Version 0.6 (now .604)

Sat, 10/05/2013 - 16:28 -- BlueWinds

Update: 0.604 has no fixes changes in the main game from .603. The only differences are in dump.html. Check it out though - it's now made of 100% awesome. :) I'll be using it to step through Hathawa's hire tree and figure out where the problems are, once I add a few more features.

Update: 0.603 fixes a couple of bugs, mainly Antinua's gangbang event. Some reported bugs still exist (Hathawa hiring sequence still a little buggy) - I'll get to them soon.

Update: 0.601 fixes most of the issues in the comments. 0.602 fixes weird export names.

Well, here it is, the thing I've been promising for three weeks. It's still missing some features I was hoping to have done (mostly the "character checks" for different people - framework's there, implementation not yet), but I figured you guys would rather have a working release than a perfect one.

This time, all bug reports are fair game. If no debug file pops up when something goes wrong, please hit "Save Game", then Export and attach that instead. The new debugging system is both better - in that it's far more informative - and worse - in that it doesn't always trigger. I'm still working on that.


Konjou on

minor bug with a excercise event in the part, here is a snippet of the bug:


An angry shopkeeper bursts out from the foliage, swinging a frying pan and scattering the laughing girls in all directions. He mistakes Natalie for one of them and comes after function her() { "use strict"; return this.gender == 'male' ? 'his' : 'her'; } as well.

character is Futa

BlueWinds on

Whoops, missing parethesis. Fixed (try re-downloading).

DragonFireB on

Problem when trying to load a save

BlueWinds on

Fixed in .601.

DragonFireB on

also when trying to go the gangbang

BlueWinds on

Ok, this is fixed in 0.601. I've attached a fixed version of the save where this occurred, in case you'd like to continue from there (scroll up a few pages when it loads).

Jyeti on

Not exactly a bug but a continuity error.  The first time I worked at the tavern I get "it's only a temporary thing until you can talk with this Shao Zetang guy and get a place of your own." and "By the time everything is closed up for the night, you want nothing more than to collapse into your cot in the loft." in the first panel and then the second panel gives me "One of the tavern's customers waves for your attention - he's rather more presentable than most of the crowd" and the convesation informing me about Shao Zetang.  It would make more sense if they were flipflopped.

Just started it up and love all the little extra details so far.  Thanks for the update.

BlueWinds on

Oops, that event was supposed to trigger when you sign up for work, rather than for your first shift.

dragaroo on

Hey, don't let better be the enemy of good, and don't let me bother you by substituting quotes for wit.  I really appreciate how every release sees more development of written content for events and people, though of course we can all help with minor gammar edits.  Is there any guide to how to best submit grammatical errors I've found?  Thanks for all your work.

BlueWinds on

The best ways are either commenting here on a release post, or via the "Contact Me" link on the right of the site (which sends me an email). Whichever you prefer.

dragaroo on

Problem when trying to work at the onsen.

BlueWinds on

Fixed. I'm very pleased with the new bug report system - it's made tracking this stuff down so much faster.

The_Ripped on

Follow on - when I went to make my first payment, I errored out of it

BlueWinds on

I believe this is the same error as your second one, though I haven't checked to be 100% sure. Fixed in 0.601.

SmartZach on

Where to download the new version?

BlueWinds on

Only supporters can see the new releases for now. Once the numbers hit 1.0, I'll make it available freely to evenyone - hopefully around the end ef the year.

thesleep on

I am not able to load saved games from 0.5. Is this expected?

Edit: nevermind, loading saves seems to not work at all.

BlueWinds on

Yes, this is expected. I usually put a big warning sign about incompatable save formats in the post, but forgot this time.

If you're still having trouble with loading any save (IE, those created by 0.601), then it's definitely a bug and please report it again.

BlueWinds on

Hah, I finally figured out why people are getting weirdly named exports - I forgot to update the function that writes the filename now that time is morning/evening/night instead of 0-23.

Jake (not verified) on

I tried to download the game yesterday but when I did, I extracted the files and couldn't even get to the starting page offline. I went then through the various folders to see if I needed to go somewhere else but didn't find anything. Offline it dosen't work when you download it. Does anyone else have this problem offline, it will come up to the main page but when you click new game it says error.

BlueWinds on

You aren't logged in on the site, so I can only assume that you downloaded the Original game (link on the righthand side of the site), rather than version 2, which is what this past is about.

If that's the case, please see: A) - it's a standard text file, despite the extension. B)

Devron on



Got the attached error when doing the Antinua gangbang event, only tested as male - thanks.


Edit: Tested as female main character also, still errors out - happens when agreeing to do the task at the docks.


Devron on

Here is the other bug report (test with female lead char).

BlueWinds on

Oops, thought I'd fixed that, but actually only had half the problem solved. Update will be going up in an hour or so.

dragaroo on

Hello, I believe that I have the exact same error during the Antinua gangbang event, as the poster above, when using a male main character.  This is preceded by the textual error: "Send <<- people[1] >> to a gangbang?"  I am including this bug report for comparison if necessary.  Everything else seems to work much more smoothly than before.

The_Ripped on

Okay, that was interesting.

When I went to hire H, I chose yes, and it gave me the 2 "yes" scenes (strip/fuck the first customer) twice.

Then we worked (Well, I worked). Next morning, H shows up, asking to be hired again. Turned her down, just to see what happens. saved, and here is the export - no bug report triggered.


2 more things! Wend went out for the gang bang - it's bugged, someone already reported on that. Tried that work around, (scroll up, re-hit the button). Got paid, game continues...except Wend pretty much stopped working...Occasionally, (mostly after an A visit), she'll do a shift, but that's it.

Lastly, I apparently run a terrible brothel - it never got above a 25 rating, even at 100 clean, and is currently rated at 0. customers rarely leave happy, regardless of what the prompt implies. It's very confusing...given that Wend an I cover three quadrants(she's midlining sub/dom, and 75%~ slut, while I'm midlining sensuality/slut, and 75% dom), I'd figure we'd break even, at least, but it isn't working out that way at all. (The AWOL Wend might explain part of that, though).

Actually, a third thing - Wend would occassionally clean the Onsen, back when she was whoring in the only bedroom. The place was clean to the upper 70s, but the game insisted it was dirty. Or something. It was all very strange. (Also, hw do you check Wend's stats? When I talk to her, I see mine)

The_Ripped on

Additional stuff. even though I turned her down, I can still run with her, and train her. I can also talk to myself(!?). Working causes an error - so here's the bug log. H shows up to be hired every morning, regardless of whether I agree or not.

And now Wend is working and both H and 'I' are being lazy bums. I think I've broken the game badly enough that I'm going to restart instead of trying to continue.

EDIT: And Wend cleaned again.

endings on

Playing newest version, game locks up when I attempt to work at Onsen. Bug report attached.Refresh of page loads last turn's action.

BlueWinds on

Refresh of the page is loading the autsave, which happens once per game day. :)

Fixed in the new version, going up shortly. The game couldn't find a job for you (since currently the only jobs are Whore and Run Baths), and was panicking. Oops.

Magician on

Two problems:

  • Talking with Wend now shows only the PC stats (not Wend's stats and not her shift); and
  • Antinua's gangbang event broke the world in my case. Bug report attached.
Spine (not verified) on

Is the plan to not release at all until 1.0, or is it to lag released by 1-2 months and/or 1-2 versions?

Just as a random non-donator who's not in a financial situation to donate at the moment, I think it might be good publicity/donor bait to release dated versions in order to keep up interest. Of course there's no personal bias here as someone who wants to see the content, even if it's dated. ::cough::

BlueWinds on

Hah, yeah, I keep thinking about that. Currently the plan is "no release until version 1."

The real problem is that I'll get bug reports.

I don't want to spend time answering or fixing them. Seriously, it's really draining to have the same errors reported a dozen times, and people will not read anything I post telling them not to report errors.

<rant subject="not about you, Spine">

I am really sick of getting entitled, demanding, poorly written emails from people who don't even look in the forum for answers I've already written before wasting my time.


The_Ripped on

Sorry you are having a rough time of it.

Besh (not verified) on

Just wanted to say... you're doing an awesome job. Thanks!

Spine (not verified) on

Totally legitimate and understandable.  No worries!

DragonFireB on

just so you know we all love you and appreciate all the work you have done for us.

Arcaneshadow on

Did Hawatha get harder to recruit? I got to day 215 and never got past the ability to greet her.


How do you see your own stats?


Also when I managed to accumulate enough money to buy the onsen I had to sell it first before I had the option to buy instead of rent. I don't know if that's a bug or not.

BlueWinds on

The recruit sequence is a bit messed up in this version. I really need to find a better way to organize these things - dump.js may be getting a tree-view of events sometime soon.

Right now you don't. ^^;; The next version will contain a new action I've been working on which (as one of the effects) will display your stats.

That is indeed a bug, thanks for mentioning. It shall be fixed.

thesleep on

Extra word during dominance training:

"With her teacher's guidance, she repeats this several more times, bringing bringing the woman to the brink and backing off repeatedly."


Also, dominance first increased by 4 then decreased by 4.

AColonyOfAnts on

On the event firstPayment3, there is a typo right before the choices:  You soon get to talxing about...

Nothing major, just needs a quick character fix. 

Additionally, even though I get around 500-800 from working at the Onsen, my funds reflect a, say, 200-300 increase.  I did the math once and I was getting about half of what the numbers were saying I was earning.

Edit:  I did the math a couple more times and I am getting exactly half of what I should be earning.