Submission information & Email issues

Tue, 08/20/2013 - 12:21 -- BlueWinds

I just figured out last night that my email account has been offline ever since I switched to the new server.

I've been getting messages sent through the contact form here, but if you emailed me directly after 8/13 and before this post went up, then I have not probably not gotten your message. The contact form was not affected.

Sorry! Fixed now.


Submitting events

So you're interested in writing events for the game, are you? Well, read on.

The only thing really necessary is the event's text. Images come in two varieties - static (a set image) or dynamic (selected from the player or girl's image set). If your event calls for a dynamic image, don't attach one - I'll tag the event appropriately, and the game will select images automatically.

If you want a static image, then you should clean it up so it's 800x800 or smaller, ~100kb (this may require reducing the image quality), and include a link to where you downloaded it from. I will not use uncredited images (and I will delete all comments on this post about copyright).

Events can of course be chained together in interesting ways. Think of it as a flowchart - Event A leads to Event B six days later, which branches off into C or D depending an what the user chooses. D then triggers... etc.

Actions are just buttons that trigger events, except they have a duration. All of the above still applies. Jobs are the same - they can trigger an event immediately (like cleaning) or wait until a customer shows up (like whoring).


The game world as a whole is low-fantasy early-renaissance, set in the island city-state of Vailia. Magic and demi-humans are rare, but not feared or persecuted. The printing press has not been invented yet - books are rare, precious, handwritten, and expensive. Litteracy is around 5%.

The Guild and the king are the two major power centers. Though the king maintains a standing army separate from the city guard, the city hasn't been involved in a war in centuries - quite a feat, considering the chaos that's enveloped the rest of the world in that time. There has been and continues to be a lot of fighting elsewehere. This is one reason Vailia is so wealthy - they're known neutral in all conflicts, and are happy to host negotiations between combatants. The city has only a small merchant fleet, but also does a brisk trade in mercenaries, foreign and domestic.

If you have any further quesitons, don't hesitate to ask.


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BTW, I really like your games, I hope I can play the one you are working on! I would love to give it a go... But in the mean time, I'm trying Brothel - it's a big improvement over similar games I've played in the past.

When Holo tries to leave, I wanted to let her leave, but it crashed the game. :(

here is the save.