Version 0.6.0 Released

Fri, 04/12/2013 - 15:34 -- BlueWinds

Tada! It's been a long time in coming, but it's finally here. Highlights of the new version include:

  • Smoother upgrade experience (less refreshing required to get the most recent version of files)
  • Completely reworked loan system - only the first two payments are written, but they have story now. If you continue an existing game these events will still trigger.
  • Choose a gender and name for your character (and you don't have to start a new game to do so)!
  • Prostitution profit / refusal / reputation system reworked. Not too much of a visible difference, but money is a bit harder to make, and refusal is much less random.
  • Mana has a new talk variant.
  • New images! Mostly for Saber and Jill, but also sprinkled all over the place.
  • Hiring girls costs more the more girls you have - Guild taxes and whatnot. The second building you buy will also be much more expensive.
  • A great many buxfixes. I believe this will be most stable "initial release" to date.

Believe it or not, those are just the highlights - there are textual tweaks, smattering of new content and general improvements all over the place. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

As always, bug reports are appreciated! Include and exported save-game and a copy of the error text or method of reproducing if applicable.



Gui (not verified) on

Thank you so much for working on this game, I really enjoy it.

electronpool (not verified) on

"Choose a gender and name for your character."How, and does it have any effect? I like the idea of playing a female that prostitutes herself...

BlueWinds on

It has no effect as of yet, just a few pronouns, but I do plan on adding some content that plays off of it eventually. Currently focusing on finishing some content for Saber, and then adding a new girl - after that, we'll just have to see what I'm feeling at the time.

Unless someone wants to write something, of course. In that case I'll happily add it whenever I have time.

Anon (not verified) on

Locally saved version doesn't run. Page just sits at 'Wating for' forever.

Browser is Firefox 20.0.1.

Arcess (not verified) on

Just to double-check, did you follow the instructions in the Readme file for running the game locally?

Anon (not verified) on

... yes. How would I know to point my browser at if I hadn't?

I'd also like to point out that there is no way to terminate the webserver without ending the JVM process, which I can't do due to having other Java apps running.

BlueWinds on

:shrug: I don't know why it's not working. I didn't write that server, just borrowed it from Perhaps try running it in a console, see if it prints any error messages?

You could also use any other webserver you like - all it needs to do is host the static files. You can't just browse to them (c:\\...\index.html, or however it looks in Window) because browser security features won't let the page make AJAX requests to your local machine (with good reason - doesn't mean it's not annoying).

Anon (not verified) on

Did that, got no output on running the server, but plenty on trying to acces

The weird thing is that a previous version (0.5.x) ran just fine. Have you tried to run this version locally yourself?

BlueWinds on

Oh. Um... embarassing to say, I hadn't actually tried it myself, and I see the problem now. I do development locally - but I do it using Apache rather than the packaged server.

The server was too simple to know that "core.js?v=0.601" is the same file as just "core.js".

Please try downloading again. I believe the new Mongoose server should work - tested on Linux, don't have a Mac myself to try it on. Thanks for being patient and repeating the bug report for me when I was being slow. ^^;

Anonymous (not verified) on

Thanks for the work on this!