Status update

Sat, 10/26/2013 - 22:36 -- BlueWinds

Thanks for everyone who did the most recent batch of images - I will get around to updating that thread sometime next week. At the moment, I'm completely exhausted.

The re-write of the game engine is done. Still a little buggy, but it loads. I'm currently updating all the content to use the new format - it's clearer, more consistant, and smaller. Done with ~25% of that.

This week wasn't all that productive - and the reason is that I'm staffing a booth at AkiCon! One of my friends is running it, and asked for help, so... Weds was chaos, trying to get everything organized. Thurdsay, we were up until 3:00 AM. Friday, we got up at 6:30, took a taxi-van loaded with stuff down to the convention, set up, ran the table until 7:00 PM, and took the bus back. I arrived home at 11:00 PM.

Wow, that was tiring. I'm not really a crowds-person. I spent today recovering, while another friend helps him run things. Tomorrow I'll go back down at 7:00 AM again to run the booth and pack up in the evening.

No, I will not say which booth I'm at. :P Only that this is our very first convention ever, and we're learning a lot. Very fun. Lots of interesting people. Exhausting, but fun.


BlueWinds on

Just a quick screenshot of the consolidated options-and-new-game screen. The rest of the intro text now shows up after you click continue.

I wrote a few new events related to the money changer - she'll have sex when you make the second payment, if you want.

Still way too unstable to make even a development release. Working on it. All content is converted to the new format. On average, it's ~10% fewer lines than before (without removing any text - that's all savings the the surrounding code).

The_Ripped on

Yay for second payments! Thank you for your hard work. a 10% reduction can't have been simple.

Anonymous (not verified) on

awesome brotha

BlueWinds on

Careful what you assume... :)