Version 0.3.2 released

Tue, 01/08/2013 - 21:47 -- BlueWinds

The changes in this release are rather larger than 0.3.1 was, but still not extensive enough to call 0.4 (I'll save that for reworking of some core functionality or addition of a new subsystem).

  • A massive amount of new content for Sakuya. Have her Clean at least 10 times to trigger the start of her mission tree (no need to start a new game).
  • New action selection interface (click on the girl's actions to bring it up, or on her picture/stats to bring up the old screen).
  • Errors now logged to the screen (in the upper-right) - hopefully this will ease reporting.
  • Keyboard shortcuts! Tabs can be navigated using left/right arrows. Dialogs can be closed with the Escape key. From the main screen, you can pass the turn with Enter.
  • Two new actions - Advertise and Trust Building. Advertise is primitive and simple, but Trust Building contains multiple variants.
  • Rebalanced Reputation system for buildings.
  • A large number of improvements in the versatility and power of actions/events/missions (separate post to follow documenting some of them).

Yeppers, there's a lot of changes there! That also doesn't include a great many bugfixes and minor improvements - I'm sure you'll notice some of the improvements on your own. ;)

If you have written custom content using any functions (stuff that looks like "function() { ... }"), then there are some changes in the API - take a look at the builtin actions / missions / events for examples, or wait for another post from me here in the next week or so.

As always, the game can be downloaded or played from the links at the top of the page, and I strive to fix bugs in a timely manner. Happy hunting!


Phoenix (not verified) on

dont know if this helps but i got an error report:

TypeError: results is undefined
Line 184
also liking the new stuff added


BlueWinds on

I did! I fixed a very similar error reported by someone else today - I believe the fix should also resolve your issue. If yours is still present when you reload / redownload, post here again and attach a savegame for me. Thanks for your patronage.

S.T (not verified) on

New update is always nice, and the speed you're putting them out is really promising. I like how you're expanding each girl rather then simply putting more girls in, that was always one of the things that nagged at me whenever I played one of these games. 


The keyboard shortcuts are always welcome. Keep up the good work. 

TOW (not verified) on

Hey, so this isn't that much of a report but on "normal" screen zoom sometimes shit gets cut off the screen.  You can't scroll down either (on google chrome)

My easy fix was just zooming out buuuut, it's just something to report :)

BlueWinds on

That's very strange. What version of Chrome? I get scrollbars, as I should, on 22.

Try a hard-refresh - perhaps your CSS is still cached from an old version, before I allowed the main screen to scroll? Also, does this occur on the main screen, or only when you pull up a dialog or something?

TOW (not verified) on

Newest version of Chrome from what I remember.

It was when a dialog box was open, the side scroll was there but if I tried to drag it it would not let me, the down arrow did not even work.

It happened during the first time I played :)  only had one or two girls so no sidescroll was needed (1920x1080 resolution)

Anonymous (not verified) on

Just started playing the game... great stuff! Really great layout!A quick feature I might suggest- can the pictures be bigger? They're great, but they're showing up a tad small on my screen... maybe an option to adjust would be nice?Again though, great work, easily the nicest/most modern interface I've seen in an H game... and it's lots of fun!

BlueWinds on

Thanks! I decided to start this when I finally got sick of horrible, horrible interfaces. This is not 1990 anymore, folks - if your program is A) ugly B) slow or C) pixilated (or even worse, all three), then it's time to start over.

Resizing images is an interesting thought. Not in 0.4.0 (which should be ready in the next few days), but sometime after that I'll probably add a button that lets you change image sizes.

If I were feeling ambitious, I could go for a responsive layout that automatically fits/rearranges for any screen, from phone to 24" monitor. I keep thinking about doing that, but end up writing more content instead.