Wed, 07/24/2013 - 13:20 -- BlueWinds

The image on the right is Hathawa. You'll get to meet her in the next release. She's rather shy - there's another character who you'll be able to meet soon who can help get her out of her shell a little.

I just thought I'd pop in with some interesting factoids.

  • There are roughly 13000 words of text in the game. About 2000 of those have been added since the last demo was released (IE, no one has read them except for me :P).
  • The full game weighs in at 4.6mb when zipped, including all images, or 5.8mb uncompressed.
  • There are 109 image files in the game. 58 of these are pngs for footsteps around the city (pay close attention to the map if you hadn't noticed - it traces out your recent paths in red).
  • The game has content validation - that is, it checks for correct formatting of newly created content.
  • It also has a build-script, which checks the javascript for a wide variety of errors. These two things combined catch the vast majority of bugs before anyone except me ever sees them. It may not seem that way sometimes, but my releases generally have a very high content-to-bugfix ratio in 2 (I make no claims about the first version).


FC-Anon (not verified) on

I can't wait for the next version.

Fudge (not verified) on

Ugh, I wish you had more time for this, wan't to see what happens next in this game :3

troy (not verified) on

Is Yuna going to be in V.2?

BlueWinds on

No. All characters in version 2 will be original - their stories are their own. There might be a girl who uses some of Yuna's pictures, but probably not - she's too distinct and easily recognizable for a hair color change to fix.

I will provide an easy solution (no coding, just drag-and-drop a zip file) for uploading user-created content, and a section of the site here for discussion / creation, but I won't be "currating" it like I did with the first version.

Innagada Davida (not verified) on

When might that release be? :)

BlueWinds on

Probably on August 11th, depending on the status of the Offbeatr project. If the campaign succeeds, the new release will be the first backers-only version (it will eventually be freely available, but not until I decide to release "1.0.0"). If the campaign fails, I'll unveil the backup plan I've been working on at that point.

RocK_M (not verified) on

You might want to post up these screenshots/info on the OffBeatr campaign as an update..

You know just to get some life and interest back in the project since its been awfully quiet. More original art work is always good!

BlueWinds on

So, in a brilliant move, I'm not allowed to update my front-page picture on offbeatr. Would have done it ages ago, but I can't.

I have posted several updates, one including screenshots, but you're right that I should probably update the project description to include a new image. I'll do that now.