Thu, 09/19/2013 - 23:20 -- BlueWinds

So, here's where we stand.

The reworking of game mechanics for the next version turned into a full fledged re-write of the entire codebase. This rewrite is in theory done - in practice it needs a ton of testing and bugfixing.

Said re-write also spawned a lot of extra in-game content - I've added about 6,000 words since the last release (hard to get an accurate count, since I haven't fixed dump.js for the new version yet).

And until the end of the week I'm hosting family for her birthday, and this isn't the sort of thing I can work on while my mother is staying over. ^^;;

Long story short... no release yet, but hopefully in the middle of next week. I will also have to finish up any of the current batch of image editing no one else has done before I can release (thanks, applesauce for doing three of them so far).

I don't want to subject anyone to the steaming pile of broccoli rinds that is the current code base. Thanks for your patience.


Espera on

Keep plugging away.

DragonFireB on

Even posts where you say " I haven't done much" are of great help. Thank you.

Jyeti on

Hope the time with family is fun and not too stressful.  Hopefully the re-write won't have too many nasty bugs to squash and makes your life and game creation easier and smoother in the long run.  Thank you for the status update and enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous (not verified) on

Enjoy your self, you've earned it.