Supporters and development access

Sun, 08/11/2013 - 16:04 -- BlueWinds

This post is not for celebration - it's housecleaning. If you want to comment, look here instead.

EDIT: This post is now closed. Supporters, you had 10 months to claim your rewards. Since the primary reward (development access) no longer applies (the full game is now freely available), there's no more point posting here.

I'm leaving the below info intact just for reference, but don't bother following the instructions.


Thank you all for your contributions. Supporters, read on.

  1. Register on this site and log in.
  2. Comment on this post, once, with your Offbeatr username. YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN. If your comment does not show up as soon as you post it, then... go read step 1 more carefully.
  3. I will delete your comment and grant you access to the development version.
  4. Once I've done this (check back later - I won't take longer than 48 hours though), you'll be able to see a zip file attached to this post. This file is just a zipped copy of the current publically released version, so don't expect anything too special. ;)
  5. I will make another post weekly (or more often, if I have lots done) with a new zip file.

Unlike the 1, there's no special process to play the game. Just extract the archive and double-click on index.html. Simple, right?

For those of you with rewards beyond development access, please send me any necessary details via the site contact form, such as your customer's name and a short description, or a longer description of the NPC you want added, or a full description and pictures you have in mind for your girl... whatever it is that I'll need to help get it (girl / location / customer / event etc.) into the game.

I will email you back with an ETA and we can get started. I look forward to hearing from everyone.