Version 0.5.2 Released

Mon, 03/18/2013 - 12:37 -- BlueWinds

Hello! After some more testing and bugfixes (not to mention a goodly amount of new content), I present to you... a new version. There are some technical changes, but mostly this is a content release.

  • New girl, Holo the Wise Wolf. She currently has two special events and a departure mission - expect a few more things from her in the next release.
  • Dozens of new images, at least one for every girl (Jill is about 50% new and improved).
  • New place to explore - the Market - and an event with three variants for that location (two of the three variants require a very slutty girl to trigger)
  • Renamed Dark Magician Girl to Mana, and added Talking variants specific to her
  • Dropped support for loading saves from below version 0.5
  • Final message to signal that the tutorial is over.
  • API improvement for checking user-selected options for actions.
  • Files are now loaded dynamically using AJAX, rather than static <script> tags in index.html. If you're developing custom content, see content/girls/girls.js for an example of the new format.
  • Included one-click Java webserver for playing the game locally (to support the above change).

Whew, that's quite a list. If you play the game locally, continue reading below.

There should be relatively few bugs in this release - considering extended testing on the part of some users, I expect most of them have been caught already. But as always, please report! I can't improve or fix things unless I know there's a problem.


Playing Locally

As mentioned in my last post, playing the game locally may now require some extra work. Namely, instead of just opening index.html, you have to first run WebServerLite.jar (which may require installing Java), then visit

See for more details.



zmaximus11 (not verified) on

Getting an Error Message Pop up after trying to load in Firefox. New rev problem?

BlueWinds on
It would be helpful if you explained what this error was? Are you running locally or from the server? Any other details ("after trying to load" is frustratingly vague)?
IcebergMM (not verified) on

I'm getting this error when trying to access the play page on Chrome.

"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

Line 174

Attach an export of your current game when reporting bugs."

BlueWinds on

Hm, can you try a hard refresh of the page (ctrl-F5)? I'm not able to reproduce on Chrome. You could also try - it runs the same code, but for people with caching issues, switching over can help.

Tim (not verified) on

The "Investigate the Guards" end content is delivered out of order.  Because the program presents the mission announcements before the messages, the result is that you seem to take revenge before you get the list of names.

There were some other inconsistencies that I didn't recognize at the time but in hindsight might have been from the same timing problem.

BlueWinds on
Yeah, I've started getting bitten by this more and more as time goes on - missions trigger after all actions / events, so I can't bump the messages to the top of the list without things being presented out of order. The solution is ultimately to make missions trigger *before* anything else rather than *after*, but that's a larger task than it may sound, since I'll have to go through all the content and adjust it for the change... In short: thanks for the bug report, but it probably won't get fixed until the next version.
Tim (not verified) on

Twice so far, all actions for the day were doubled (for example, if resting twice, got credit for resting four times) and got the following error in top left of screen.  It's a nice little bonus but I'm guessing it's not supposed to happen.  Playing via Firefox.

   TypeError: girl.turnDelta is not a function
   Line 75
BlueWinds on

Any chance you can attach a game export next time it happens? This is the reason I set autosave to happen before the turn passes, so that an export always includes the "cause" of a bug rather than the effect.

iateacrayon (not verified) on

I'm curious about how I can add girls with your new update.

BlueWinds on

My ability to keep documentation up to date is just terrible, isn't it? Anyway, you have to add girls to the list in content/girls/girls.js, and events in content/events/events.js, etc - no more messing with index.html.

zmaximus11 (not verified) on

I have to say that I am a fan of all the different story lines that you can stumble across at the different locations. I did have a question about the new one you added for the Market. I know you have to explore the area with a girl who is super lusty/sexy. Is there a specific stat like charisma that the girl needs to have?

BlueWinds on

Ah, I forgot that the blog doesn't auto-highlight text with tooltips the way the game does. :P

Libido is the stat that corresponds to "lusty" - get a girl with high Oral or Hard libido to visit the market.

jess (not verified) on


I'm getting a "WebServerException: Cannot start the web server on port 80" error when executing the Jar file... I'm on Debian using OpenJDK... I've tried tweaking my firewall rules to allow port 80 on, but with no success.


BlueWinds on

Oops, I should update the instructions to include the fact that Linux (perhaps Mac as well? I haven't tested) requires administrator (sudo/root) privilages to run a webserver.

If you don't trust my little .jar file (source is with root access, installing apache is as easy as "sudo apt-get install apache2", then drop the game folder in /var/www/.