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Wed, 04/02/2014 - 00:08 -- BlueWinds

I'd like to take a moment to pause, reflect and consider. V2 has been with me for nearly 11 months, and during that time I have devoted upwards of 1200 hours to it - a second job. Or, for much of that year, my first job.

Only on rare occasions has it felt like a burden, or a thing I've had to do. It felt that way when I began working on backer rewards, and started trying to force myself to write futa. That sapped my interest pretty hard, until I emailed all the backers who'd requested it, apologized, and stripped everything dick-girl related out of the game.

It felt that way again in December, around the time I ran the "when should I release the game" poll. The overwhelmingly positive response to that was amazing, and I'd like to thank everyone who commented "the game is great, we'll be happy to wait as long as it takes." It cheered me up immensely at a very difficult time.


So, that's enough about me - what about the game itself?


The biggest thing that didn't work is the "personality stats." Slut and Dom acted more like binary switches than a real continuum, and even then it was annoying and didn't add much to the game. I always felt weird writing dialog for the player character, since the personality was so vague - and without proper back-and-forth, the fiction in the game suffered. They were an interesting experiment, and they might have worked for a different type of game, but not one as heavy on prose as My next game will have well-defined personalities for all the characters. You'll still be able to choose a name and a gender, but there'll be no confusion over how confident and forthright you are.




Many of my plans never panned out, due to lack of time / focus. I had intended for The Tentacle Pit to have its own quests, where you could get drown in more and more deeply or fight its influence over the city... but this didn't work because there isn't a whole lot of mechanical "meat" to the gameplay. It would have been more of a choose-your-own-adventure type thing than a real game-to-be-won. I also always wanted to add more information about Vailia's history / neighbors / etc, but there was never a good time. That will have to wait for the next game.

Antinua's backstory will also feature prominently. No spoilers. :P



The gameplay... never really felt right. There's a ton of complexity hidden in the backend with regards to customers, their preferences, how income is calculated... which is completely invisible from the front-end. Wasted effort. I tried several times, but I could never manage to show this to the player in an interesting way. The real trouble is that the player doesn't have enough agency to make meaningful use of the data - choosing what job each worker will do is not enough "knobs" to hang engaging gameplay off of. Other brothel-sims have get around this by using happiness / endurance to require constant job-switching - in this case, my attempt to be different came out worse. :shrug:




In my heart-of-hearts, I don't like playing games where I lose. I like feeling like I'm in a tight spot sometimes, but I don't enjoy seeing "game over." It makes me feel crummy. I will save-scum, I will grind, I will do just about anything... as long as I don't have to actually lose. I that respect, I love the early Pokemon games - you lose a battle, even against an important boss, and you just get penalized half your cash and wind up back at the poke-center.

This obviously transfers into my game design - you can lose, but it's by no stretch of the imagination a difficult game. Notice on how for the second and third payments, if you're late Hilde will just take a token amount of cash and come back later? I'm sure many people will hate that (not having a real sense of danger), but I really wish more games would take that approach. I'm casual. I generally dislike multi-player because it's competitive. I ran cross-country in high-school, even though I was decent as soccer. I want everyone to win.


In case it wasn't obvious from the amount of attention I've lavished upon their relationship, I love Antinua and Hathawa. Writing about them has been a growing experience for my own sexuality.

I wasn't sure a year ago, but now I am - I want a girlfriend who beats me. In a consensual, safe way, of course. Ropes and gags and nipple clamps. Someday I'll meet her.

I'm a kinky bitch.

That sentence still fills my stomach with butterflies. I still have a ways to grow.


How does one put a game like this on one's resume? is a pretty impressive project for a one-woman team. It would make a great centerpiece to say "this is what I can do." But it's also not generally socially acceptable in a business setting - I can't link to it in my portfolio.


I'm not looking for work right now anyway. My current job is going well, and if things keep going as they look to be... I may never need to work again. That would be nice, at age 25.


Perhaps I'll talk about the technical learning I've done in a different post.


Commissioning artwork for Hilde was not the best experience. I was unable to find an artist I really liked, so I settled for someone who was "good enough." Hint - if you ever find yourself trying to convince yourself that something is good enough, then it isn't. Out of the ten images I commissioned, I ended up only using 5 of them, and they're some of the images I'm least pleased with in the game.

I gave some feedback to the artist on a couple of them, but he was uninterested in making the changes I asked for. You get what you pay for, I guess. I should have waited for "wow" rather than "I guess you will work."


Searching for art and editing it was the real albatros around my neck - I really like the images often times, but dread of needing to find another 40 images is the main reason it took so long to add new women to the game.

People helping to edit images on the forum were a real life-saver - I want to extend special thanks to super, Terryble, alrick, chris, Dorllanen and Zaphyel - you all made the game possible. Coordinating everything still took time on my end, but the 72 images you edited still saved me dozens of hours.

My next game will have all-original art, but this isn't really the post to talk about future plans. It will be (is already starting to be) expensive.


James on

I'm not really compettive either, I like the fact that you get second chances. I lost a little in the first brothel sim though lol



Frankieo on

"I wasn't sure a year ago, but now I am - I want a girlfriend who beats me. In a consensual, safe way, of course. Ropes and gags and nipple clamps. "Damn... Now i really wish i was a girl xD

Taikdarys (not verified) on

[quote]I wasn't sure a year ago, but now I am - I want a girlfriend who beats me. In a consensual, safe way, of course. Ropes and gags and nipple clamps. Someday I'll meet her.[/quote]

You, my dear lady, are going to get so many messages of people who wish that you was bisexual instead of lesbian. I bet in at least half a dozen. Some may even try to convince you to become a bisexual. Who knows?!

Anyway, I agree; you're kinda kinky. Kinky Winds.

Anyway, now, on to more important things, shall we? Well... it is good to see that the game is done, I'm not gonna lie.

Now, may I make a request?

In your next game, could you focus more on story and characters and less in sex? I mean, I like sex and all but, you are pretty good at writing and... it kinda seems like a waste that you're majorly focused on sex. Don't get me wrong! You're pretty good at writing it, but I think it kinda limitates you a lot, you know?

Now, I'm not saying you should leave sex aside. I just think that you're more than able of creating more than it, you know? I mean... look, it's like food. Eating your favorite food is always something good, right? But it is truly wonderful when you're hungry and mising this to eat your favorite food, ain't I right?

What I'm trying to say is... make it more like a light novel. Keep the sex, of course. Keep the options to go to a brothel, keep the kinky characters, the bondage, all of those things. But get your focus into other things. Focus more on the overall story, more in the characters backgrounds and personalities, more on these kind of things, you know? I bet it would feel amazing to unlock a particular, meaning sex scene between your character and a NPC if you and that NPC have a long story together.

Also, this is just a thing of mine, but in the next game, could you please put two characters to be partners of the PC? One male, one female, both being true companions to you. It would be great to have one as a best friend and the other as a lover - or both as best friends or even lovers, if you're kinky enough.

BlueWinds on

That is definitely the plan - I've been feeling the same way. The next game will actually be entirely Safe For Work - the sex stuff will be in a separate optional downloadable mod.

The lack of permanent / meaningful relationships in is related to the personality stats - I couldn't write too much about your thoughts and feelings when I didn't know how the PC views the world. It felt rather stifling, towards the end.


Taikdarys (not verified) on

Yeah, I noticed that when I read your post. And to be fair, I don't blame you; one of the biggest problems with create-your-own-character games is this; people are very different and you're never going to please everybody. Not even with the way you did it.

In my personal opinion as a writer, the best way to mend that is to give the PC some sort of personality, you know? Not too much, not too in deep... but some. Just enought for you to work with it. That's not easy and some people are going to complain, but hey, I, for one, find it worth it. What fun is it to have your character interact with NPCs if those interactions are pretty empty?

Fohn (not verified) on

Yo ho Yo ho the masochistic life's for.

For what it's worth I liked that fall-back system for the debt, made the Hilde feel a bit more human and it matched her pretty well.

On the other note if your interested in consensual SM it really reminded me of this manga:

So if thats the way you flow then this is a pretty good read.

(P.S whats up with spelling lose as loose?)

BlueWinds on

Eternal shame. Eternal shame is what's up with lose -> loose. For some reason I cannot shake that misspelling... it's lodged in my hindbrain. ^^;;

I shall take a look at that manga when I get some free time. Thanks for the recomendation.

Xenmen on

^it's a worthy read

BlueWinds on

I have it bookmarked. I will take a look next month - I'm taking April off porn. It's something I do a couple of times a year when I feel I'm starting to get desensitized or it's taking up too much of my time.

~ (not verified) on

> The biggest thing that didn't work is the "personality stats." Slut and Dom acted more like binary switches than a real continuum, and even then it was annoying and didn't add much to the game.


I have spent the last hour or so getting Antinua down to 0 (Sub) and Hawatha up to 100 (Dom).

I'm not entirely sure why.

moon625 (not verified) on

I did the same thing and I know why. I really, really like when the shier partner is the more dominant one.

Stefan (not verified) on

I doubt i can express how impressed i am you managed to pull this off on your own so i'll just say you did a brilliant job and i hope you continue to try and put all those wonderfull ideas you have into code :).The game is great and i've been looking forward to this for over 7 months now since i first found the site. I cant wait and see what you come up with next and i sincerely wish you actually do end up never having to work again since that means you get more free time to pursue the really important stuff I.E. good  smut ( there really is a rather large lack of it lately)  the kinkier the better. :)

Dorllanen on

I... wow, I got thanked. I'm pretty sure it's undeserved, since I helped only a bit due to lack of time, but damn, it's so nice of you to remember (11 months? It was that long ago? Damn, time flies). I'm totally not blushing right now btw.

In any case, I already thanked you in the previous post - as for a more related subject, have you considered a "post-op" survey about the game?

Favorite character, least fav. character, sex you choose, whether you were sensual/slutty; dom/sub; stuff like that.

I would be personally interested in what people generally liked most (I don't know why, I'm just curious), but I guess that kind of data could be interesting (valuable?) for you as well, considering you wish to tackle a next project already.

Speaking of which, the occasional comment about the next game might suggest it's most closely related to a VN (with minimum customization options, such as sex). Are we to expect some concrete gameplay or rather you'll focus on storytelling?

Dorllanen on

PS. Hathawa is the best! I love her to death. The problem is I actually dislike Antinua. You can't have everything :D

BlueWinds on

I will be running more polls over the next few weeks - I'm curious as well. I doubt it will be helpful, but scratching the curiosity itch is its own reward.

The next game will be much more focused on gameplay than this one, actually. was a thin shell of gameplay wrapped around a bunch of disconnected short stories. The next game will be a Visual Novel and a stat-raising+money-management game run through a transmogrifier.

.exe file (not verified) on

Did you used any Coffeecup software or was you so pro that you manage to do all this with stratch? 


BlueWinds on

Yes, the whole game was from scratch.

I do all my code editing in Kate - it's a plain text editor with syntax highlighting. IDEs are vastly overrated.

.exe file (not verified) on

Sorry for asking but what is an IDE? 

.exe file (not verified) on

Nevermind delete that comment I found out. 

AColonyOfAnts on

Edit:  Whoops, wrong page.  Reported the bug on the Release 1.0 page.  I guess I'll use this comment bubble for my reflection/critique of the final game.

For those who haven't finished the game/want to avoid spoilers, skip on by.

I know nothing about coding, so I wouldn't know if any of my suggestions would be impossible/difficult to implement.

So the first thing that I found most apparent was the utter lack of purpose of the Beach and the Palace.  I did a Locations: Beach/Palace search in the dump file and got 4 and 2 hits, respectively.

The University and the Redlight districts fulfilled their purpose as training grounds, but that was about it.  There's no reason to visit those areas after you've finished training as well.  Even then you really can't properly train sex stats in the Redlight district.

To a lesser extent, the Market, Slums, Uptown, and the Docks didn't contribute much to the game either.  There were a few story events that happened to drop by these locations, but for the most part they were one time events.  

I guess my point is, the player should be feel like they're making trade-offs when visiting one location over another.  Drinking at the tavern/walking on the beach/hanging out in the slums/scoping out the docks was just something you did when you just weren't in the mood to clean out the Onsen, but ultimately contributed little to either the gameplay or the main story.  To compare to SlaveMaker3 (which I realize is a rather unfair comparison given how much time the contributors have spent on it), even if you did meander the streets aimlessly, you were still rewarded for having done so.

Secondly, I was rather disappointed about was the amount of loose ends that got no closure.  To name a few, the Chie Yokoyama/Naboro University scene, Cat volleyball Beach scene, the Sables explosion University scene, and the Taya Palace scene (which turned out to be a repeatable one night stand kind-of-thing).

Maybe I've been playing too much Persona lately, but anyone who warrants a name deserves some resolution.  For a high dom character, my character took a rather passive role in the going-ons in the story.  I feel like the only major decision that was affected by my choices was the Hilde/Wend fight.  Personally, I like molding events such that my character can play a central part in resolving issues.

All in all I just feel like a good portion of the non-sex portions of the game didn't get fleshed out like I thought they would.

You've covered this in the post so I won't go into detail much, but there's not much purpose in altering stats other than the sex ones, which I've observed modify whoring income.  The only event that I recall checking Stamina was the re-visit to the cave event.  I don't recall any Intelligence checks, and Dom/Sub and Slut/Sen just affected what scenes could be triggered.  I haven't played as a male MC but browsing through the dump files, stats are even more insignificant playing through as a guy.

Each day that passed by was no different from the rest, and they kind of merge into a long string of repeating the same schedule every day, save for the occasional plot advancement.  Since there's a month system in place, events could trigger on specific days.

For example, an exclusive orgy party in the Redlight district on the first of every month, costs $10,000 to attend, and you can bring all of your current workers to enjoy a moderate +5 stat boost to all sex stats. To prevent people from trying to trigger this too early, make it so that it only triggers when the player has a surplus of $50,000.

Or perhaps, from the 24th to 30th of each month, Hathawa is temporarily unable to work because of midterms, which would explain why she's only paid 1400, as opposed to 1800 to Antinua and 2900 to Hilde.

It would give players reason to plan their schedules ahead of time, rather than doggedly playing the game on a day-by-day basis.

Hell, just rereading this post I sound really critical and disappointed.  Make no mistake, however, I love this game to death.  I understand that if you catered to my every suggestion/demand (however you want to see it), it would probably take another 500+ hours and that would be wildly absurd of me to expect you to devote your time to that.  If I didn't care, I wouldn't have even bothered reporting bugs/scrounging the dump file for typos.

It's just that I'm involved in something though, I want it to be the best it can be.  It's just my own personal philosophy, but I believe "Perfection doesn't exist, but that doesn't mean you should stop reaching for it."

BlueWinds on

But if you edit it in I won't get a handy-dandy email telling me there's a new comment to read. :P

BlueWinds on

This game was really torn - on one hand, it wanted to be a "virtual world" that you just get to explore - on the other, it wanted to be a stat-raising game. Those two styles have very different expectations, and you've articulated all the ways I could have made it more like a stat raising game (SlaveMaker).

So yeah, I understand and agree with most of what you say.

I was also very tied to the backer rewards - those took so much more time and effort than I expected. Left to my own devices, I very much would have gone the "has a name, deserves a story" route. But when I was constantly pressured (by myself, not by anyone nagging - everyone was very patient) to add new things, to write specific events for new characters, I never really felt like I had time to revisit people I'd introduced earlier.

Time-based and monthly events were always "I'll get to them later." I wanted to break up the schedule a bit, but never got around to it.

AColonyOfAnts on

Yeah, I very much got the feeling of indecisiveness when it came down to gameplay.  In order to make the game a virtual world, there needed to be many, many more encounters written in order to make the game feel more complete.  The problem with the virtual world scenario, events have to start overlapping, or else the player feels like the game is playing itself for them.  For example, early in the game, the player's schedule goes by like this:

Morning: Attend University

Afternoon: Work in Onsen

Evening: Go for a Run

Because Studying/Working have set times that don't impose a time conflict whatsoever and Running can be done any time, it's really a no-brainer as to what the player should do in order to maximize time efficiency.  By the time those two are done, the player has enough funds (or at least in my experience) to regularly visit the Redlight district for training, so the schedule becomes something like this:

Morning: Do nothing/Clean

Afternoon: Work in Onsen

Evening: Visit Redlight

Again, there really isn't a time conflict, other than the afternoon, where the player could work, or visit the Redlight district.  However, since modifying Dom/Sub or Slut/Sen stats don't affect gameplay (i.e. revenue, again the player should recognize that working in the Onsen is still the superior choice in terms of time efficiency.  In the late game, the schedule becomes like this:

Morning: Do nothing/Clean

Afternoon: Work in Onsen

Evening: Do nothing/Clean

At this point in the game, you've hired everyone there is to hire, and the mess they make daily pretty much forces  Mornings and Evenings into cleaning duty, unless the player feels like switching all the workers to cleaning duty for a day or two, which leads to a lull in revenue.

Working in the Onsen in the afternoon is a given.  There is no other steady source of income in the game; there really is no reason to choose anything over that option.

tl:dr:  The game doesn't offer enough time conflicts in order to make it feel as if the player is in charge even as a stat growth game.  As you described it, it's difficult to lose the game.  Just like in Ashford Academy, you have to pretty much actively try (i.e. sloth around the days by) in order to get a game over.

If the game was focused a virtual world style of gameplay, you would require a massive amount of unique events in order to flesh out the game.  At the the shortest, the game goes on for 4 months, corresponding to the four payments you make to Hilde.  The current amount of events, between each lady's hire events and other encounters (the tentacle events, the Guild dinner-dance, etc.) probably would be about one and a half's month's worth of events.  That leaves about two and a half months' worth of downtime that needs to be filled with events in order to give depth to Vailia.

That corresponds to ~10 weeks, so in order to create enough time conflicts to ensure that the player feels like they are making meaningful choices, that would amount to at minimum, 2 events per week.  That's about 20 unique events to be written.

For example (all events are triggered during the afternoon):

First encounter, Palace -> Visit Court (requires 90+ int, requires having triggered #VisitCourt1 and #VisitCourt2):  You adjust your blouse (female)/ suit (male) a few dozen meters away from the palace gate once more, not expecting much headway this attempt, given your past frustrations.  As you approach, however, you observe  a noble leaving the palace, a familiar face from guild functions whom you recognize as *insert NPC name here*, though you've never held a direct discussion with him before.  Likewise, he must have recognized you as well, a jovial smile growing on his face as he makes his way to greet you.

"Well now, that's a familiar face I haven't seen come here before, Miss (female)/ Mister (male)....?"

"It's always a pleasure meeting other guild regulars, I'm *Insert PC name here*, and -"

"*Insert PC name here*!  And I suppose you must already know me, I've just recieved a letter from you this morning, you see, the couriers today, just terrible..."

As he rambles on, you contemplate to yourself... so much for reputable.  However, the thought is fleeting, and it's not long before you've caught up with his train of thought, and before long the two of you have walked through the park all the way to the Uptown District discussing the prospects of the war.  *Insert NPC name here* invites you to visit him again, in three day's time.

Second encounter, Uptown -> Visit *insert NPC name here*:  You visit *insert NPC name here*'s manor, and the two of you end up discussing several topics, including Vailian history and guild politics.  As you rise to leave, *insert NPC name here* surprises you with a gift; a written invitation to attend the palace court, to be held one week from today, and every week thereafter.

Third encounter, Palace, -> Visit Court:  You present your papers to the gate guard, who noncommittally allows you to pass through the walls.  With directions provided by several palace groundskeeper, you make your way to the court.  Today was rather uneventful, though; you've greeted and exchanged names with several of Vailia's upper class, but most seemed to take your efforts as whimsical conversation.  Still, it's progress given your previous attempts.

Fourth encounter, Palace -> Visit Court (requires Dom 80-85+, hired Antinua):  You find yourself holding conversation with a young lady this time, and even though the hints are subtle, you can tell.  She wants it, no, she's desperately begging for it.  You make a mental note; and as the two of you part, she introduces herself as Talia, the current king's niece.  Interesting.

Fifth encounter, Palace -> Visit Court:  This time, you've come prepared.  As you excuse yourself to leave, you raise Talia's hand to your lips for a light kiss, and you press a slip of paper into her hand.  Antinua would know what to do with this one.

Talia is now unlocked as a customer for the Onsen.  I added the stat requirements to trigger this event, because as long as they exist, they need to play at least some form of role in the gameplay.  It's not even that hard to reach, either, the player's starting intelligence is rather high, and you can boost your Dom to 75 from the get go of the game.   I deliberately staged most of the events to take place at the Palace, since that area is lacking in events.  It also forces the player to give up their share of Onsen revenue for the prospect of a reward at the end of the plotline (Talia's visit to the Onsen is wildly profitable).  Additionally, it establishes Talia's place in Vailia's society as the king's niece, rather than a shy, random noblewoman.  Anyhow, all of this is just draft-quality writing.  I suppose I could do better, but I probably would spend days nitpicking at my word usage for a single event.

The only reason why I made suggestions earlier towards a stat-based gameplay earlier was because players are much more receptive to repetitive events that provide stat gains.  If you leaned the game towards stat growth, the game could be fleshed out with ~5-10 properly created events.  If you lean the game towards a virtual world however, it's going to take a lot, lot more events to fill up the game, since you only reap the benefits at the end of each plot arc.  It would literally amount to writing anywhere from 20-40 new events.  As I said earlier, that would probably amount to an additional 500+ hours writing, editing, coding, and finding and editing images for those events.

Edit:  Wholy shit, I just vomited a wall of text onto your page.  I am so, so sorry.

BlueWinds on

I don't mind walls of text, as long as you're not disappointed if I don't respond to each point indvidually. ;)


The biggest barrier was always the images. If the game were purely text-based, I could have written the many hundreds of events you're describing here.

Work on the game was always sort of cyclic - I would write a dozen events all at once, several thousand words, and then be discouraged for the rest of the week because I knew I had to find and edit a dozen new images - if the event called for a frowning character and then one in a new sex position, that meant I needed twelve images - two for each woman.

AColonyOfAnts on

I am most disappoint. ^^

Yes, I noticed that the images slowed down development.  Possibly the reason why whoreClaus/whoreOneWoman10/whoreOneMan8 (the last three whore events) only have one image each instead of six?

Text based is good.  Personally, I don't find the images too necessary; good writing can always evoke imagination, while having a set image strips that luxury from you.  If I dare to be bold, I'd even say all that's required is a few images to show "this is what the girl looks like," and then let people play out the sex scenes in their head.

Hop-Clop (not verified) on

Hey Blue here's an idea, considering just how much gameplay you dropped from the frist version,

(stuff like happines and or stamina management, preffered character micro like oral yes / vag no and apparently so many generic random events)

why don't you make your new project a straight up linear VN?


I mean you're obviously more comfortable with telling a story then setting up a buisness sim, not to mention that if you really wish to get your point across it's going to be more effective with a good female lead then just arguing with random commentators and linking to some random blog now and then.

(not to mention that you could likely sell it as a straight off indie project)



BlueWinds on

I have considered it, but I'm actually moving in the opposite direction - I'm going to try making the next game very gameplay dependent, with the story as more of a side-note. Think "Kamidori" or "Recettear."

Yes, it's different. Different is good. I want to keep exploring.

Hop-Clop (not verified) on

With respect, and your ambition actually warrants some, those are mighty big shoes you're aiming to fill. Just about all of the games from those series had a ton of art assets, linear but branching stories...


I mean even if you manage to find a *good* (2d?) artist and a composer on the cheap and even if you strip down the game mechanics, CG's, voices, etc it's a mindblowing amount of work.

The guy who made the "Dust An Elysian Tail" spend (by his estimate) about four years on it, and it's a fairly simple platformer. (also he supposedly had assets from multiple simillar games he worked on previously and did a bunch of outsourcing)

Obviously your call, and call me a sap but I'd hate to see you burn out again.

Mind you I'm assuming that you're talking about a serious game and not a glorified cow clicker. :)

BlueWinds on

I will not be adding any audio - that cuts down a huge amount of complexity right there.

I already have three artists I'm working with - one for the mapping / interface, one for character art, and a third for scenery / backgrounds. I'm very impressed with them so far - it's not cheap (I'm paying out of my own pocket so far), but the work is professional level (as opposed to "casual / hobbiest").

The gameplay will be asset light, as it were - Kamidori / Recettear aren't really a fair comparison in that regard. Think "what you do in the store / around the city" rather than the way the dungeon parts work. Selling things, talking to people, item quests, traveling the world... the gameplay is around business management, rather than fighting.

Does that make it sound a bit more manageable for a one-woman shop? ;)

Frankieo on

To be frank (never really known exactly how to use the "to be frank" line), i would rather have this "One-Woman Shop" than a "Several-Men Shops".

Even if i wasn't all that impressed with the 2, i was rather impressed with 1.

But even if i wasn't too impressed with 2 though, that's not to say it wasn't a good game or anything else, it just didn't fall to my taste all that well as i had hoped it would.

And judging by BlueWinds game series so far, i don't have any doubts that the new game is going to be either just as great as, or even better than them all togheter.

I think it's foolish of anyone to be underestimating BlueWinds, especialy this early on where she hasn't even gotten to show her skills on the next game yet.


So, BlueWinds. You just keep on writing, typing, coding, fiddling, orginazing and putting together things.

I'm looking forward to reading news updates soon - and maybe even donating some money - about the new game :)

Hop-Clop (not verified) on


To be frank: stop brown nosing - a practical example for the phrase btw.



You're... *over-the-top-scream* a f-f-female?!

Couldn't resist. :p


But I do hope it works out with V3.

Frankieo on


I had to lookup the meaning of "Brown nosing." to understand what you wrote.

And what that means, has nothing to do with me just writing the truth.

So, sorry for making your "Practical example for the phrase" non practical and non valid :)

Hop-Clop (not verified) on

@Frankieo I call them as I see them:

also what's an "eample" ? :p


Sorry Blue couldn't resist poking a bit of fun on your local fanbois, I'll give it a rest so as not to spam your inbox.

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"eample" is a too lightly clicked "x" in "example".

And you may do as you please when it comes to "calling them as you see them", but unless you know the differense of a "Brown Nose", and something totally differen. Then you shouldn't be "calling them", cause you don't really see them :)

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Great reflections, but I hope they haven't side-tracked you from realizing this is an amazing, amazing game!

"That is definitely the plan - I've been feeling the same way. The next game will actually be entirely Safe For Work - the sex stuff will be in a separate optional downloadable mod."

Initially I was pretty dissapointed reading you were planning this; you do sex well, and there's such a paucity of good stuff out there, so it'd be quite a loss. But then I realized that a model like this is pretty exciting too. While I still dream of a 'Adult Steam' (which should be called Cream, hehehe), perhaps the near future of games-with-sex-content will be M rated games released on Steam, with the AO/H stuff downloadable. It'd be great if society could evolve to the point where the sex scences in Mass Effect 3 were actual sex scenes.... that could've been awesome.  




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Yeah, I'm pretty psyched about this way of distributing games. It's a lot less important for free-to-play titles like mine, but an H-game actually aiming to make money could do very well for itself by piggy-backing on existing content-distribution channels for the main game, then giving the H-"expansion" away as a free download on its website.

The H-images would then be freely available, but not nearly as interesting without the game they belong to. Best of all worlds - free hentai for everyone and the game developer gets to sell their game without dealing with high-risk credit card fees.

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"Ah you are beating yourself up too hard on the sub/dom personality matrix you tried to create. I honestly thought it was a very good idea to have the flavor text change depending on your actions. I can see how the idea could have fleshed out to make a great tool for immersion if the intent was not focus on making players feel like they witnessing event in a game, but instead it would have worked if you was aiming for the player to feel like a character in your story. Just like reading a great book; If that makes any sense. 

Well that was a worthless trangent. 


Anyways the same as everyone else I am sure the next game will top the rest. This time around hopefully Ill be there to help fund the Offbeatr." 

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I know what I was trying to do - pretty much what you're describing - it just never came together properly, and I'm not convinced it can in a game as heavy on writing as this one.

For something like Neverwinter Nights - lots of gameplay interspersed with a few moral choices - it works fine to have branching paths (that somehow tend to lead to similar outcomes). It can also work for visual novels, which have a few major branch points which are basically different stories after you've made a choice. But it didn't work real well to try and have the same scenes - non-diverging paths, that is - for radically different player personalities. It ended up feeling like your choices didn't really matter (because they didn't!).

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Hey, total FYI, but it seems offbeatr is now allowing games to be sold on their marketplace...

I know they've left a bad taste in your mouth, but I wonder if it'd be worth it for you to try to sell the final copy there, just for people who want to support you w/o using BTC....

Of course, it'd be odd selling something you're also giving away for free, so you might have to think about a way around it (premium version with negligibly added features?)...

Just thought you might be interested, might be a way for you to makes a few extra bucks with little effort.. and this game would be great for their first game to sell! 

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If I were interested in accepting non-BTC payments, I'd rather go with - they accept adult content (or at least there's nothing in their TOS saying they don't), and charge far lower rates.

I've considered it, but am not really interested in the extra effort right now. Perhaps later.

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Cool, that looks like a promising site, thanks for the link. You're not worried about the part of the TOS that says:

  • you will not Promote or Deliver any Digital Good or Product that promotes violence, sexually explicit materials, illegal content, illegal activities, alcohol, tobacco, pseudo-pharmaceutical, prescription drugs, or discrimination based upon race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age"

I'm not sure if I understand the semantics they're going for....

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Huh, that "sexually explicit materials" bit is new - it wasn't in their Terms last year when I checked them out. I read them over very carefully.

Thanks for pointing it out. Oh well, another site that won't be getting the business.

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I mean, technically I think you can pair the semantics down to:


you will not Promote or Deliver any Digital Good or Product that promotes ... sexually explicit materials ....

So so long as your product is itself sexually explicit material, and doesn't promote itself or any other materials, I think you're in the clear? :p

Sigh. Even if this is due to the credit card companies requiring higher fees, I can't help but be annoyed. Of all places, you'd think the internet would be less puritan....



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I'm a simple man. And by that I mean I'm horribly terrible at fancy speeches. But I'd like to give one to you anyways!

I thank you for this game. A thousand times. It's been different from other, equivalent erotic games I've played and thus, it was refressing. As I said before (as a bi-man), I would have loved to see a little boy/boy or a bit futanari action. But I understand you. Your reasons. It's only normal, if I'd try to write any girl/girl, it'd only end up something truly awkward. Therefore, I "forgive you" (I honestly don't think there's anything to apologize for, though...). All in all, I loved every bit of this... Project. And I thank you for it. ^_^

As for the future... Count me in anytime! I'll be looking forward to your upcoming project(s?)! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚



ps. Like I said... I'm horrible at these things... Too cheesy! (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ==== ┻━━┻

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Just wanted to add my congratulations to your release. :)

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I really, really, really like this. I was taking my time with this as well, up until the second repayment and rent left me about $5,000 in debt. I got caught up in all the events I didn't focus on making money. So I downloaded a Java editor and changed a few variables in how much money you recieve. Extra 20 here, plus 100 here. Ran though it and it's still challanging, just... I was focused on Antinua and Hawatha (Who I love by the way), then to get slapped for not focusing on money. But... I kinda was.

I guess I recruited Alison later than I should have.

Anyway, just want to congradulate you on all the hard work. This is a wonderful project and you should be proud of your effort.

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(guess i'll stop calling myself 'some guy' and use a name i use elsewhere)

Reminded me of Nana To Kaoru as well. Good read. And maybe this too: Futari Ecchi -> I think what seperates it is that its an educational manga about sex/relationships rather than straight up titilation.

Q) How do you put this kind of work on your resume?Thats certainly a hard one. I'll tell you about one of my experiences... I played Diablo II a lot. Eventually, bots started appearing. I looked into said bots and found a website (one of many) using D2NT. It was open source for the most part, and I took an interest if writing for it, having little experience with the language it used. Within the month, I joined the 2-man team of programmers via forum working on 'our' version. Another month or two later, I branched off to make my own version, much more capable and efficient, but geared towards the casual single-instance player. Soon I was recognised as lead programmer. The longer I wrote for said bot, the less I played the game. Infact, I didn't even play the game other than to test my work for the last 6 months. In just under 2 years of writing for this personal version, I wrote probably over 30,000 lines of code that I kept. The folder size grew by 350mb, double the size of the original. My version had become the most popular version being used out there. I was damn proud. And it was definately, beyond doubt, a huge accomplishment of my skill as an AI designer and problem solving ability. I quit updating it while working on a major version update. Harddrive crash. I lost 2-3 months of work that would have evolutionized the program greatly. (complete reformat of looting system and travel ai, in-game controls, most importantly, script to script conversation) I was so mad I actually quit (plus no computer for a while ya know). Eventually, I get a new computer, and guess what... I'm job hunting, for Blizzard, actually. I apply via their site and upload a resume with it, which includes a bit about 3-4 programs I worked on including that one. I begin the bit about my program(version) that plays Blizzard's game by itself by admitting to the damage it has done to the game's community, and then I listed the skills I utilized (and was thus qualified to handle). At the bottom of my resume, I added "Attached is a copy of..." and I did also send Blizzard a copy of my last-released version, documention included. I waited for an email or phone call for weeks but they never replied. So now I work somewhere else and hate it, but it was a learning experience and, even if I failed miserably, I have no regret for showing something I was proud of. Next time though, I might not mention anything that suggests negativity in writing though. That can wait for a 1on1.

With you, well... I can't imagine what its like for your work environment or you as a woman in this situation. Would they deny you because of that social view towards this kind of interest? You would have to to tell me. I can say, however, that something is better than nothing. You can say that you worked on a solo project durring (date-to-date) and relatively the time-effort put in and the skills involved, without ever saying that it was a scandalous game. Offer more detail through personal interview. The skills included (or if at all, because time spent on it says a lot by itself) would be dependant on where you are applying.

Oh and hey... I was one of the 'happy with game and will wait patiently' voters. Actually, I have a confession. I haven't been playing since probably soon after that. I actually find your insight to be reason I come back. You have a very mature approach and a much needed direction in this field. You are a skilled writer, and being able to share in your personal growth has been influencial for me. Nothing is more meaningful than the real. You, miss, are probably my closest model for how my bi fiance feels toward most of the same issues you have shared, but with far better articulation thereof. So thank you for sharing. Sorry if my stories don't explain themselves so well. :) 

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It's always hard to tell what influences or not getting hired. I'd say that your skill making a bot would have been a very good sign in my eyes were I reading an application, but "sorry for damaging the community" a huge red flag.


I'm not really worried about filling up my resume anymore, but how acceptable this game is varies wildly by social circle. Some companies would fire me if they found out (not that I want to work for those companies anyway). Most would get an "ick, don't tell me about it" reaction.

The internet vastly inflates people's views of how accepting society in general is of sexuality. Even Seattle, much less a place like Idaho or Georgia.