Verision 0.4.0 Released

Thu, 01/24/2013 - 01:03 -- BlueWinds

It's been quite some time in coming, but version 0.4.0 is here! It's a 100% re-write of the base game code - the new version should run about 10% faster and make creating new content easier both on my and on other contributors. The new version is playable and downloadable, as always, from the same links on the right.


  • Autosaving! You can turn this on from the Save Game menu.
  • Change fetish settings easily mid-game (again from the Save Game menu).
  • Ability to skip the introductory missions when beginning a new game.
  • The Trust Building action has morphed extensively - it's now called Talk, and there are several pieces of new content for it specific to several girls (Kirino, Sakuya, Sophitia, Yuna).
  • Added group-sex images for all girls (now 100% separate from Bondage). These images are used in only a couple of places so far though.
  • Getting raped by the city guards (only if the Rape fetish is turned on) triggers an entirely new set of missions, in which you learn a bit more about the city you're living in. Not the sexiest of missions, but, well, there you go. Rape = emotional trauma - this is a fantasy, so she can get over it quickly, but still.

Those are the new features visible to everyone. If you've contributed or are playing around with creating content, you get a whole bunch of new toys. ;) Take a look at, and content/doc.js for some details - but the API is much cleaner and more powerful now, including unified "context" and "results" systems - no more special cases. Or at least many fewer of them. ^^;;

As always, bugs are expected at first, and bug reports much appreciated. Please remember that a bug report is *much* more likely to be helpful if you include A) your browser and B) and export of the save that triggers the problem.

Thanks for your interest in my game!


BlueWinds on

Sounds like caching issues to me. Please try a hard refresh of the page - ctrl-F5 in windows, I don't know the shortcut on a mac.

Pretty sure it's not a code issue, since "/" and "/dev" are running the exact same version right now. ;)

Phoenix (not verified) on

yeap that has sorted it, thanks

BlueWinds on

In time for the next release I'm going to find a better way to handling things so that no one has these caching issues - they're always the #1 source of bug reports for the first week or so. Since it keeps happening to a wild variety of people, it's clearly a bug, and the hard-refresh is just a workaround.

It just happens to be a bug in the website rather than the game, and I'm less motivated to fix those. (>>)

RandomSexAddict (not verified) on
The Healing skill of the Dark Magican Girl appears to be bugged.
The game runs fine unless you tell her to use it.
TypeError: messages.forEach is not a function
Line 188


BlueWinds on

Whoops, right you are! Guess I missed updating that one to the new action format.


Anonymous (not verified) on


Uncaught TypeError: ejs:1 >> 1| You and Yuna sit out on the front steps of the <<- girl.building() ? : 'inn' >>, watching traffic pass and listening to the sounds of the busy city. You ask her if she's enjoying her work here - she agrees that it's fun sometimes. You ask about the customers she's serviced lately - she sighs and rolls her eyes. Not the best behavior. You confiscate her top and pull her bra down around her waist as punishment, right there in public. She gets red, but you refuse to let her fix it for half an hour. Property 'name' of object function () { var name =; var final_building; g.buildings._filter('status', 'Owned').forEach(function(building) { building.rooms._filter('type', 'bedroom').forEach(function(room) { if (room.girl == name) { final_building = building; } }); }); return final_building; } is not a function
Line 24
BlueWinds on

Thanks - found and fixed.

Klootzak (not verified) on

I get the same error as Phoenix while trying to play it using Google Chrome. With IE it works normal.

BlueWinds on

Did you try a hard refresh, as I suggested for Phoenix? If so, then I'm at a loss - those errors only make sense if old code is being loaded in some places and new code in others.

BlueWinds on

Can you send me an export of your save game, the turn before this happens? Either attach here or via the "Contact Me" link on the right. I can see what the problem is (some Event, Mission or Action is formatted improperly) - but Event, Mission or Action describes 90% of the game's content.

Anonymous (not verified) on

Next time.

Anonymous (not verified) on


Uncaught TypeError: ejs:1 >> 1| Sakuya spent several hours dusting neglected corners, putting things in order and removing bodily fluids from the rooms of the <<= girl.building().name >>. You can hardly believe how effective it was - one would swear it should take an hour to get the stains out of those sheets, but you turned your back for a moment and they were done, wash water splashed all over the walls.<< if (girl.specialRules.ScarletDevilTalk == 1 && girl.specialRules.magic < 100) { >>Magic <<= girl.specialRules.magic >> (+1)<< } >> Cannot read property 'name' of undefined
Line 24
maxxe25 (not verified) on

can someone explain how the import system works now? it looks for a file instead of entering a code and even when i find the file it doesn't show so i can't load it. windows 7 and it won't work in internet explorer or chrome

BlueWinds on

You are... several months behind. Please see the latest release annoucement - and if you're having trouble with that, comment on a more recent post.