Version 0.5.1 Released

Fri, 02/22/2013 - 12:03 -- BlueWinds
Dark Magician Girl
28% (129 votes)
12% (56 votes)
20% (93 votes)
21% (97 votes)
9% (41 votes)
11% (53 votes)
Total votes: 469

Which girl should get more content next?

Well, it's that time of month again! What time of month, you ask? The time of month where I break everything with a new release, of course! This is a code-light, feature-heavy release, so it's less likely than usual (though certainly not impossible) that I've introduced bugs into existing content.


  • New Explore action - mostly empty at the moment, but it will serve as a framework for various events around the city. Gives a better idea of the areas in which the game takes place, though.
  • There is a new set of tentacle events. Go ahead and Explore the University until you meet a suspicious doctor to get them started...
  • Saber now has personalized Talk results. She also gains and looses happiness slower than other girls - stoicism is her defining trait.
  • The Clean action now has a second variant.
  • Yuna has an additional Talk and Summon variant.
  • Jill now looses endurance slower (as she was supposed to), rather than faster. Oops.
  • Sakuya now gains happiness when her obedience increases. Um, yeah, no comment on the character trait that leads her to do so...
  • Gaining and loosing stats is easier/harder depending on the existing value. Going from 99 -> 100 requires about +3. Going from 0 -> 1 requires about +2/3. The same is true of loosing stats: 1 -> 0 requires -3. This change does not apply to Happiness or Endurance.
  • Numerous grammatical and spelling corrections throughout the game, as well as a great many minor bugfixes.



As always, bugs are expected at first, and bug reports much appreciated. Please remember that a bug report is *much* more likely to be helpful if you include A) your browser and B) and export of the save that triggers the problem.
Thanks for your interest in the game!


Knoloa (not verified) on

I haven't played this version yet, but I really like the fact that you are focusing on getting more content for the girls instead of implementing new ones. Too many management games stack up characters instead of fleshing them out. After playing with Saber, I can't wait to see what kind of story her rape events as well as her personal story came lead to.Thank you for your work and this amazing game, looking forward the next updates !

BlueWinds on

I should mention that Saber is the only girl in the game that I've read the original source for - everyone else, I'm just taking the broad hints of their personality gathered from a few web searches and video clips and filling in a person or story that I think might fit.

I'm always open to suggestions, of course. I don't always take them, but I do always listen.

Arcess (not verified) on

Each update to this game breathes replay value into it. Thank you!

S.T (not verified) on


Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL rape.js:23
Uncaught ReferenceError: girl is not defined tentacleAttack.js:132

Yeah, just having this pop up. Tried a hard refresh to no luck.


I'm assuming it has a something to do with the new tentacle events, and the errors show up whenever I try to advance the day, and I guess the event is trying to occur.

BlueWinds on

Whoops. I was fixing a typo that someone submitted, and introduced a much more serious problem instead. Should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting!

BlueWinds on

Yeah, my bad. I forgot to unlock the "Missing" action once the girl was found. Reload, it should be working now (she'll be set to Rest instead of Missing in that save game).

MrWeird (not verified) on

You say she gains and looses happiness slower then the others but it is really hard to get her happiness to anything over 20! Rest has  almost no impact as does patrol! What do I have to do to get her happiness up?

Great game! keep the updates coming! THX!


MrWeird (not verified) on

Never  mind it works! slowly but okay!



MrWeird (not verified) on

Happiness is linked to cleanliness of the building she stays in. Dirty building loss of happiness.


RandomSexAddict (not verified) on

It's nice to see how fast and switfly this game is coming along and that it's getting better by the day.

Good work!


Also there appears to be another bug that does not trigger any exception. I bought two girls on the same day but noticed that only one would show up on the message screen after the end of the day. After changing her payment though the second girl started showing up. It's not exactly a serious error but something you might want to know.

S.T (not verified) on

Huh. Just a question, but if you bribe the guard instead of letting the girl go along, does that cut off that 'quest' line? 

BlueWinds on

It does, though you may later receive the same event again and can choose a different response. If the girl's obedience is low enough, you may even get the option to attack him instead (which may or may not end well ;) ).

ShadowArcher (not verified) on

is it just me or did the happiness regen from resting go down?

on a new game Saber is only getting 2 happiness from resting and Kirino only gets 3.

BlueWinds on

It did go down. I also meant to reduce the happiness drop/increase from various other events, though I may have forgotten some - let me know if there are any specific actions/events that seem out of whack. Happiness should, in general, be slower to increase or decrease.

I suggest trying some more money - that should still work. Girls like being paid well. ;)

Arcess (not verified) on

There seems to be a strange issue with allowing/disallowing girls to do Anal work and it toggling other girls' permissions at the same time. It's not consistent, but the problem was also present in the previous version on both my PC and my phone with different saves. This usually results in some Streetwalking refusals, as the less experienced girl is not ready for that kind of thing.

BlueWinds on

Looking at the code, I can see that this bug has been around ever since I added tabs to the girl management screen - I'm surprised no one reported it before now. Fixed.

Anon (not verified) on
SyntaxError: missing ; before statement
Line 288
Occurs when attempting to Explore Uptown in the Morning. Browser is Waterfox and the error occurs in Internet Explorer as well, although the Line number changes.
BlueWinds on

Thanks. I had fixed this in development, forgot the send the change live. Should work better now, I hope.

Anonymous (not verified) on

Apparently if DMC is healing one of the other girls and that girl goes missing, you get an error message.

BlueWinds on

I believe this to be a sub-set of the bug TOW reports a few comments later. When that one gets fixed in the next version, this one should as well.

Wahn (not verified) on

Could you maybe give "Dark Magician Girl" a name? Any name, really - it's a bit strange to have the others with names and her with only a general description.

BlueWinds on

So I recently found out that her "pre-turning-into-a-spirit" name is Mana - it will be changed in the next version. I agree that using a description is very strange, I just didn't know she had an official name (she was originally user-submitted, and I have no interest in Yu-Gi-Oh).

TOW (not verified) on

Should you be able to explore forever with a girl?

I'm doing it now with Kirino and she has 0 endurance and keeps on goin with explorin'

TOW (not verified) on

Error, btw

I explored with 0 endurance for 40 days @ University (only encountering the doctor once), had her rest (with explore still lit for some reason) then the guy was liek 'can i  have her' and all, said she came back at 1 and suddenly there's was this missing choice!  I had it be missing, the default one (top, i dont remember name), ended day and got error.


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'lock' of undefined
Line 108
Attach an export of your current game when reporting bugs.

Here's the save export

BlueWinds on

Whoops, forgot to set a minimum endurance for the explore action. Also the bug you reported will be fixed in the next version (today or tomorrow, likely).

Arcess (not verified) on

I neglected to copy the error message, but I encountered the same issue on current (non-dev) version, where actions were doubled for the day. The day's messages have been preserved in the export, which is attached.

BlueWinds on

I'm unable to reproduce this, unfortunately.

But I finally got frustrated enough to add a feature to make things easier to reproduce in the future! Starting with the next version (not even pushed to Dev yet), holding down Control while clicking Next Turn will always use the same random numbers, across browsers, computers and time. I'll be able to find bugs with rare events just as easily as with sure ones! Yay!

RedRocket (not verified) on

Great start. Got to end of rape quest with Sofitia and it stated new building available but when I sold mine no new type available. Did not realize at first that only 5 girls max but the screen would have to be rearanged to fit more than five so that fine. This was my secound play though and it seamed way easier to pile up the money. It seamed it would be a long slog to pay off the debt at the current number of girls and available building. But of course this a not full version yet. Keep up good work.