Version 0.5 (now .503)

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 01:50 -- BlueWinds

Update 2: .503 now lets you progress past Hathawa asking about Antinua.

Update 1: .501/.502 fixes the game for non-firefox browsers, and starts you with more money.

Time for a new version.

There was a typo in one of the events in the last release that rendered it inaccessible - so this contains not only a bunch of new content, but also some content I thought I had already released. ;)

You can now actually hire Hathawa.

Saves from the old version are completely compatible. Some of the help text has been updated, but it's not a huge change.

As always, please attach exported saves when reporting bugs. Empty text boxes are always an error, even if the image shows up and no error displays.


One of the most important new features is not immediately obvious, or immediately useful even when found. Click the Options link at the very top of the game - see the shiny new drag-and-drop area for custom content? :D

Take a look inside the new userContent folder - the exampleContent module doesn't add anything to the game (it will only add a couple of useless events when enabled), but it does contain a whole lot of documentation.

There's still more documentation to come, but anyone interested in coding for the game should read through it for a good foundation.


BlueWinds on

I also, somewhat embarrassingly, just noticed that I've been doing git commits with the wrong account. Anyone who has looked at the github repository, for either version 1 or this has probably seen a name that isn't mine. Oops. ^^;; Not that anyone except me cares, but there it is.

Cupworth on

I end up with enough not enough money to rent the onsen if I don't take up the moneylender on her offer ("no thanks" or "haggle").  I'm short by about $200 due to resting, passing the time and paying for Wend's meal. 

When Hathawa asks about Antinua (the 3rd or 4th time you meet her in the market), the game stops with no buttons to click. 

Wend gets called [object Object] during the maid encounter.  


BlueWinds on

Oops, I put in the wrong number for "money deducted" by Wend. You'll be left with more in .501.

Which maid encounter? I'm not seeing anything immediately wrong with the code. Can you paste the full rendered text (or attach an exported save game)?

I also haven't experienced the freeze you're talking about. Please attach an export. Even when things go wrong, the "Save Game" button should still work.

Cupworth on

re: the maid encounter. dump.html says it's Event whoreOneWoman8

<<- people[0].name >> is uncertain what to do when a woman dressed in a maid's outfit asks to be treated like a servant. She quickly orders the maid to tidy up the <<- building._id >> and serve drinks to waiting guests. <<- people >> has an idea of what her customer is really after though, and scolds her frequently, even when she's done nothing wrong.

 <<- people >>  should be  <<- people[0].name >>


I've attached a save at the stalled Hathawa event. If you need, I've got a second save just before the event. 


BlueWinds on

Thanks. Both issues should be fixed in .503.

AncientDragoon on

I have experienced the same problem. After 'Greet Hathawa' she brings up the Mercenary Captain and then nothing.


Edit: Disregard this. I forgot to refresh the page before posting.

BlueWinds on

Try downloading .503 - it's fixed there (I can tell you haven't since saved games have their version number included - you're running .501).

AncientDragoon on

Hi, I'm back...


.503 did work out and I was able to hire the bookworm. After a few in-game days, I tried to talk to her and got a 'No Matching Events Found' error. Save file is attached.

BlueWinds on

Ah, looks like I forgot to add any Talk events for Hathawa.

And I found a problem in the validator which explains why it wasn't caught - it usually notices things like that for me.

Cupworth on

Found another [object Object] error in Event whoreOneMan6.  <<- people[0] >> should be  <<- people[0].name >>

Also, in Event hathawaVisitRepeat; Is Hathawa supposed to get the +5 to dominance if you pick "She's dangerous"?.

BlueWinds on

Thanks, fixed in the next version.

She is indeed. You're encouraging her to think for herself and be independent. It doesn't stop them from hooking up, but it does make Hathawa a liitle bit less totally dependent.

Cupworth on

That makes sense after re-reading the dialogue properly. I initially saw it as a "do what I tell you!" choice, hence the question. 

Possible bug in Event whoreOneWoman6. I noticed one instance of this had no name for the customer (most of the time it did). File attached, it's about 10 clicks up.  I couldn't see anything wrong in the dump.html so figure it's something to do with the names file, or just a weird one off thing. 

Tooltips on the far left get cut off.

After putting Hathawa to work at the onsen, I noticed the Park dropdown menu got longer with the added 'talk with' option (obviously). Not really a problem now, but with 4 or 5 employees it could get annoying. Perhaps use a nested talk menu (talk with -> list of employees, like the study option at the university) to make it neater.  Would be a bit more annoying to use when there's just one or two of them though. 

Fudge (not verified) on

Hey, just a question cause I'm abit confused. These updates for brother sim 2, the one you play directry from this website? I'm having a slight trouble finding the new updated content xD

BlueWinds on

Releases are backer-only until 1.0. I expect that to be a couple of months. Perhaps for Christmass.

Until you see that number, don't bother searching for any updates.

Fudge (not verified) on

ah fair enough :D, thx for telling me..

Ubik on

In Opera  15.0 and Chrome 29.0 it don't work at start: (Script Error  0).

Tried in IE 10.0 and there save export don't working. 


Don't know if it is a bug or something - dump.html don't go beyond starting settings.

BlueWinds on

Aye, I found the problem. Silly jQuery was trying to do too much... fixed in .501 (going up in a few minutes here).

Rorschach on

When will the latest version be available on the site?

Krystle (not verified) on

Once it hits Version 1, I believe.

The_Ripped on

Okay - so, Hawatha has left me hanging XD during "hathawaVisitAsk" scene - I get as far as "Antinua, a mercenary captain. She comes here pretty often, when she's in the city." and then I get no options to proceed. (no: "Why? | She's dangerous | Change subject "). I will try to get the error to repeat (also, no error log was generated, or I'd throw it up. The game just got stuck)


EDIT: Reloading the save, the error appeared again. I'm trying to find the save file, so you can have a look...

Okay, got it, mostly - this is as close as I can get - loading from the scene directly acts a little weird...just "Work at the Onsen," and then take the forced "Rest" -> "Market" -> "Meet Hawantha" will proc, and the glitched scene will proc. hopefully :) Sorry to be circuitous

EDIT2: Okay, turns out H is really determined to find out about A...the scene seems to proc the next day, if you skip it, and the error also shows up then.

BlueWinds on

You can still hit "Save", then "Export" - there's not really an error log, just an export of the saved game (that's all "Please attach this" links to).

BlueWinds on

Great, thanks. I entered the event definition wrong, so the game thought that none of the three responses were allowable.

.503 should fix it.

The_Ripped on

Thanks - that got it! Spelling error - during the "third night in a row that Hathawa has finds herself knocking on the door to Antinua's company's warehouse" date between A and H, second part, second paragraph - "Hasfway through the meal" ought to be "Halfway through the meal"

Edit: poor H is having more issues - I sent her to work in the onsen as a bath attendant to get her fitness up...and she errored.

Error: No matching events found.
The_Ripped on

Make that ever - in this file, I jumped back to the autsave for the day, and moved her to the market, to try and get at her that way. no dice.


BlueWinds on

Fixed the typo.

Talking with her won't work in this version no matter when you do it - I forgot to write any talk events. Will be fixed shortly.

infernalperson on

I actually got stuck on the conversation using .503 myself.  Also, the loan payments stopped after the first - I'm 106 days in and havent heard anything.

Edit - wait, I seem to have .502 still.  WIll reply again if .503 doesn't fix it either.

infernalperson on

Cool, managed to get through the conversation and eventually hire Hiwatha.  Ran into a script error when tyring to talk to her later though, file attached.

BlueWinds on

Yep, currently there's only the first loan payment. More will be coming soon, but first I want to write some of the backer-requested content.

The_Ripped on

Ah, the joys of "not enough hours in the day" XD The backer specific stuff seems very good - though, after the thirtieth time fisting K, I think I'm no longer either surprised by the request, nor inexperienced with the technique :D.

infernalperson on

Heya, first time trying it - should the pop-up bubbles be clipped by the edge of the story column?  Some of the helpful pop-ups are hard to read.  Otherwise, looks really neat :)

infernalperson on

Oh uh, and .501 still seems to take too much money away when talking to Wend, leaving me with ~2900 on my first day.

BlueWinds on

D'oh. I changed it in one spot, but there were two more (one for each possible response). Try .502.

The text is not supposed to be clipped, thanks for pointing that out - I'll fix that a little later.

infernalperson on

Appreciate it, thanks!

Espera on

What all new conent should I be expecting in this version? Is there a way I can find out what has made it in to date? I'd like to know so that I know what to look for.

BlueWinds on

I recommend visiting the Oracle in the Slums - it's not perfect, but it should point you to some things to try to get new events you haven't seen yet.

Mostly the new stuff in this version is Hathawa and Antinua related - study alone in the university until Hathawa starts visiting you at the Onsen. Have someone whoring. Eventually Antinua and Hathawa will meet, and things will go on from there.

Espera on

Thanks. :)

ProfWankerton on
I get this error in .503. Once I hire Hathawa, the error pops up the second time I try talking to her, and any time after that.
Error: No matching events found.
AColonyOfAnts on

Kael'in chose Hathawa, and attached a collar around her neck, telling her to act like a cat. She was happy to play along, walking around the room naked on all fours until he took her leash and tried to lead her outside. [object Object] wasn't interested and distracted him by meowing and going after his cream - he enjoyed that, of course, but still seemed a little disappointed.


[object Object] needs to be replaced with Hathawa (or whoever else is working)

arcess on

Do you object to this kind of blatant objectification?

BlueWinds on

That made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the humor Arcess and the bug report AColonyOfAnts. :D