Unemployed and pleased

Sun, 05/05/2013 - 00:34 -- BlueWinds

I quit my job today.

Well, not the whole thing. I'm still a freelance web developer. But I've spent seven months working with one client, and I realized that in that time, not once have they complimented my work. Last week I sent an email explaining that I'd made a change and their site was now 5-10 times faster. No response, just a complaint about a different small bug.

I realized, this evening, that I hated working. It was making me depressed, and sapping my energy for fun projects like BrothelS.im. So I quit, and now I feel energized and excited again. It's that simple.



So, anyway... onward ho! Expect a new girl for the game in the next few days. And if anyone needs a good web developer (I do Javascript, CSS/HTML, PHP, Python, Drupal, many others), let me know, 'cause I'm in the market. ;)


Shan (not verified) on

Nice, congrats on having the courage to quit. I wish you luck in your future endeavors.

JoeB (not verified) on

In the its easier to struggle for a bit before you find your niche, then do a daily grind for some ungrateful asses and not being able to look yourself in the mirror.


Good for you

JollyJoker (not verified) on

I've been arranging to start a job today, so doing the complete opposite :)

A bug report; When you have no more girls available and less than five active, you still get a "Hire Girl" link that opens a broken dialog. Tested in Firefox and Chrome. (The "Import Game" button didn't work on Opera) Save attached.

When someone offers to buy a girl, do I know there's no more content for her? Can I eventually get rid of all girls in the current version?

BlueWinds on

The offer to buy a girl is not related to the content left for her - the mission pops up every now and then, selecting a completely random girl. It's a flawed design, I know, not really serving the purpose it was intended for.

Thanks for the report on the empty dialog - I'll make a bugfix for that here in the next few days.

RedRocket (not verified) on

I understand. Hope it goes well for you. To bad to many think a great job expected so no prase is ever needed.

pi (not verified) on

say bluewinds have you played Sengoku Rance

BlueWinds on

I was just playing through it the other day - haven't finished my first playthrough yet, and I understand that there are multiple story paths to pursue on later attempts. I really enjoy turn-based strategy, and it's good enough as a game in its own right - the story / writing isn't the best, though. There are a lot of facepalm moments.

So much <3 for Sill. She deserves better than Rance.

pi (not verified) on

yeah... the umlikable rapist mc was the main reason i preferred daibanchou over rance