Tue, 04/23/2013 - 21:50 -- BlueWinds

So, a bit of an update here. Not much progress to report game-wise, though work on some content for Saber and the addition of a new girl continue at a slow pace.

Partially, this can be laid at the feet of the fact that I'm just coming out of a depressive phase - not much interest in anything, regardless of topic - and partially on some life changes I'm planning out (nothing concrete happening until July, but it's still a big step forward for me personally).

Anyway, continue to enjoy the game, and perhaps try out Overwhored, if you're into mind-control. I'm not particularly, and dislike RPG maker extensively but the game is well written and fun regardless.


Knoloa (not verified) on

Saber related content is always good content. Im looking forward the next update, but do work at your own pace, better slow down than burn out.I still haven't tried Overwhored, I should try it once I finally get around playing the last version of Harem.

BlueWinds on

My dislike of RPG maker kept me from playing Harem until just last week. I went through the light path (not knowing that there actually were two paths until after the fact) - fundamentally, I just don't do evil, even in games. I've even considered removing the Rape fetish from brothels.im.

It was an interesting game, and I think I would have enjoyed it more had the fighting been less monotonous. What it really needed was "Repel" from pokemon, to prevent wild encounters for 500 paces or whatever.

Knoloa (not verified) on

Not to forget that these encounters are quite useless most of the time since your level is based on the girls you get and not your grinding. There are a lot of H RPG maker games in the Japanese comunity wich deals with that in a somewhat intelligent way (games like "Hi to Tetsu no Breath" and "Sangeki no Gear" have fast travel as well as ennemies that appear on the map instead of random encounters, VH is an ARPG wich allow you to just ignore your ennemies).For english games, you might want to try Despair Labyrinth wich also have non-random encounters, however the games Im talking about all feature a female main character, so they might not be your cup of tea.

RedRocket (not verified) on

I suffer from major depresion so I know how much depresion can suck. And depresion does cycle from better to worse but not in the fast way that people I have met who are bi-polor. Eather way it can suck.

Still enjoying game. Saber seams to get ambushed on patrol alot more than earlier versions or I'm just unlucky this round.

RedRocket (not verified) on

Oh forgot to mention it seams the Saber losing ambushes are more day than night. Maybe not a problem if you intended to have patroling a safer at night activity.

Knoloa (not verified) on

If Im not mistaken, the outcome of Saber's patrols are completely random (unlike your regular rape/tentacle event).

Gui (not verified) on

You have done much to us, and we really appreciate it. I wish you best of luck!

RedRocket (not verified) on

Giving feedback as playtester not complaining.Saber's patrol encounters might be random but it seams alot harder in current verson compared to before to raise her constitution as the frequent assaults often lower constitution by 4. Although it does raise her sex skill quite a bit while interest in the sex acts affected seams to go up and down.Starting from tutorial to test. Had enough cash to pay first loan demand 10000, then got first 1000 paid but loan demands seam to stop. Had enough 50000 + to buy building on event picked cash only option got no result, no rejection but no right to buy buildings, kept my money. Loan collecting and building event was a bit ago up to day 231. 

BlueWinds on

Ah yes, I see the problem with the second building mission. Should be fixed in the next version (all the options were broken, not just cash-only).

Thanks for the feedback - I do appreciate it. I'll reduce the change of the rape events in her patrol for the next version. They shouldn't be more common now than they were before though (at least I don't think anything in there changed?).

The amount of the second payment depends on how well you're doing. 1k is the minimum amount - if you made 10k for the first one, it was probably a bug (should have been higher). I'm tweaking the amounts for the next release.

There are currently only those two payments - I'm going to write more, but for now that's as far as they go.

RedRocket (not verified) on

Should have checked first where Saber's constitution started at.  Saber doing patroling has lowered her constitution from 75 start to 64 now.