Version 0.6.1 and an exciting opportunity

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 16:22 -- BlueWinds

So... a new version number. This isn't as large an update as some others, but there's still some new content and code fixes. And it's been long enough since 0.6.0 that I felt like a new number was in order.

  • New Saber content - there's... a lot of text in this - roughtly 4000 words.
  • Fixes for certain missions, and various minor textual modifications.
  • A new included webserver, which should make it easier to run the game locally on a variety of platforms.

Yeah... not much, compared to the usual update size. I can do whatever the hell I want with version numbers. ;P

Usual disclaimer, please report bugs, blah, blah.


Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly! Read on below.



That's right, I'm going to try and take this game to the next level. You can read the full pitch by clicking on that link - but long story short, with your help, I believe I can do better, faster, stronger. The game will always be free to play, and open-source software - that's not changing now, nor will it ever.

Offbeatr projects are slightly different than Kickstarter ones, in one major respect - they need a certain number of votes to launch! In my case, 490. This is to ensure that a project idea has a chance of success before it starts taking credit card information.

So, if you're interested in the idea and willing to contribute even a little bit, register and vote for me, and share that link! But if I get the necessary number of votes, I'll have to put in a downpayment which I don't get back if the project fails - so don't just spam new accounts or anything dumb like that.


pi (not verified) on

pregnancy images for some characters are missing..?

one of the major issues i have with the game is that it's too easy just to settle into stable rest/whore cycles after you get the onsen plus washroom and earn millions... upon which there's no chance of triggering interesting events, and there's not much motivation to try because you can't know whether you'll get one or not.

i'd suggest each character have around 5 event chains (each with unique cgs) that trigger based on the "rest" action, triggering once per approx 50-150 rests(randomly). after they are all cleared the character can be given the ability to act independently and will generate stable income based off of their stats (you will have to pay them a massive capital payment so they can buy their own property and whatnot, but they will no longer be counted among your 5 active characters) so you can pursue events in other characters

also i think that the cleaning system should be revised: sakuya's cgs are pretty much wasted and it's a headache juggling cleaning tasks across multiple buildings. the system seems to lag between clicks more than before, with hang times up to a second. errors occur if clicks are registered during the hang time.

BlueWinds on

There's nothing that should cause performance changes between this and 0.6.0. I haven't heard anyone else mention the game being slow - can any other players confirm for me before I spend time on it?

Difficulty of discovering content is generally an issue with all games in the genera - I just encountered a new SlaveMaker scene I hadn't seen before, despite having played through dozens of slaves. In Version 2, should it get funded, I intend to add an "oracle" - a box that will give suggestions of things you can try to trigger content you haven't seen before.

I think your suggestion about having characters generate stable income is exactly what I don't want - and I don't think you really want it either, even if you think you do. ;)

There was a reason I was adding "exit missions" to all the girls - they were supposed to be a sign that "you've seen all the content she has to offer, now she'll get out of your hair and not require any more micromanagement." I also understand where I failed in that regard - I didn't address the expectation that "more money is better."

The game has been slapped together very haphazadly, and I think it will be an exciting challenge if I have a chance to do things from scratch. The most important change will be in the idea that $ = Score - it was originally the case, but I want to shift the goalposts, to reward fun behaviors and novelty over grinding (as you said, it's an easy trap to fall into in the current version!).

Anyway, thanks for the feedback - I don't mean to sound dismissive, or that I'm not going to address it, but these are rather fundimental flaws in the game I'm already aware of, not things that can be fixed with a quick bandaid (except possibly the performance - what browser are you using?).

pi (not verified) on


it just seems to me that after the effort going into training a character users would normally not want to let go of said character for a fixed value given that the user plans to continue playing for x number of turns

it would be nice to have an oracle to tell you the triggers... during my first playthrough saber never got off 0 vaginal libido (i figured that it wouldn't be worth training it up from zero and instead opted for bondage/anal). i still feel that characters should progress by some measurable system.

i think the biggest issue right now is that the game lacks extensibility... that's a rather hard barrier to surpass given the amount of content. my suggestion is to add the ability to grant autonomous administration to buildings, the ability to... clone girls(maybe through a "misaka mikoto" character event chain?). the ability to go to a different town and start anew, the game should track a score apart from the money system that carries across replaythroughs, unlocking new characters and buildings on "hard mode" where you die if you run out of money, and girls will desert you if their happiness hits zero. (and then a "super-hard" mode where girls will desert you if their endurance hits zero)

i also feel that character stats should decay over time... and that stat gains should be boosted, just to add variety to the endgame...