a certain someone, and you may or may not win. There are conditions for them, and you'll have to figure out what they are. And, some are just random. For example, the drunken guy may call you a drinking buddy and forfeit, or kick your ass, regardless if you spoke to him before or not. And also, you may kill rabbits on this game, so it's pretty cool!

Here is the link, if you want to try it:


Well, that's basically it. See ya! Oh, and please do let me know if you do play and enjoy them, ok?

BlueWinds on

I don't generally mention / review games that I find unplayable - I've seen both these before, and consider them... well, junk.

I suppose I could do a review on why, but that would be pretty negative for the developers, so I won't. :)

WW (not verified) on

Now, now... that's teasing and you know it! ;)

But seriously, you already called them junk, would it not be even more negative towards their creators if you left it at that, and not even cared to ellaborate as to why?

Fallen (not verified) on

Hi all,

I'm the developper behind Fallen, and I would like to know why you find the game so bad.

I think that most opinions are useful, as long as comments are constructive.

So could you please elaborate? The game has changed a lot this summer, and maybe the problems you had have been removed?

Thanks in advance

(Sorry if my english is not perfect, it's not my main language)

BlueWinds on

Here are some thoughts, in no particular order. I can see that you've put a lot of work into the game, so sorry if this comes across as a little harsh.

  • The combat is incredibly generic. Attack, attack, win/lose. It's repetitive and adds nothing to the experience, except lots of clicking before anything interesting happens.
  • It feels very much like a game. There's no sense that I, as the character, am a real person. I don't eat, I only need to sleep when I run low on HP (which give no sense that I'm actually being injured).
  • Raising lust as a means to win combat is really common in hentai RPGs, but it's completely nonsensical except when dealing with magic. If I'm fighting for my life, I do not care that someone showed me their ass. It seems like a great opportunity to kill them, not to get laid.
  • I have no feeling for the world. I'm wandering around the city, but I don't know if it's hot, crowded, spacious, first chill of winter, a nervous air among the people, etc.
  • I went to the general shop and someone randomly gave me a set of tools. What? It felt very, very contrived. There was a woman at the bar giving out quests. To me, a random stranger. We didn't even talk first, she just asked me to "do something", not telling me what it was - then stripped me naked and had me pit-fight. Again, felt very quest-giver, contrived.
  • My character appears to have no emotions. I find it hard to care about her when she doesn't react to being raped.
Fallen (not verified) on

Hi, thanks for your reply

Don't worry, I don't find it "harsh" ;)

Here are my thoughs :

  • "The combat is incredibly generic" : The mechanism is generic, but every opponent has its strenghs and weaknesses, even if it's not very visible. I should add more and more attacks/reactions in the future
  • "It feels very much like a game." : It IS a game. I'm not able to do a real life simulation or something like that
  • "Raising lust as a means to win combat is really common in hentai RPGs, but it's completely nonsensical " : You're right, but don't forget you're in a corrupted world, where rules are differents. In fact, when I wrote the base of the game, my only references were CoC and Fall of Eden. Maybe I should have search for something more original.
  • "I have no feeling for the world....My character appears to have no emotions" : It's just because I'm a developper, not a writer (even in my own language, i would have difficulties to write very detailled stories). I could use some help for that if you or someone else is willing to help. I'm working on this game on my spare time, which is very variable, and my lack of vocabulary and grammar is slowing down the writing...

Thanks again for your reply ;)

Vestrina on

Thanks for the review.  I've been playing Princess before going to bed, and stayed up way too late the past two nights as a result. :)

So far I've done pretty well without needing to abuse save games.  I did play for over an hour on my desktop, then started over on my windows tablet (which was a mistake, since I can now play in bed and get no sleep, lol).  The second time I actually did a lot worse because I drove my embarrasment up to high early on.  While you can do some slutty stuff for bonus money, it actually hurts a lot at the start of the game because being embarrased really hurts your stat growth.  When I played as a clean princess I was a little short on cash but made up for midgame because my stats were so much higher.

BlueWinds on

I should note that the newest version is a bit easier than the one before it, which is where I spent most of my time playing - money is easier to make and (I think?) hunger doesn't increase as quickly in 0.4.

Anonymous (not verified) on

Blue, what would you say  makes a hentai game click for you? I'm curious because Princess (which was fun!) had very little in the way of lesbian content, yet it got you off more intensely than such games tend to.

BlueWinds on

The #1 thing is the sense of a real world with real people. Cardboard cutouts fucking doesn't do it for me, ever, no matter how beautifully it's illustrated or how well the mechanics of the act are described.

Princess felt... very much like a real person. She cried, she felt proud, she was ashamed of herself. The pixie sidekick was a coward - that was great! I loved how she felt bad about it and apologized, but still ran away any time there was danger.

Now you put lewd things on top of that, and it's hot.

Anonymous (not verified) on

That's what I liked so much about your game. With Wend, for example, I could never quite tell if the weird things she said were the result of a quirky sense of humor, or if they were a symptom of her actually being a bit crazy, or something in between, but whatever it was it was distinctly Wend; the characters all spoke and acted in their own consistent way.

RDS (not verified) on

Hey, I started again two days ago, and learned a new trick or two, so I'm getting better.  It is a pretty good game but way too short.  This time I was out of debt and bought the Onsen by Ascending Earth, if  I remember correctly.

I really want to know how to recruit Katria (sp?), is she Cat at the beach?  I can never get her to talk with me.

BlueWinds on

I'm going to assume you've already explored every action you can find with a star - other than that, make sure to have someone running the bath and someone whoring to run into all the prerequisite events.

BlueWinds on

Thanks for the link! Played it through last night, and will do review at some point whenI get around to it (which means I liked it).

Lunatik (not verified) on

Hi, BlueWinds, first time here, so: GOOD GAME, I liked it :D

So this is my " so happy that I found it " game.

still short, nothing much in the content, but the storyline, AWESOME. Hope you like it. :)