Verision 0.5.0 Released

Fri, 02/08/2013 - 19:53 -- BlueWinds

Tada! Version 0.5.0 isn't a rewrite like 0.4 was, but I still think it's a large enough improvement to warrant its own version number. It has been far more thoroughly tested than its predisessor, so I hope to avoid a repear of the completely-uplayable mess that I released last time.

The newest release includes the following features:

  • A new girl, Saber. She has one custom action for the moment.
  • A new building, unlocked later in the game, and two new room types.
  • Various noblement will occasionally offer to hire away your girls for substantial sums of money (so that you can hire a new girl and explore her content as well).
  • You can now purchase a second building, once a certain quest has been fulfilled...
  • Keyboard shortcuts for some of the more common actions.
  • Many, many tweaks to game ballance.
  • Innumerable bugfixes and minor improvements to many facets of the game.

On the backend, there are a whole slew of new options increasing the power of the API for custom content - look for the wiki I'll be opening in the next week or so for some details on that, and some tutorials on creating Girls, Missions, Actions and Events. Once the wiki is made public (IE, I've put enough of a framework for others to fill in), I'll send out a more thorough request for contributions.


As always, bugs are expected at first, and bug reports much appreciated. Please remember that a bug report is *much* more likely to be helpful if you include A) your browser and B) and export of the save that triggers the problem.

Thanks for your interest in the game!


vulpes (not verified) on

Hi i found an other bug.

I'm on FireFox 18.0.2

too much recursion

Line 2
Cash on hand: $14617
Payment of $4000 due on day 120
608 days to end of debt
P.S. i'm the one who posted first bug report but i forgot to put my username.


BlueWinds on

Fixed the first bug (with DMG's heal showing "undefined"). Let me know if it shows up again (you may have to select a different action, close the dialog, reopen and reselect Heal for the change to take effect).

This second one I'm unable to reproduce ("too much recursion") - I believe it may be a bug in the plugin that renders the money-history graph. Does it happen every time you load that save game, when you pass a turn, or erratically?

vulpes (not verified) on

it seems to be erratic.

I saw that load button is diabled on "new game page" so i have to create a new game so i can load a save.

vulpes (not verified) on

I remember that it was recurent, with 288 days played i got it 3 or 4 times so it is erratic but frequent.

vulpes (not verified) on

I was testing a little and got it 2 time in a row with this save i just pass a few days. (about 15 days without changing task)

Arcess (not verified) on

I just got the "too much recursion" bug too. Save attached, and here is the output:too much recursion

Line 2

Attach an export of your current game when reporting bugs

Also, the money graph turned into an array of digits for that one turn, but became a line again afterwards.I'm not sure if this comment will post properly, as the comment form here is giving me the following errors at the top of the page: 

  • Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$uri in theme_file_link() (line 727 of /home/threewestwinds/webapps/drupal/modules/file/file.module).
  • Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$filemime in theme_file_icon() (line 765 of /home/threewestwinds/webapps/drupal/modules/file/file.module).
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BlueWinds on

Ugh, I'm still unable to reproduce the problem in any browser, either under Linux or windows. I can't fix something if I can't tell the cause. :'(

I've tried loading and running that turn several dozen times now, just in case it's a probability-based event (like Guard Rape or something), but no issues on my computer at all... and since the error it's throwing onto the screen is from a library I use, rather than my code, I can't even tell what system is breaking.

Arcess (not verified) on

I'm running Firefox 18.0.2 in 64-bit Windows 7, in case there's any correlation with other people getting this bug.However, it is not game breaking at all; everything continues as normal afterwards, with just the error message reminder staying in the top left. And closing and reopening the window on an autosaved game makes the error message go away, as though nothing untoward ever happened.

BlueWinds on

Can you check to make sure you have all the messages you should after the error occurs (at least one per girl per morning/evening, more if they're doing Whore or Streetwalk, one per building + 1 per timeslot with Whores)? If any of them are missing, then that action (or an event triggering based on that action) is causing the bug.

vulpes (not verified) on

i check with the previous attached save an got i 2 time in 4 days all messages seems to be ok 

but when i retry with the same save i'm unable to reproduce it.

I'm on firefox 18.0.2 and windows 7 64bit pro.

I got adblock + plugin activated so i'll disable it and retry.

vulpes (not verified) on

I retry with adblock + disabeled and got it again after 68 days.

vulpes (not verified) on

And an other one

(firefox 18.0.2)

Kirino was low endurance and have whore morning and whore evening set.

She get 5 customers on the day and no rest for the evening. But onsen report display :

+$4482 -4 +4
13 customers visited the Onsen in the morning. Kirino worked there, servicing 5 of them.
11 customers visited the Onsen in the evening. Kirino worked there, servicing 5 of them.
(with no money or stat gain)
vulpes (not verified) on

She get 5 customers on the day and no rest for the evening. But onsen report display :

+$4482 -4 +413 customers visited the Onsen in the morning. Kirino worked there, servicing 5 of them.                 


11 customers visited the Onsen in the evening. Kirino worked there, servicing 5 of them.(with no money or stat gain)                                                                                               


Comment box does not keep line breaks is annoying. And prewiew display white caracters on white window -_-
BlueWinds on

Whew, this one was a lot larger than it looked. But it was good to look through that area again, since I managed to not only fix the bug, but also make the code shorter and more elegant. Yay.

Martos (not verified) on

I found this bug. As i dont know where send it i put this here...

BlueWinds on

I'm afraid you'll have to be a bit more explicit about the problem - the save loads fine and the turn passes without a bug. What were you specifically seeing wrong, and is it still occurring?

Rex (not verified) on

This iteration is a large improvement from the last. I ran 100 days without running into a single bug. It's definitely one of the best brothel sims I've played.

Anonymous (not verified) on

It's day 68, one of the girls got attacked by a tentaclemonster and now the widows for missions are "cut off".

When I click on it i can only see one last letter of 2 ongoing missions, also the mission for adding rooms doesn't seem to work.

I had added new rooms before i even got the mission, but I removed some and repalced them with new ones. It till didn't work.

Also, the tutorialtext for adding rooms is no logner up to date, since now it is a drag and drop and there is no more button to "Add Rooms".

And well, I think it would be nice if you did  seperate the windows of the rooms you can add a bit further, to make it easier to select one. Maybe I'm just too stupid, but it took me almost a whole minute to add a bedroom to the theater @___@


Also, here is the Save of my game :



Anonymous (not verified) on

A new Escortmission appeared and now the window shows up fully again.

However, there only is this new escortmission now, meaning the mission for adding a room is simply gone as well as the second mission, of which i have no clue what it was, that seems to have appeared after the tentacle-assault.

BlueWinds on

Hm, the missions button was supposed to disable when you don't have any missions - fixed.

Fixed the text for that - thanks for pointing it out. The "add rooms" mission is a little misleading in that it's just timed - it ends three days after you get it without sending any message. Basically, I'm lazy and haven't added a "Tutorial ends here" message yet. ;)

Increased the spacing on Available Rooms a little bit. Let me know if it's still hard to select (are you using a touch device rather than a mouse? The game should be iPad compatible, but I don't own one to test it out).

Anonymous (not verified) on


I tested out again and I think the way it is now with the spacing is good. No problem clicking and dragging at all for me. And no, I am using a mouse, so maybe I really was just too stupid @____@


Anyway, I noticed some typos and added a txt-file to this post. I also wrote down a small suggestion from somethign that bothered me in the Tutorial.

Oh and in the Tutorial for adding rooms, there is a part where it says :

"Ones you can't affort will be greyed out." It would have to be afforD here, not afforT.

BlueWinds on

Thanks for taking the time to put that together! I've fixed all/most of them. The tutorial is one of the less interesting parts to work on, so I haven't read through the text carefully, just sort of haphazardly edit it as the interface and gameplay change.

With regards to "-" (dashes), it's a personal style - while slightly unusual, it's also not without precedent, since Emily Dickenson uses them similarly (as one famous example). I use them sort of like "flow marks", indicating how things sound to me - stronger than a comma but not as stong as a period. Your suggestion in that regard isn't wrong, but I'm not going to take it either. ;)

Martos (not verified) on

I think i found other bug. I can not clean the luxuri house. I put to clean two girls int he morning and the evening and can not clean it.



BlueWinds on

In the save you attached (please attach them), there are no girls set to clean the Luxurious House - both Yuna and Sophitia are set to clean the Theater. I had no difficulty changing where they were cleaning, and it seemed to work fine to me.

Remember some actions have a dropdown allowing you select an option about them - you tell by the little blue arrow to the right of the name.

troy (not verified) on


Hey, I Love this game I've been playing all afternoon but I paid $55,000 for a second licence and I still can't buy a second house. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
Also, is there another way to sell girls than the mission?
troy (not verified) on

I failed to mention when I aquired the licence I chose to bribe, Since then I have started a new game aquired the licence with sex & money and was able to purchase a second building 

BlueWinds on

Yeah, I forgot to actually set the variable when the player chose Bribe. Fixed now - if you want to edit an existing save where you already hit the bug. you can type

g.maxBuildings = 2;

into your javascript console (Google will tell you how to open it for your browser if you don't already know how).

Anonymous (not verified) on

Where do I type it into the javascript console? I have it open and tried it where max buildings already was and it is giving me an error. I also don't have a previous save to go back to before the extra license quest to get it again now that it is fixed.

BlueWinds on

I don't understand what you mean by "where." There's only one place you can type things in a console.

In firefox, you bring it up with it's ctrl-shift-k. In Chrome it's ctrl-shift-j. In IE (which I do not support with this game), it's F12, then click on Console.

Anonymous (not verified) on

I mean in the giant wall of code where is it placed? I am assuming that if I just type it at the end or in some random place it will not work properly, and when I typed it at the only place I found g.maxBuildings already it did not work.

Anonymous (not verified) on

I mean in the giant wall of code where is it placed? I am assuming that if I just type it at the end or in some random place it will not work properly, and when I typed it at the only place I found g.maxBuildings already it did not work.

BlueWinds on

If you are seeing code you are DOING SOMETHING WRONG. Stop. Do not pass do. Do not collect $200.

Open your save-game in your web browser. Press one of those key combinations, depending on what browser you're using.

You should get a new dialog box at the bottom of the screen. At the bottom of that dialog box is a ">" - a propmpt. Put the text in there and press enter.

Anyway, I'm done trying to troubleshoot the problem remotely. Good luck.

troy (not verified) on


Uncaught TypeError: ejs:1 >> 1| Sakuya spent several hours dusting neglected corners, putting things in order and removing bodily fluids from the rooms of the <<= girl.building().name >>. You can hardly believe how effective it was - one would swear it should take an hour to get the stains out of those sheets, but you turned your back for a moment and they were done, wash water splashed all over the walls.<< if (girl.specialRules.ScarletDevilTalk == 1) { >>Magic <<= girl.specialRules.magic >> <<- girl.specialRules.magic < 100 ? '(+1)' : "" >><< } >> Cannot read property 'name' of undefined
Line 24
Attach an export of your current game when reporting bugs.
BlueWinds on

Yep, I see the cause of this - Sakuya's special Clean hadn't been updated since version 0.3. Fixed (select a new action, close dialog, then reselect to make the change take effect). Thanks for reporting.

ShadowArcher (not verified) on

damn, one more girl mean i have to leave another girl out when i hire girls since we can only have 5 girls. NOOOOOOOOO!!!

xD hehehe, good game though.

Phoenix (not verified) on

Here is a cool bug i dont know how i did it but DMG is living in both the onsen and the luxurious house and getting the benfits from both. It happen when i was buying and selling buildings to see which two was the best. (tried to do it again but it only happens now and again). It  means DMG can do 2 things and she never needs to rest.

BlueWinds on

I fixed the cause of this earlier (if you sell a building, girls aren't unassigned from it, but you can still add her to a second one), but the fix won't affect previously saved games. Just unasign her from one of the buildings and it shouldn't happen again.

arcess (not verified) on

Just a couple of typo reports here. I apologize for the lack of context.

  • In bondage orgasm denial, one the the paragraphs refers to "libs" when "legs" would make more sense.
  • Possibly on an escort mission, the word "fist" is used when it should read "first".
  • The word "nick-knacks" is used, which might be a combination of both spelling alternatives.
ShadowArcher (not verified) on

actually if you stop and think about it, your first bullet is wrong. It should say 'limbs'. think about it, what's the point in only binding her legs to the bed???

BlueWinds on

Yep, supposed to be limbs.

I found one place where "fist" -> "first", but it was in the intro missions, not escorting.

I am quite amused because my spell-check objects to both knick-knacks and nick-nacks, but not if I mix them.

Thanks, fixed all three (you may not see the changes immediately in game, but they're there). Let me know if you find any more issues in the text! I consider typos and awkward construction to be bugs, same as crashes and error messages. ;)

Arcess (not verified) on

Ah, yeah, "limbs". I didn't think of that.Another one I found was a missing 'k' from 'took' in jobs.js: "He bent her over a bench in the park and too her ass doggy style."

Retelious (not verified) on

So I'm not sure if this is a bug or just something up with my computer...but everytime I try to start a new game now, when I get that popup of rape, tentacles, etc, my whole internet freezes and times out. I'm assuming its just my computer...but thought I would let you know anyway, in case there is something wrong with startup screen.

Retelious (not verified) on

And if you're wondering, it makes me unable to start a new game now :/

BlueWinds on

Hm, I can't imagine what could be causing that - no one else has reported that issue. Um... perhaps try a hard refresh before starting a new game? (hold down control while clicking refresh).

What browser are you using? Perhaps try a different one (especially if you're using IE - I don't support even IE 9 anymore).

Retelious (not verified) on

I got good news and bad news. Good news is, its not your fault/problem, it seems to be my computer. Bad news is, I can't play :/

Im using mozilla fire and Ive tried everything. Restarting internet, restarting computer, closing all browsers. I checked with my ipod too and my ipod can play this fine (though its very inconvienent). So I'll try looking around a little more, see if I can find the problem. Well, thanks anyways. Its a great game~

Retelious (not verified) on

So downloaded google chrome and now I can play it. Looks like firefox was just buggy. Thanks for suggestion~

Martos (not verified) on

I found this bug. The game crash if you get too money...


Arcess (not verified) on

I came across a small bug just now. My schedule has me talking with Sakuya in the morning, so I rightly can't be doing Orgasm Denial on another girl in the same timeslot. However, the tooltip tells me "You are already Talking with Saber in the morning". It says the current girl's name, regardless who I'm actually going to be talking with in that timeslot. It says the current girl's name - Saber, Kirino, DMG, Yuna - when it should be saying another girls name, which in this case is Sakuya.If it's at all applicable, my Sakuya doesn't currently have enough obedience to do Orgasm Denial, but all of the others do.I have also attached my save file in the event that something strange might be going on.

BlueWinds on

Thanks for reporting - I see what's causing it in the code, quite a simple bug. Will be fixed in the next version.

TikeKiller889 (not verified) on

I've been playing this game since the original 0.3.2 release and I gotta say this game has greatly improved in such a small span of time. But I do have a complaint and that is content and money. The money as it stands wasn't even a factor after about the first 40-60 days and I had the 3rd building within that time frame. The content piece I can really look over as this is just the begginig, but after you I got the 6th girl I couldn't even buy more nor can I own all or 2 of the houses. Another little side note is the time frame, u don't have 2 push your self at all and 121 days in the game losses all drive and momentum leaving u feeling like its the same thing over and over with no point or end.

anon (not verified) on

Collaboration would be better.

BlueWinds on

Forking with git is collaberation at its finest. He can make his changes, track them against any updates I make in the meantime, and when he has something ready send a pull-request that shows me exactly what changes he's proposing. It's easier on both our ends than everyone else who just posts text files or zips of the game and has to spend time explaining and remember which files need to be updated.

Jorge (not verified) on

I have just downloaded the file and i have no idea on how to open it. if you can respond with a tutorial that would be great. loved your games but i'm just don't know how to play this version. also how do i open an md file.

BlueWinds on is just a text file - open it with Word or Notepad or smething. Silly Windows, not knowing these things...

To open the game, just extract the zipfile somewhere and open index.html in your browser. Easy-peasy.