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So, time for an update.

I have the game engine for my next game up and running, and seem to have most of the bugs fixed. I had this done a couple weeks ago - haven't really made too much progress recently.

The artists continue chugging away. I have some truely amazing pieces that I'm getting pretty excited to share, but I shall hold strong - you all will have to wait for the demo :P. Probably still a couple months away, depending on exactly how motivated I am (and how busy my other job keeps me - things are crazy there right now).


I'm feeling a bit perverted today, so this next bit contains Too Much Information about me. If you're not interested, don't increase the zoom on your screen until you can read the fine print. :P

I've been visiting an erotica writers group here in Seattle for nearly 9 months now. We sit, read one person's work, and then critique it while that person listens. About six months ago though, a new guy started showing up - Torp, I shall call him. Torp was about 30 years my senior, and Torp liked me. Torp thought I was really attractive.

Now, this is somewhat of an unusual experience for me. I'm tall and thin and a bit flat and don't put much effort into my appearance. I don't usually get any attention paid to my body, only my mind. But we ended up drinking coffee, and talking about life - I did rather enjoy his company, and he enjoyed mine, though I made it quite clear at the beginning that it was going nowhere.

He was, it turned out, doing two things of relevance to this story. First of all, he was moving back to California. And second, he was getting rid of some BDSM equipment for his move (he's very much a masochistic, a little submissive). He offered to give me some of his stuff, but I dimmured - I was just discovering my kinky nature at that point, and not ready to do anything so drastic as *own a sex toy*. He laughed, and we kept talking.

The second and final time I met him, he presented me with a little black box, velvet padded and containing a steel butt plug. I didn't turn it down that time, though of course I was rather embarassed. *^^* And that is how I came to own my first sex toy, an $85 steel butt plug gifted to me in a non-creepy way by an almost complete stranger.

Now, of course, I'm a little more comfortable in my own skin. I might like a ball-gag, or wrist/ankle cuffs or something else I can use on myself without a partner. ;)



Terryble on

SO THAT'S HOW THAT HAPPENED! Finally, the truth comes out, thank you Blue, you have no idea how much that annoyed me. Can't wait to see this new art, I'm almost more interested in that than the game itself because I've been looking into comissioning my own works lately; it hasn't been a fun experience for me so far.

Also, I'm not sure if you pay any attention to the more mainstream games in the world but I was curious if you had any opinion of the Luftrausers Nazis discussion, you strike me as somebody who would have something to say about it if you are aware of it.

BlueWinds on

I was not aware of it - I generally have little patience for hyper-violence, which is mostly what I see in mainstream games. Not universally, but mostly - they're all about killing and fighting. RPGs, first/third-person shooters, side-scrollers, etc...

So, yeah. It looks to me (at a glance, based on the trailer) that they were indeed invoking German imagery. I'm surprised, but perhaps I shouldn't have been, that that alone was enough to make people upset. I wonder when "enough time will have passed" for the imagry to separate from the pain of the past. The developer's response was very well handled.

In short, I have no strong opinion. I think their mature response should exonerate them of any guilt, but it's not a bad thing that this was pointed out and brought up.

Natas.Z.Baker on

So what if the fighting was only handled as a mean to an end. Lets say that a character is in a land he has never been before that is filled with monsters. The monsters are in the way from preventing said character from exploring. How do you feel about combat in an game about exploration? 

The_Rippy_One (not verified) on

Depends on how much the combat is  the focus, and how much is the exploration, I'd imagine. If you level mainly by finding and discovering new things, cool - if it's entirely by fighting, you may or may not have an exploration game on your hands.

Natas.Z.Baker on

Eh that is something I was thinking heavily on as well. I hate leveling systems since they are either just a bar you have to fill up so that you are buff enough to take out the next batch of baddies or they are 'tacted on so that dev could say they made an rpg game. That is why I love games that level you up for absoulately everything you do in the world ( the name escapes me at the moment but is it basically just an vastally superior harvest moon with combat. ) or a game with just none whats so ever. Dont take my word for more than a grain of salt since I dont know anything about making video games. ( Hell, I am considering buying impactjs to make a game since I tried and fail at using 'Pure' Javascript. )

Eaun (not verified) on

"...the name escapes me at the moment but is it basically just an vastally superior harvest moon with combat.."


You, sir, may be reffering to the "Rune Factory" game series for the DS. You earn experience by well, yeah, killing (sending monster back to the forest of origins), But you also get experience/levels for using farming tools, seeding, harvestings, chatting with npcs, walking, eating, sleeping..... Plus, the main plot of the best of those games (while having to defeat at least 4 monsters) is to unite 2 "towns" that are in conflict, and get married.


A little Side-opinion on my behalf for the "hyper violence that plagues mainstream games of today (and yesterday, and most likely future)"  While I agree a lot of them are just too much violence with no content, there are some very brave attempts at following a deep, profound story in well crafted worlds, with well thought dramatic development.  yes, they keep those attributes even after having a chainsaw grafted into the assault riffle......


Just sayin'

The_Rippy_One (not verified) on

Hey, congrats in that regard, thank you for sharing, I like hearing about positive experiences, and I look forward to the demo!

nenten on

I'll admit, I've been awful at staying up to date. Last time I had played was months ago around the time that a bug made futa players unplayable. Are there any plans to add that back in the game or has it become an intentional removal at this point?

BlueWinds on

Yep, it's permantly gone and has been for some months. Basically I realized that writing things you really don't enjoy is hard, and obvious to your readers - I'd rather focus on things that don't turn me off completely.

thismay on

Hey Blue, on the topic of updates, when is the website going to get updated to 1.02? I can only play through the website because I get an error any time I try running mongoose. I've had a lot of fun playing the game so far, and would like to be able to hire Katri and see how she fares in my playthrough.

nenten on

Ah, I see. A personal disapointment, but I fully respect and endorse you writing things you enjoy over those you don't.

super on

Fun story, thanks for sharing! It sounds like you have found a group of really open, warm, and friendly people. Congrats.

Coga on

Well now, that was quite a story- first time I've heard of someone being given a sex toy by a bit of a stranger described as non-creepy, hah! But seriously though, it was a nice little story. Never thought you to be a submissive though, if that's not too creepy (my apologies if it was).

BlueWinds on

It's a bedroom-only thing for me - I have basically no submissive tendencies in everyday life, and in fact react quite strongly to people trying to assert power over me. My parents learned at a young age that they *could not* order me around. They could convince me with reasons, or say "I'll explain later," but mere "because I said so" produced only more disobedience.

It's taken a while to find a boss that understands that, but it's totally worthwhile. He knows I'll back him when he's right and stand up to him when he's wrong and admit my mistakes as soon as I see them - lots of people think that's what they want in an employee, but hate it in practice. :D

Getting tied up, spanked, ordered around and called nasty things is really hot though, as long as said person understands that I'm not taking their shit once I get dressed again.


BlueWinds on

Once, and only once, did my parents force the issue, trying to take me to a boring adult party I didn't want to go to. I was about 6 at the time, and my father had to literally take the door off the hinges (I wouldn't unlock it), carry me out to the car (I wouldn't walk even if he dragged me), and sit in the back seat until we were moving (so I didn't open the door and run away). I sulked for nearly three days straight afterwards.


Oh, younger self... ^^;;


I was a very well behaved child, which made the very rare incidents all the more shocking and memorable.

arami (not verified) on

ok first of all this game rocks! it super awesome! but the only thing i felt bad about was that the only way to recruit all the girls was that i had to make them whore them self.ok i know this is named brothel but the story is so great and the characters have such depth and i wanted to play the game without well whoring them far i recruited wend,hilde and the ghost chick(sorry i forgot her name) and i only use the bathhouse no whoring but the problem is i cannot recruit every girl in the game with this please,please make a way so that i can recruit all the girls without whorering them out.

p.s the game rocks

andrew smith (not verified) on
  1. katari is still not hireable  and the onley way to get her is if your a female player that sucks and   a suggestion  why not bring the caraters from  old brothel sims ,and ,upgrade , the houses, and the tenecles , make  longer useage ,of it, like pregnancys  for money, and can you make  it were  the player  at least finds a wepon besides  the wheel of there ship and  have  one or 2 girls fall in love with  player where they  can pick who they want.  but exellent game keep up the good work
BlueWinds on

I approved this comment, but please spend more time in the future - a spell checker and actually using capital letters goes a long way towards making me care enough to actually respond.

HypnoKitten on

That's an awesome start, props for sharing it!  The first time I got a toy was for a female friend of mine (semi-surprise gift, semi-her friend had taken off with hers).  Looking back I cringe at how much I must have been blushing in that store, and how often I was assuring the clerk 'subtly' that it was not for me but for a girl.  Oddly enough the kink toys?  No such issue, we were discussing mechanics in the shop like there was no tomorrow.  Somehow there is something about that world that's a lot more welcoming.  Anyway, cute story, love it, hope you're still enjoying it or something like it ;)  


And holy crap!  You already have a second engine up and running and mine is still at the interface stage... screw it, I'm giving up on html+css+jquery+plugins+javascript+php... urgh.  Back to basics, Java and C#, this is just getting embarassing now.  Thanks for the kick in the butt, you rock :)

BlueWinds on

Eww, Java. Java is a great way to ensure you'll *never* get anything done - or that if you do get it working, it will be ugly and buggy. Python basically does all the same things except better. Even performance wise it's starting to catch up.

Huh, I had always assumed you to be female based on your username. Just goes to show that you never can tell. :)

HypnoKitten on

Hehehe - I'm totally fine with that assumption, I confuse a lot of people online (sometimes in person).  It is usually quite amusing to me.  (Except for the creepers that fall in love with me, then I can't get any gaming done because they are constantly wanting attention)  Gender is a bit overly hyped for whatever reason.  

And urgh.. only reason I'm considering Java is so I could do easy Android ports (including to Google Glass).  In my day to day life I do my coding in C# and a lot of test-driven development.  For every function we have at my job we have about 10-15 ULTs and about as many test functions that run automatically with each build and let us know if we broke something.  (TeamCity for the win!)  Long as Java lets me do that, me and it can be buds, otherwise...  Though Python does sound tempting... I've been wanting to play with it, do you make stand-alone apps with it or does it plug into something for the GUI aspect?  (After the jqury stuff I'd love to stay away from any more groups of code that are duct-taped together into a product)

BlueWinds on

I am a fan of automated testing in general. I just happen to prefer integration tests rather than unit tests - I don't care what all the bits are doing, I care how they work together. :)

I'd highly recommend RenPy as a starting point. Even if you're not building a visual novel (what it's designed for), it can provide a ton of utility - save games, asset management and loading, configuration and loading screens, etc - stuff every game needs, no matter what format.

The wonderful thing about Python is how clean the syntax is. After using it for a while, I find it actively painful to work with other languages. CoffeeScript is the saving grace for my day job - it lets me pretend that Javascript is nearly as clean as The Mighty Snake Of Programming.

HypnoKitten on

Oh my, RenPy is looking most pretty!  I'll try it out to get a good feel for it.. how well does it handle actual code (looks like it is mainly scripting-based, and I remember my brief run-in with Second Life's scripting.. *shiver*)?  If it lets me go in and do the heavy-lifting / parsing / variable-handling with actual logic (like Python), then just puts it up on the screen... win!  The RAGS engine really fell short for me because it wanted you to focus on it way too much.  And woo, I hadn't heard of CoffeeScript, maybe I should have checked that out before diving into the other libraries...

I'm so sorry you're having to do any JS related stuff at your job.  You're a stronger and more patient coder coder by far.  But I alread knew that. :)  (Took them a month to convince me to use vars in C# instead of strongly typed variables)  And totally integration tests are nicer (it is what I mainly focus on).  This spring is the first place where I've seen them falling short.  For security purposes some projects don't bubble up a lot of information (since any information you bubble up / functionality you expose becomes an attack vector) so ults have to go in and handle some of that load.  Sucks, since ults are so close to the implementation that they are not as stable... but eh.  Are you doing any automated testing with your new engine?  (Been trying to think in my mind of how you'd do full automated testing of an interactive, randomized, and modular game.. could see testing the individual functions but end-to-end...)

Sato (not verified) on

Though this is my first time actually commenting here I have been following this site for a while now and really liked the game. Looking forward to your new game.  .<(^_^)>.