Taking it slow

Thu, 04/04/2013 - 17:58 -- BlueWinds

Hidey-ho, loyal followers. Just wanted to stop in and announce that I'm not dead, I'm not disappeared, and I'm not abandoning the game, despite a longer-than-normal silence. I've just been focusing on other things recently, while slowly testing and improving 0.6 - not sure when it will be ready, but it will include both A) some new content and B) some relatively large behind-the-scene changes.

There was/is no April fools joke here, becuase I don't hate kittens. Every time you make a dumb fake announcement on your website for April 1st, an anonymous thief steals $15 from an animal shelter. Please, think of the kittens. Or think of the puppies if you'd rather.


Mattychan (not verified) on

those poor kittens

BlueWinds on

I know, right? People are so inconsiderate.

Arcess (not verified) on

I'm very much looking forward to the eventual elaboration on the mysterious debt storyline.

Jonhq (not verified) on

I'm not - so far you don't have to repay it! ;)

BlueWinds on

You do currently have to make a payment every 30 days until day 720 - it's just really boring, and almost never mentioned in the in-game text. ;) Who are you paying the money to? Why did you wash up on the beach, and how did they know how to find you? Are you a man or a woman?

Mattychan (not verified) on

Whoa that sounds like this might turn into a story based game like SlaveMaker was, I would love that!

BlueWinds on

That has been the intention from the beginning - I just released it really early, when the only thing ready was the basic game engine, rather than any real content. Glad you're excited about it. ;)

serenity (not verified) on

first, i love the game.

my only question is : i have seen mention of a wiki. is there a full guide available showing all the quests and such?


BlueWinds on

I was working on a wiki, then sort of forgot about it. So no, currently there is no master list of content of any sort. Thanks for the reminder though - that's something I should do, now that things are complicated enough that I can't just list out all the events in the game.

serenity (not verified) on

thats just a bit disappointing... i have stumbled across a couple by accident... i am certain it would shock me how much i am missing... maybe that is something you can crowd source too as i have gone back thru the comments and seen that you have a loyal following...

Franceqo (not verified) on