Sat, 01/11/2014 - 00:48 -- BlueWinds

So, the site has been undergoing a recent barrage of spam. You probably didn't notice anything, because anonymous comments require approval, but I've been deleting them by the dozens daily for almost a week. Blocking IP addresses has also helped somewhat. Just in case you were wondering why you need email verification on the site, and why you sometimes have to fill out captchas... it's really the lesser of two evils.


Otherwise, I have been not terribly productive. Or rather, I've been exceedingly productive on things that aren't related to this game. Just a few bugfixes, and slow progress on some of Alison and Wend's stuff - nothing worth a release. Mostly this has to do with the fact that my other job (a startup currently in stealth mode) has gone crazy. We'll be launching in a little more than a month, and until then, my energy will be somewhat drained. I don't hate it - it's kind of fun for a change of pace - but I'll be happy to return to a more sedate pace of both work and play. I don't play any real-time games - only turn based - and I'd far rather jog with someone than race against them.



AColonyOfAnts on

Hmmm. I've been wondering, Bluewinds, what personality profile do you fit under? Having heard your opinions on certain matters, I'm kind of curious how it is you think the way you do.

BlueWinds on

INTP. Extremely INT, on the border between P/J. Oddly though, despite tests coming close on the P/J border, INTP describes me almost perfectly, while INTJ not very well at all.


It is what it is.

BlueWinds on

I 80% agree with the article - most of it seems spot on, especially their conclusions:

"From reviewing the literature, I do find one common theme among mainstream psychotherapists where the use of the MBTI is advised, and that's as a conversation starter. It's a fine way to give people a quick snapshot of what their strengths and weaknesses might be, and of those with whom they interact. To get the dialog going, this is a perfectly valid tool. But as a tool for making career decisions, relationship decisions, or psychiatric assessment, no."

Just so.

The only place I disagree is in this bit of criticism: "From the perspective of statistical analysis, the MBTI's fundamental premise is flawed. According to Myers & Briggs, each person is either an introvert or an extravert. Within each group we would expect to see a bell curve showing the distribution of extraversion within the extraverts group, and introversion within the introverts."

I have never heard anyone actually claim this - in fact, the only time I see this claim made (and I have seen it before) is when someone wants to criticize MBTI for it. People who consider it useful generally agree that each attribute is a sliding scale rather than a binary switch. It's a little bit of a strawman.

Dasanko on

INTJ here.

Wizard on

Same here. It helps to know which group you belong to but I wouldn't say that defines me. I've been know to go against my lettering on occasions.

Aendri on

INTP here as well. Though since people with similar personality types tend to group together naturally, it shouldn't be a surprise that a decent number of us share at least 3 of the primary designations.

AColonyOfAnts on

Heh. I happen to be an INT too, with a borderline P/J. I just happen to be on the J side.
Tarot card-wise, I've been described dominantly as a High Priestess, Strength, and Tower.

Jyeti on

Hmm, interesting. I had to look up what the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is.... I'd say I'm INP and on the border with T/F but I haven't taken a test or anything for it, so...

BlueWinds on

Interesting that you hadn't heard of it. It's pretty common in the United States, from what I've seen - are you from elsewhere? is the "real" test (there are lots of fakes online that pretend to be MBTI but aren't actually). Takes ~10 min. You don't need an account on the site - on the very last page where it asks your gender, be sure to click "No thanks, just the results »" rather than Next.

terumokou on

Going by that, I'm well into the INFP area. Sounds reasonable enough.

joseph33759 (not verified) on

hey just wanted to say I like the game you are making, and that personally I could careless that you are female, it seems to help you make this game better than a guy could IMHO. Good luck with life and heres hoping you get to release 1.0 soon

AColonyOfAnts on

As a guy this offends me. What is it about having a female creator v. a male creator make the game better? (though Bluewinds can definitely make this game better than me 'cause she knows programming and I don't) =P

Edit: I don't mean any ill will here, just a challenge to you to ask yourself about why you think this way.

Zachary (not verified) on

I'd assume it's the female look on the erotic genre of games. Gives it some interesting depth unavailable with a male writer. As well as a different style, when I see a lot, if not most of games of this nature made by a male writer to be far more focused on the sex and the erotic side of it. While this game definitely has a great focus on that, it reaches a bit deeper when it comes to story, plot, characters, etc. A level most male writers I find try to ignore.

BlueWinds on

Why is that depth you talk about unavailable to a male writer? I find the invocation of the "women are caring and emotional, men are sex-driven" to unconvincing.

It's a cultural stereotype. When people stop invoking those they loose power.

joseph33759 (not verified) on

it's not that is is unavailable to male writers, me being a case and point, it is just women tend to reach a more plot driven story line in this genre more so than a man

Zachary (not verified) on

This is what I was trying to get at. I'm just speaking on an experience point, males have full capacity to write just as well as women, culture stereotype aside. :p Just, percentage-wise, most smut I read is written by a man, and most stories that actually grasp my attention and emotions, are usually written by a woman.