Version 0.61

Mon, 10/14/2013 - 16:26 -- BlueWinds

Grumble grumble, things not working the way they should...

Anyway, here's the latest snapshot. I wanted to get it out this weekend, but ended up debugging and feature adding instead. Some of the images in this release aren't cleaned yet - poke your head in on this thread if you're interested in helping out with that.

  • This version has all the text for recruiting Antinua, but most of it won't trigger properly. You could be patient, or you could poke your head into dump.html and read it now.
  • There are roughly 2000 more words than the last release - and more importantly, many fewer bugs preventing you from reaching them.
  • Recruiting Hathawa should be working properly again.
  • Two new room types and a new (but boring) job. There are probably bugs with them.
  • Slightly improved balance and pacing. I don't want to say "good" or even "ok," but a little less horrific.

As always, please report bugs, typos, and anything else that seems even a little weird. I prefer as comments rather than the "Contact Me" form (a change from what I've said in the past).

As soon as I finish cleaning up Antinua's path, I'll get back to working on some backer stuff. Fear not, those of you who I have spoken with about your content - I have not forgotten you!


tain6110 (not verified) on

Are these updates for Brothel Sim or the demo of the second one?

BlueWinds on

Neither. :) They're for the development version of the second one, currently only available to supporters.

Towards the end of the year I'll be releasing everything freely for everyone else.

dragaroo on

Hey, it's awesome to see you still hard at work.  I encountered an error trying to clean the onsen after clearing out some trashed rooms.

ThePirat3Crew on

Is there a way to see all pictures that you use in game?

BlueWinds on

Two ways.

  1. Browse the /content/ folder. There are 327 files and 18 subfolders in there. 33 of them are .js files, 90 of them (the content/paths folder) are boring sprites, and the remaining 204 are real images.

  2. Open dump.html. It will spin up you CPU a bit, then provide a list of all the text in the game. Every image should show up in that list somewhere (many of them several times). The title text for each image will include the original source.
ThePirat3Crew on

It would be great if i knew how to do any of that..

BlueWinds on

Oh, sorry, I assumed you were a backer using the downloaded version. has all the text in the game, but I hadn't put the images in the dump of the demo yet. will show you a directory listing - not pretty in the slightest, but you can poke your head around in there.

So... no, not really. You'll have to wait for December.

ThePirat3Crew on

Thank you :) Sorry I couldn't give ya money, I don't have credit card :/

Thane (not verified) on

This game is actually awesome from a technical stand point. It well designed and flows really well. I like it a lot!

BlueWinds on

Thanks! I'm not really a game designer, more of a developer who was really sad that this is a screenshot of a game in active development. And that this is one of the most popular games. Or that this raised $100k.

I don't mean to be down on any of those games or their developers - they're all good, and I've spent more time than I care to admit on the first two. But they could be so much better with just a bit of a facelift and interface redesign.

Also, Flash. Yuck.

Anonymous (not verified) on

Cmac simply doesn't have the time anymore (an even if he had, I'd rather see him polishing bugs or adding new features, rather than opening such a can of worms)

Fenoxo already admitted not being that good as a programmer, and focuses in content, rather than interface (and that interface is so much better compared to when COC was the unnamed text game. TITS (what raised the money, not COC) has already a much better look in early alpha.

And daisy strike.... Well, I stopped following Overworld two years ago, it's sad to see the game hasn't shaped up a lot.

My point is, design helps, but I've seen many projects go down the drain because the author focused too much effort in aesthetic parts, while forgetting about making the game fun and varied. Two of the mentioned games are popular because their authors made tons of content, I'd say their priorities were correct.

BlueWinds on

Remember, flaws in games are not the same as flaws in people. I have great respect for the other developers. Their games still look like decade old shareware.

I think Ashford Academy had the right idea in that regard - since he didn't want to spend his time developing a UI, he instead did something crazy: used a framework. ;) And it's a beautiful game, is it not?

I've been thinking of abstracting my game engine a bit and publishing it as a separate project, so that other games (adult or not) can re-use it. I'll make a post on this possiblity in a little while.

Anonymous (not verified) on

Making an engine would undoubtely take a lot of time, but being on the long run the very best option.


PD: Cursed's problem isn't the framework, it's the engine itself. RAGS sucks ass, only works well if you do something rather simple, and Cursed is anything but simple. (And trolls don't help poor AM) 

-You can try  Overseer ( is an incredibly good game by the usual standards of that engine... but suffers from incredibly long loading times, because the engine simply cannot work well with so much scripts (Having music doesn't help either)

BlueWinds on

Yep, rags is... a disaster. Anonymous Man has said himself he'd never recommend it, and would switch out if there were some way that didn't basically involve re-writting the whole game.

The engine project isn't quite as large as it sounds, though I won't pretend it's tiny. Large portions of the game are already written to be modular and potentially re-usable in just that way. Adding or removing numeric stats, for example, is very simple.

Aether (not verified) on

Hi, first of all I would like to congratulate you on the quality of your game. It is probably the best one I've played so far. I enjoyed the first version a lot. I still haven't tried the new one but I am going to see what it's like pretty fast.

Anyway. I was curious. What are the names of those games and where could I find them? I would like to try them. :)

In any case thanks a lot and great work. ^^

Flow (not verified) on

I'm having a problem starting the game version i downloaded its basically spamming
Script error.
Line 0
Attach an export of your current game when reporting bugs
every time i click a button and does nothing after that can you tell me how to fix it? please

BlueWinds on

I presume you're talking about the original, old version. Open up It contains instructions.

Also, try the forums. It has a section for that game, which is no longer under development, and has nothing to do with this blog post.

AColonyOfAnts on

After going to buy baked goods I tried to work and got a dead end.  Here's the bug report:

Edit:  Oh I should also mention that the error happened after I upgraded a room to a Kitchen and another into a Cleaning Closet.  So... upgraded rooms -> bought baked goods -> tried to work -> error.

jay (not verified) on

i got a problem when i try to play it say this :Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method 'render',
Line 128
Attach an export of your current game when reporting bugs.

BlueWinds on

thesleep on

Loaded a save file from previous snapshot then went Manage Finances. I got an error and a bug report. Both the save and the bug report are attached.

thesleep on

Kind of weird that I can only attach one file to a post. Is this a forum feature or a bug on my end? Anyway, here's the save file.

thesleep on

My last action was talking to Hathawa. When clicking that I got an "unresponsive script" error. The details said this was where the script hung "/BrothelSim-0.61/lib/jquery-2.1.0-beta1.js:5732". I clicked on "Stop Script" and saved the game (attached)

Vestrina on


In sexTraining.js, under trainingSlut3Female, the second paragraph reads:

She's in luck with her first guess - there's a woman being punished in the market place today. She's clearly been there for most of the day, pussy and ass sore and sloppy wet with dozens of loads of sperm. Even this late at night there's a long line waiting for service, and all three of her holes are occupied. Half an hour at least before she could present her sopping cunt to the woman to sick - way too long, with the talisman driving her mad with lust.

I think was supposed to be the word "suck", not "sick"?

BlueWinds on

Yep, thanks for reporting. Will be fixed in the next version (coming out middle of the week, hopefully).