Version 0.3 Released

Fri, 12/21/2012 - 20:08 -- BlueWinds

This release contains several often-requested and important features. All old save-games are compatible with the new version - you'll just notice new features appear, though the expanded tutorial won't replay.

  • Downloadable version works in more than just Firefox now, in case you missed that update in the first thread.
  • Actions to raise almost all of a girl's statistics (and lower Modesty, the new addition). Charisma is still missing an action (sorry).
  • The tutorial has been re-written and extended slightly to include building management.
  • Fetish options on game startup are now properly respected (oops, bug)
  • Re-worked action selection mechanism (I'm still not *happy* with it, but it's better than it was at least)
  • New Money History graph on the main page
  • Onsen is now easier to keep clean, and less absurdly profitable.
  • Virtually every bit of text in the game has been improved at least slightly. I'm embarrassed by the number of typos in previous versions. eyez cn engrish, i swere.
  • More options for custom missions / events / actions without needing to write javascript.


Things not done, but in progress for 0.3.1

  • More girls
  • Error handling and logging, so that partial turns are less common and they show up on the screen for easier reporting.
  • More room types, and the option to sell your building.
  • A special upgrade for the Theater, to make it actually worthwhile in comparison to the Onsen.
  • More content for the existing girls
  • Custom events/missions per-girl, to support scripters out there interested in contributing. Hugs and kisses to you all special few.
  • Some more general events

As with previous versions, you can play online or download from the link at the top of the page.


Bug in old savegames

Note that there was a bug in 0.2 which caused tentacles to always be on, regardless of the checkbox's status - to turn off tentacles in an old save-game, you'll have to run a javascript command. You can bring a console in FF/Chrome with ctrl-shift-j, or in IE9 with F12, then click on "console." In any case, load the old save in the newest version and enter

delete g.fetishes.tentacles

into the console and hit enter to disable them.


Kinjiru (not verified) on

Love the game, lots of promise. Wow, obedience is rough, though! It seems to so quickly break down that you have to be incredibly careful at the beginning of the game or you reach a point where you have no / not enough girls that will work to ever climb out of the hole.

BlueWinds on

Hm, I keep hearing that - I should probably listen to the users. ;) Libido needs to contribute more and Obedience less - but generally, it's intentional that girls don't like doing things they don't like.

I'll probably bump the happiness decrease and reduce the obedience drop (-5/-1 instead of -3/-2) in the next version.

Glad you're enjoying the game.

Iggyt (not verified) on

I played the game a few times, had to restart about four times.  Then I kind of broke it, meaning it became too easy.  It was rough getting the reputation up with more than one girl at the brothel but pretty easy with one just really well trained girl. 

Also, the special missions get less worthwhile in the late game. I got to the last day with around 65 reputation at the onsen and around $1M. I was trying to think of other mechanics that were okay from the .exe of sim brothel (whose .exe now just crashes my computer -.-)  (So, yours is awesome)

Like random events (But not just bad ones)

Or just some from the top of my head.

Maybe Linked quests, not exactly storyline but progressively better rewards from the same Mission character.Rewards from missions like a non-removable reputation point (or maybe a temporary reputation boost to the building that the girl is from for the special exposure.)Were you thinking of trainer stats?  This would help balance the fast losses from the girls. (Maybe this is where permenant reputation can be kept?)

Don't mean to overstep my bounds as a player, but I thought they were worth mentioning.

BlueWinds on

No overstepping - I welcome suggestions. I may not take them, but they're always welcome.

> I played the game a few times, had to restart about four times.  Then I kind of broke it, meaning it became too easy.

The seems to be a reoccuring pattern. I've tried to make the tutorial explain things, to keep the learning curve from being too steep by introducing one element of the game at a time, but people still seem to have to restart a bunch (and some of them get discouraged). Do you have any thoughts on what I could explain better? As mentioned above, I'm going to make the Refuse penalty less steep. I'll also probably try to add a "% Refusal Chance" for each sex type.

> Like random events (But not just bad ones)

Definitely planned. And more Events/Actions is currently leading in the poll on FutanariPalace as for "what I should do next." The "Special Party" and Tentacle Attacks are just the first ones - they're part of a very flexible framework which allows all sorts of exciting things without even requiring custom programming. Just plug in a few numbers, some text, and viola.

> Were you thinking of trainer stats?

I was (am). They're a ways down the list at this point - I don't want to introduce complexity before I plan to use it, and there's still plenty of potential with the existing options.

Iggyt (not verified) on

Nothing is wrong with it, it was just the dynamics that made it difficult at first.  Meaning the penalties were steep, which isn't a bad one really wants to play a "walk in the park" kind of game.

Without going through a full "sample of the game" tutorial, I found the tutorial you have to be adequate.  Matter of fact those restarts are the results of learning what I'd done wrong and then correcting them the next time around.  (I didn't take heed of the stats as much as I should've.)  

I also didn't get the modesty attribute and why it is an attractive thing to have for any of the girls.