Sucky day

Sun, 07/28/2013 - 21:39 -- BlueWinds

You know what sucks? Filing in small claims court.

Because that's what I'm going to be doing, tomorrow morning as soon as I can take a bus to the county courthouse. I'll be filing for $5000 in back pay, because $5000 is the maximum amount you can file for in a Seattle small-claims court, even though I'm owed $6880. Don't know if I'll win the case (I've never done something like this before...), but I think I have a pretty good shot. Regardless...

To make my day better, I've decided to break my previous plans and release another preview. Not an update to the game, but just an introduction to two of the girls it will contain.

Hathawa is a shy and reserved young woman, a student at the university when she isn't working for you. She hardly ever speaks, and when she does it's little more than one-word responses to direct questions. It's as though she's tiptoeing through life - very bright, but unambitious and self depreciating. You'll be able to meet her by studying at the university - she's rather shy, so it will take a bit of time to convince her to speak with you.

Hathawa responds well to a strong hand, but a kind one - she'll work as a whore because you ask nicely, and because it makes someone else happy...

Antinua also tends towards the quiet end of the spectrum, but not the shy one. She prefers to use few words rather than many, and often comes across as abrupt or harsh even when trying to get along with someone. It's rare to see her without a weapon of some type - a small sword near her hip by preference, but at least a dagger in situations where being armed would be inappropriate. She gets neither angry nor excited without truly exceptional circumstances.

Antinua is dominating, and enjoys "holding the leash," as it were. Despite an interest in BDSM, she's not particularly interested in sex itself, until she meets the right person...


J (not verified) on

sorry about your money troubles i hope you win

Söze (not verified) on

Oh well, even if your claim doesn't pay off you can always just take a bat to their cars and be done with it.

Anonymous (not verified) on

In the download version Sabers happiness doesn't go up with rest despite the +2 in the rest screen.

BlueWinds on

It's been a while since I opened the old game, but the most likely issue is that something is reducing her happiness later in the day, after resting. Do you have her resting in the morning, and doing something else in the evening?

Anonymous (not verified) on

I think I figured out my problem. Resting was giving +4 but the house was giving -4.

Ironic part is I hired her just to clean, but she couldn't make it clean before she became unhappy.

Phoenix (not verified) on

hi, just been playing the new demo (brothel sim 2) and found this error:

TypeError: context is undefined

I would also like to say good work on it. so far its a great little game cant wait until i see more.

BlueWinds on

Can you attach an export of the game at the time the error occurs?

Is it possible that you've disabled (accidentally or otherwise) one or both of the pools? This shouldn't cause an error of course (I only just now realized that it would), and I'll fix that bug in the next release, but if that's not what happened then I need to look into it more. ^^;;

SpartanCommander (not verified) on

I downloaded the game but I can't seem to play it it starts mongoose but I can't seem to get past that I just have this mongoose thing up but it's not letting me get anywhere else.

BlueWinds on

What, exactly is happening?

  1. You double click mongoose.
  2. You open your web browser.
  3. You visit in your web browser.
  4. The game loads.

Which of these steps is failing, and in what way is it failing?

Red (not verified) on

Same here. I can't figure it out either. I've tried on and off for a few days and just can't get the game rolling in offline mode.
Download? - Success
Fire up Mongoose? - No problem
...Err... *Tilts head a bit to the side and scratches the side of it*
Could use a little help right around this step...
Opened up various web browsers.
Tried to open up the html files that I've seen without success. Tried opening the mongoose.exe within the browsers which then wants to download binary stuff so no joy there. Right-clicked the icon that pops up when Mongoose is running in the taskbar and tried the various options I've seen without changing settings (i.e., "Start browser", "Install service", "Deinstall service"). Tried entering at various steps - nadda.
We're just not the codemasters like you. What step are we missing? Or rather is there a readme file we're missing or some other sub-step that's not included in the above instructions? Please elaborate after "download the file and extract". ^__^' Thanks.

Red (not verified) on

Oh, I found the readme file.  It was hidden but there just isn't enough information to get the game up and running for an enduser like me apparently.

SpartanCommander (not verified) on

Every time I open it game in firefox.


The first page doesn't desplay in fire fox as it does in Crome (Which has suddenly become a bit unreliable) and then it also gives me an error every time I hit new game.

Michelle (not verified) on

When looking for a man in the brothel after getting down to 0 dominance via Callie:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'event' of undefined

... and jammed!

BlueWinds on

Ah, good catch. There's a corner of the "personality grid" for that action that isn't filled in yet, though I was expecting it to fail silently (click "man" and it takes you to choose your next action) rather than break things. Will be fixed in the next release.

J (not verified) on

i know this is still a new toy but do you have any idea how many girls will be in this game

BlueWinds on

An many as I have time for. :) Much like SlaveMaker, I don't see this as having an "end point" - more of an ongoing process. The next release, which you can expect in a week or two, will have three: Wend, Antinua and Hathawa. After that I'll need a while to finish fleshing them out and adding other content (like advancing the storyline) before adding a fourth.