Sneak-peak of Version 2

Fri, 05/17/2013 - 21:46 -- BlueWinds

So, what have I been up to for the last two weeks?

This is what I've been up to.

Take a look. Let me know what you think. Though there are no actions coded in yet, it's a 90% functional game engine, not just a mockup of a UI.

Anyway, if you like the demo and want to see more, stop by the Offbeatr campaign and give it a vote (and chip in a few dollars, when it gets enough votes). The money will go to a good cause - commissioning a bit of original art, paying for a bit of graphics design work, and letting me focus on the game instead of my day-job for a few months.

While the game still belongs to the Sim Brothel genera (where you hire girls, manage finances, attract customers and upgrade property), it will also have some radical departures from convention - a great deal of focus on the player-character, a small and rotating cast of girls working for you at any given time, and well thought-out and coherent fictional world (there's a reason STDs aren't an issue in Vailia).

In general, game-play will involve frequent returns to the overhead map, where the player chooses their next action, whether it be talking with one of the girls, managing the brothel, looking for new hires, or investigating rumours that the Onsen is haunted. You'll never see the old standby of "Rest" actions (both for girls and for the PC) - if someone is tired enough that they need to rest, it will just happen. No need to bother the player to click a button on their behalf.

There will probably be Futa, definitely be tentacle monsters, and possibly be transformation. The long and short of it is that much of the content will be determined by backers - several of the rewards are things like "I'll write a scene based on your description" or "describe a girl," and based on the number of requests I've gotten, it seems likely that much of the user requested content will be transformation and Futa. The game will also contain girls with cat-ears and tails, but nothing more furry than that.

The main theme, as far as a relatively open-ended (rather than plot-driven) game like this has one, is sensuality vs. slutiness - do you want to fuck everything that moves, or does each partner mean something special? Neither one is "correct" or particularly rewarded with in-game resources, but your choices as a player will be remembered, and influence future events.


EDIT: The URL for the demo has changed - it's now instead of The link has been changed, but just in case anyone was entering the URL directly...


pi (not verified) on

mouseover tooltips aren't readable when the textbox appears halfway outside of the screen(see screenshot)  

i'd recommend adding scroll mousewheel to advance

the interface looks really nice and smooth

BlueWinds on

Hm, I thought I fixed that bug already. That screenshot shouldn't occur - none of the messages are centered (if the active one were, the tooltip wouldn't be off-screen). Try again and let me know if it persists.

Mousewheel navigation was supposed to be on already, but it was bugged. Fixed.


bathoz (not verified) on

Looks great. Put my vote in on offbeatr too.

Haimond (not verified) on

"by the time you catch another breath of frigged air" - I believe you mean frigid. Frigged means...something else entirely.

BlueWinds on

Indeed I do. Good catch.

Anonymous (not verified) on

I don't like the scrolling thing. Much rather have everything in one window, with the new replacing the old, but that's just personal preference. Maybe make it an option? Additionally, Next and Previous buttons. Please use them. Yes, arrow and scrollwheel controls are very nice and I'm sure you spent a lot of time on them but please don't leave out more standard and obvious methods.

Also, I have smooth scrolling disabled, yet your page smooth-scrolls regardless. This is not okay.

BlueWinds on

There are next and previous buttons, they're just on the far right side of the screen.

I've never heard of anyone turning off smooth scrolling before, but I guess there's always a first. ;) I was going to add that option eventually to support lower-power devices, but since it's so important to you, I've done so now.

Knoloa (not verified) on

Voted.The project looks promising, that's pretty much what games like Whoremaster should have been about in my opinion. However, do you think you can handle it on the commission side of things ? Commissionned art can get expensive quite quickly, even bad commissioned art does.That said, Im loving the project so far and hope that you get enough votes and pledges for it.

BlueWinds on

When I said "commissioning a bit of art," that's what I meant - a couple of pictures here and there to fill in gaps, rather than filling the game with custom drawings.

Yes, that means I'll still mostly be using art fetched "from the internet." This rubs some people the wrong way, but oh well. They're free to send me a million dollars so I can hire a full time art department.

Wolfie (not verified) on

I super voted for you before this was up, but I had to tell you it looks wonderful.

It's nice to see both this version and your current being so different, and how this one just feels so well made already as a demo.

I like your ideas, and I hope we can all push your project to get the votes so you can get the money and then focus on it!

Arcess (not verified) on

As a general comment on the Offbeatr page, I notice that the limited-availability reward tiers don't total to very much - only $2,600 of the $12,000 target, so a little over a fifth. For the campaign to be successful, that means that you'd also need more than two hundred $35 backers.

I'm not exactly sure what the solution is, but I'd recommend at least increasing the cost of the describe-a-girl tier, which is by far the most appealing. If not every slot is taken, that gives you more creative control. But if they are all taken, it takes you closer to your goal. Also, I'm not sure why the major NPC level has such limited availability. I imagine that you'll be able to fit most player-imagined characters into roles and scenes in ways that are already vital to the game's existence.

BlueWinds on

Hm, I guess I'd been thinking of "major NPC" in pretty restrictive terms (as someone who shows up and influences the plot multiple times), but you're right that even in that case I can bump the limit to 10.

I definitely have been thinking hard about how to create more rewards at various levels - what do people want other than portions of creative control? I'm not sure how much more of that I can offer beyond the current rewards.

Knoloa (not verified) on

Custom Player Character assets (description, art, background) could be a high tier pledge, unique starting item (piece of cloth/armor, weapon, jewellry, etc.) a low-tier one, or even a bonus event (longer than the erotic scenes). A CG pack from the commissioned art could also be a pledge reward (or a part of a reward).Just throwing some ideas.Personally Im not really a big fan of the creator letting pledgers design some part of the game, I think that pledges should be "bonus" things, a bit like what we see in Free 2 Play games (bonus exp, bonus looks, etc.). 

Mehzerz (not verified) on

There's some good suggestions here. I agree there's not many incentives on the offbeatr page. I think there should be a wider range of rewards. For instance even a dollar is beneficial to the project.

I think you need to re-assess who your audience is. How many donators are going to be willing to pony up 10 dollars? It doesn't sound like a lot. But, for some users it might be. I think you should drop the minimum pledge to a dollar. Even if all they get is a wallpaper from the artwork that's an extra dollar to help fund the game. Especially when the minimum amount you want is 12,000. I think that's a lot to expect from an adult oriented anime game. Particularly with a minimum of $10 dollar pledges.

Once you lower some of the tiers I think it'd be best to grant beta access to all donators. Alpha might be even better, then beta access to the $5 dollar+ donators. This way you've given donators who paid a dollar a taste. If they choose to upgrade to the 5 dollar tier then they can continue to play on to the beta.

Tier ideas:

Wallpaper + Alpha access

Beta access plus previous tier

Make up an item or object included in the game (within reason) *Please provide more than one idea

Your name or fictional name included in the game as a very minor NPC or location ect...

describe a beast included in the game

Your name or username listed on a credits page

That's all I can think of for now. Hopefully it gives you some ideas.

BlueWinds on

I think the opposite - adding rewards at the $1 level A) doesn't contribute meaningfully to the total goal and B) sends the message that the project may be worth so very little. If people want to donate $1, they're welcome to - but I'm encouraging them to go for $10, rather than $1.

Wallpaper assumes that I have something that can be wallpapered. I'm thinking about that now, who to commission for art and how much, but I can't promise yet what I'm not sure I can deliver.

There will be no items for someone to make up.

Minor NPC is already a rewad option.

Still, some good ideas, and I really am thinking about / planning to add more options.

BlueWinds on

One thing I am absoltely adamant on is that all game content will be free, available to everyone. No hidden events, no contributor-only items, etc.

On the other hand, I do like the idea of a bonus "easy-play" mode (IE, start with lots of money, girls have high stats, etc.) - that's an easy reward I could get behind. Consider it added.

Anonymous (not verified) on

Keep up the great job! New stuff looking awesome. GL.

RedRocket (not verified) on

I just voted looks like your over the top and it waiting for action from you to get pledges. I'm fairly broke on disablity but I'll try to scrape up at least the $10.

BlueWinds on

Yep, got the votes early this morning.


I will probably take me a few days to get everything ready before I can launch (I'm too broke to afford the deposit until I get paid for one of my day-job projects here). Soon!