Version 0.693 (now 0.694)

Sun, 12/08/2013 - 12:59 -- BlueWinds

Update: 0.694 fixes a bunch of typos and a bug causing games to load in worksafe mode.

Tada! Not a ton of new content here, but since the last release had a couple of serious issues, I just wanted to get this out for you all.

  • Images now display properly! Large swaths of events were displaying the wrong image.

  • A pair of new Dominance Training events, one for very high and the other for very low dom characters.
  • Several other buxfixes (whore no-customers, baths are no longer haunted continually, I forget exactly what)
  • I think I wrote a new backer event since the last release? Don't remember exactly what it was or how it triggers though. ^^;;

Known issues:

  • There may still some stuff going on with Hathawa's hire events - someone reported that you got text a bit out of order sometimes (it would say you've already met Antinua during your first encounter), but I haven't investigated it yet.

It is freeeeeeeeeezing here in Seattle. I had to break out the hat and gloves, which is really unusual, because I love the cold. First time in three years living here I put on gloves. I only know one friend who does the same, wearing shorts all winter long - the difference is that he's quite heavy, while I have no "insulation" worth mentioning (6' 0", 115 lbs). No-fap November wasn't difficult the first week, but easy after that. Ending it wasn't as mind blowing as some have reported though - no more intense than a week off.


AColonyOfAnts on

I don't know if you noticed these comments from 0.692 but several things that I've noticed that have carried over into 0.693:

There is currently no submission training event for women with high dominance.

Additional typos:

Docks at night ->Gambling Hall

The gambling hall is relatively busy tonight, filled with visitors from other parts of the world and locals trying to impress each other with skill or money. You know better than to do the latter - more convincing displays of wealth can be made without loosing losing it in the process. You present your wooden token to the doorman, and he winks and lets you into the smoky building.

Another (two actually) typo when visiting the Docks at night ->Gambling Hall ->Drink:

A boisterous crowd of sailors arrive in the gambling hall - how they managed to scrape up $500 a piece apiece is a mystery, or perhaps they were let in to lend a bit of authenticity to the shady, underground air the place cultivates. They look around, decide that the mostly empty table where you're seated is a good spot, and fill all the vacant chairs in the area without asking if you'd like company or not. You have some experience with sailors (you were a ship's captain in your previous life) and you easily fall back into disused mannerisms. They sense it too - you're the sort of person they should be obeying. It's a subtle thing, but long habits are hard te to break for everyone involved.

When visiting the Docks at night ->Gambling Hall ->Gamble:

You do ok, loosing losing a little bit over the course of the night, but hardly your entire pool. Money well spent though - the dealer turns out to be a charming and witty fellow, and while loud, the one of the other players is amusing in his antics, gripes and, on one occasion, epic monologue about the unjust hand of cruel fate that has shipwrecked him on the jagged rocks of poverty, in response to loosing losing a single dollar he'd won ten minutes earlier.

Another thing I noticed (but didn't comment on) is that only the 2 small 1st level rooms in the onsen can be made into bedrooms.  The two long rooms can only be made into kitchen/closet, while the 2nd floor large room can only be made into a kitchen.

AColonyOfAnts on

For 0.693, several images don't show at all, mostly whore events, but also the dock->gambling hall->gamble image is missing.  Attached is an export.

Edit:  Actually a good deal of images are missing.

When whoring for the customer "Janosz" and you hover over for his description, the text cuts off.  Additionally the wording is a bit strange/confusing:

"Janosz von Hofbau is a mature gentleman of proper bearing, wearing some strange sort coat with far more fabric than is strictly necessary - he call it an"

The morning-after-posession typos:

You note a bruise on Alison's forehead, exactly as you'd expect of if she kept being pushed, dragged and rubbed against a brick wall all morning. The woman sighs and slumps in her chair, defeated. You're not sure what to say to her, so the honest truth seems best.


You're right, you're right. It's just so sudden. I always expected to loose lose Kimea, she was always coughing and fainting and ever so pale, but... not quite like this...

and onto the evening and choose the option "Fisting" (I'm not entirely sure how you want to word this scene so I didn't edit it):

You decide to see how far she can go. Still rubbing her clit regularly, you slip your scrunch up your hand and press, stretching her pussy to the limit. She groans and squirms more, eyes closing and hands clenching at the couch fabric as you slowly press your whole hand inside her. After giving her a moment to get used to the girth, you start to ball your fingers, and move slowly, stirring up her insides like she's never had before. A bit of blood is on your wrist an you pull back - she was a virgin in this body. You wipe some of it off your wrist and show it to her - the sight is too much, and she shuddens in release, pussy clenching around your wrist and trying to draw you deeper. She recovers quickly, before you have a chance to withdraw, and with the same crazy grin still on her face...

and the second sentence, when read out, rings a bit odd with me (this is Docks->Gambling Hall->Drink->Done):

Saying goodbye to the friendly couple you stand, wobbling slightly - you've had more than you thought. Still, you make your way carefully out into the night, and once the cool air has refreshed you a bit leaning against the side of the building, back home.

BlueWinds on

Hm, interesting. Your export is loading in worksafe mode, even though it shouldn't be - the images aren't missing, just hidden.

The tall rooms should be able to turn into bedrooms. I'll fix that as well. But it's intentional that the big room can't be made into a bedroom or closet - the space is too large.

Thanks for all the corrections - I read your comments in the old thread, but they slipped my mind. Will be fixed in 0.694 in just a few minutes here.

Lose -> loose is annoyingly stuck in my brain - perhaps if I get embarrassed enough about it I'll remember? It's like desert/dessert. Dessert has two "s"es because you always want more. I guess loose women have two "o"s for the same reason...


AColonyOfAnts on

That's a shame; I was kind of hoping for a large suite-like bedroom for the second floor that could be used to unlock something akin to courtesan events.  I was thinking something along the lines of a $20k upgrade (obviously something for successful/lategame).

Don't mind me though, there are other things to be working on. =P

BlueWinds on

The double-sized rooms are the large / suite like room you're hoping for, in my mind. The upper level / size-4 rooms would make good gymnasiums or tennis courts - I haven't done a good job of communicating the building's scale, but the Onsen is probably the largest building that will be in the game - others will have more bedroom-sized spaces, but not as much total area.

Krystle (not verified) on

May I ask how much female-centric Guild Owner stuff you've added? And if you're going to make your deadline for the end of the year for a non-backer release. Like I said last post, I'm sad I didn't get any money to donate to you. x_x

BlueWinds on

I will probably not make the end of the year deadline for a full game release. But I will have at least something for non-backers - not entirely decided what yet, but at least something.

terumokou on

If it means bug free and the very idea that you want us to see, then it's worth waiting. Hell, there's other games to play in the meantime. Or a lot of PAD.

BlueWinds on


hornguy6 on

I think he's talking about Puzzles and Dragons.

Krystle (not verified) on

That's fine. Like someone else said, it's worth it to make it bug-free. I'm just anxious because I love this game so much. xD

BlueWinds on

To actually answer the question though, I'm aiming for approximately equal numbers of male/female events - a few less male, since a male PC has access to many of the female-only events through watching his employees participate in things.

dragaroo on

            Hello Blue Winds, and thanks for all your hard work putting together regular releases.  I enjoy how evocatively you write about sex in all its myriad permutations with an equally broad range of contexts.  You seem to get swept up in writing scenes whereas whenever I write, I stodgily retread sentences for correctness until I lose all momentum and taste for writing.  Thus, I write very little and instead more often catch typos in other people's work, like in your new Tavern Knight scenes, as follows:  


Event: tavernKnight2


"Your guess is proven correct when he leads you into an inn, and the nondescript door ho he knocks on is answered by a lady with strong, calloused hands and wearing a sword."


Event: tavernKnight3


"Slowly you undress her, doing your best to make her feel desired, wanted, the center of your wold world - as indeed she is for tonight."


Event: tavernKnightNo


"He nods, repeating your words aloud to make sure he con can deliver them exactly as given, and tosses the letter into the fireplace on his way out. You finish your drink and head home."


And because I got on a grammar roll:


Event: Clean -> wendClean


"She explains when you finally asked ask her what's wrong."


The rest of the event is written strictly in the present tense.


Event: Empty Room (+$250)


"After a final sweep to make sure everything's taken care of, you mop your brow and settle down on the front porch of the <<- buildings[0] >> to wash watch some traffic go by."


            I don't mean to grammar you to death (unless you ask) so I'll stop there, which reminds me, thanks for sprucing up the character description I gave you for my brothel customer character, "Ryan the explorer."  You really took my list of disjointed facts and gave it a bit of character in under 200 words.  I'm surprised that I see my character name come up so often in the customer list when I've played your game, implying that not too many of your backers wanted their characters listed in the game, despite the number of backers who've donated $20+.  I wonder if a lot of people are even shy about their fictional lives.


            I'm sort of a bluntly open book for the most part, for example, I occasionally tell people the story of the time I actually went to a brothel, and let me tell you, the customer service does not compare with Vailia in the slightest.  Probably the general illegality of the business creates an insane amount of potential awkwardness in the experience in real life.


            I hadn't kept up with your development blog for the past few weeks, so I missed that you had come to a kind of armistice with your own feelings on kinky sex and female empowerment thanks to Greta Christina.  I am happy for you  because you may remember that I've also struggled with reconciling my sexual fetishes with my respect for women and all people, which I spent far too much time explaining in an earlier e-mail.  Is it just coincidence that around that time you introduced the delightfully aggressively sexual Alison character?  "She can take it (a beating or fisting) like a champ. She'll make a great whore."  Something about introducing a character to sex with a deep fisting or ass beating is just memorable. 


            Speaking of champs and beatings, I'm curious about the eventual purpose of the fighting ring in the gambling hall.  I hope that the player will have the ability to bet on woman-on-woman fights as well as man-on-man, since the former is a particularly favorite fetish of mine (among MANY).  As proof, I've attached some commissions on the subject that I've had done over time.  But please, I don't mean to badger you into writing anything you weren't going to already; you have a more than full plate already it seems.


            About commissions, have you found an artist for your series on Hilde?  I'm sorry that I don't have any artists to recommend to you, but since I'm under the impression that you don't use PayPal, which most internet artists demand, I wanted to offer the use of my PayPal account to you.  By which I mean, I can pay the artists for you through my PayPal upfront in exchange for the equivalent amount in Bitcoin for me from you, because I want to invest a bit in Bitcoin again.  I also want to avoid using the local Bitcoin cash exchange or Coinbase's built in trading because of my experiences in obtaining Bitcoin to donate to you; I trust you far more than either of those entities.  If you still haven't found an artist to do your commissions, you might try looking around the Hentai Foundry gallery website, which specializes in hobbyist adult artists.


            To wrap up this overly long post, I have a question about your story logic.  After you begin feuding with Monbach over Antinua, why can you still send your whores to train at his underground school?  It would suck to have the gameplay mechanic removed, but it seems like the bad blood between the protagonist and Monbach would cause problems.  On a semi-related note, I appreciate how you can only alter your whores' personalities so much through training, establishing their individual wills and personalities.


            Again thanks for your work, and good luck with the unusually cold front on the West Coast.  I myself am wearing an ushanka (fur hat with earflaps) as I write this and the cold irritates an old injury in my right hand, so I really need to move to Hawaii or something.         

dragaroo on

1st part of a similiar commission.

dragaroo on

Last part of a similiar commission.

BlueWinds on

Please please please grammar me to death! I'm terrible at editing, but mistakes like the ones you're pointing out annoy me when I see them in other people's work. I'm both flattered and pleased when people think my work is good enough to spend time proofreading. *^^*

As you've probably noted, some events are past tense and others present. That was a mistake that I never got around to fixing, and the lack of consistency just sort of bloomed as I kept writing... Someday(TM) I plan to move everything to present tense.

There are currently three female customers and four males. I was quite surprised as well. Note that it's only the $20 level that got a customer name - at $35 it moved up to a minor NPC (like Birthday Boy, who shows up by name in a couple of events). I'm thinknig of just writting a dozen more customer descripitons of each gender to fill out the ranks a bit.

Alison is indeed just cooincidence - I've had her in mind as a character from before I even introduced Hathawa. I started writing stuff for her since Hilde is getting near hireability, and the Onsen has been "haunted" for too long without that being anything other than flavor.

I don't have a purpose in mind for the fighting ring. It's just... there. That room with all the padded furniture though is used for safe, controlled, scheduled-in-advance barroom brawls, for rich visitors that really want an "authentic" experience. The whole casino is pretty phony - it pretends to be dirty and dangerous, but is really a risk-free playroom for rich tourists.

I do have a paypal account, I just prefer not to use it since it's tied to my real name. Your offer is noted, and I may take advantage of it when I find an artist. Which I haven't done yet. I think the work at Hentai-foundry is generally low quality (not universally, but generally). I've been poking through deviantArt's Job Services forum instead, since it's busier and plenty of artists there are willing to do adult work.

Re: Monbach - Business is business, and he's A) not going to turn away paying customers and B) more looking for an excuse to humiliate Antinua than he is to actually make you an enemy. You might hear from him again, given that his plan to humiliate Antinua failed pretty badly...

AColonyOfAnts on

*Typo when whoring and get Antinua's back rub scene:

Alexis is laying across a couch, one arm draped over the back and exposing a good bit of leg in hopes of attracting a customer when she another woman enters, in the doorway and looking a little lost. She eventually comes to a decision and approaches Alexis.

*Typo and misplaced pronoun during Dominance training for characters with neither high nor low rating (I'm looking at you Wend):

Finally it's enough, and the trainer points out some signs to Wend that she's at her limit, and to give her what she wants. Without warning she shoves the dildo all the way into the woman's ass, replacing the gentle motions with hard thrusts. It takes only seconds for her moans to change to screams as she shakes uncontrollably, squirting everywhere in an orgasm that seems to last for shuddering minutes, sounds slowly dieing dying away until she lays silent, eyes rolled back and silent on the floor in a pool of her own fluids.

She doesn't react at all as the trainer unbinds her, and the two of you them carry her over to the bed to rest.

*During Antinua's hire event, several corrections (I wasn't fond of the wordiness of the second sentence on the second paragraph):

You're not quite sure how to respond to all this, but you look back in her direction when you hear the sound of a quill scratching across paper. Antinua sets down the pen, stands up, and heads towards Hathawa's room without another word.

She left the ink upcorked uncorked on her way out, so you go over to close it before it dries. While you're at it, youAnd to read whatever she wanted you to see but couldn't say out loud, while you're at it. Your half formed guess was correct - it's a quickly written contract of employment, already filled out and signed. Antinua Vanyavanadar. While it probably wouldn't pass legal muster, it certainly communicates her intention clearly enough. She wants to work for you. All you have to do is sign yourself...

*Additionally, checking her stats, her starting Intelligence is at 15, described as "cannot read, or only do so slowly." While it isn't a bug, not being able to read/only do so slowly implies cannot write, which conflicts with the fact that she drafts up an intention of employment by herself (however informal it may be).

*During Docks->Gambling Hall->Gamble (post Antinua hire):

I'm not holding you responsible, doesn't mean I'm not depressed about it. I still have a group of thirty, good fighters all of them, but without her around to keep things straight I've started loosing losing friends. She was... I don't know, the safety net. If Things things started to go south, she'd get off her lazy ass and do something about it. Hah, more sixes.

Interesting. Probably something to do with the time when she ripped apart a heavy wooden door with her bare hands. You with wish you knew more about her. Torill's luck holds, and he steadily cleans house. By the end of the night he's in a better mood. Nothing like fresh money to sooth soothe the mercenary soul.

*During Park->Talk->with Antinua; her stats don't appear in this talk event:

Hathawa lets out a little sound - something halfway between a moan and a whimper - from the anal plug you con can see stuffed up her ass as she slowly spins in the air. Antinua picks up a switch from where it lays on the bed and casually flicks it at her victim's nipples.

*During Park->Talk->with Antinua, same issue, no stats appear for this event below:

Hathawa isn't at dinner tonight, so you decide it's as good a time as any to bring up the thing you overheard. There's not really a good way to put it gently, so...

*During Market->Antinua's Punishment (I'm not familiar with the adjective pert)

That description applies to Hathawa far too often recently, often for no apparent reason. Antinua nods, and turns her gaze to some new arrivals, Monbach and a pair of city guards. One of them has an odd appearance - dappled skin, and you might almost think the odd sheen were a fine layer of fur if you didn't know better. She introduces herself as Guraja, and she'll be watching over Antinua to make sure nothing bad happens and to give her water as she needs it. This is punishment, not torture. Without a word Antinua strips off her clothing and hands it to you, then steps up on the raised platform in full view of everyone. Her pert breasts and tight stomach draw every eye in the area. She lays her head and wrists in the provided holes, and Guraja locks her in place.

*During Antinua's Punishment I got her as a customer requesting a back rub.

*Wend's stamina randomly decreases, every now and then I'll talk to her and she'll have 98 or 96 stamina.  I've had this problem with Hathawa, but much less frequently and it hasn't happened lately.

*When doing a task and the game informs you of what your workers are doing, one of them says (additionally, that scene may conflict should you get a notification for Hathawa):

Antinua Math.choice(['fisted', 'ate out', 'whipped', 'tied up'])>>Hathawa

*There is currently no text for selling/clearing out a closet room.

BlueWinds on

Thanks! I've fixed most of these for the next release.

Antinua sets down the pen, stands up, and heads towards Hathawa's room without another word.

I know it's gramatically wrong without the "and", but in this case the absence was intentional. A sort of... I don't know, cadence thing? Makes it sound abrupt and disjointed. I reworked this section a little in other ways, but the "and" is still absent.

Ooh, good point about the starting education. I had forgotten that factoid - Antinua cannot, in fact, read or write. It comes up again in the backer story when she asks Hathawa to read a letter for her, but I forgot in this place. Fixed.

If Things things started to go south, she'd get off her lazy ass and do something about it. Hah, more sixes.

This here is character voice - Torill can haz dialect. I've tweaked the rest of his dialog a little to make it more consistent (and also technically less correct). ;)

(I'm not familiar with the adjective pert)

Yay, new vocabulary! In this case, it's something similar to "perky", or as a dictionary might say, "small and attractive".

*Wend's stamina randomly decreases, every now and then I'll talk to her and she'll have 98 or 96 stamina.  I've had this problem with Hathawa, but much less frequently and it hasn't happened lately.

Wend is lazy! If you don't keep on her case about it, she'll sleep in all the time and eat fried foods all day. If it happens to Hathawa though, it's a bug (her education slowly rises and her dominance sinks, but nothing with fitness).

*When doing a task and the game informs you of what your workers are doing, one of them says (additionally, that scene may conflict should you get a notification for Hathawa):

Fixed the text render problem. It's a bug that it can conflict with Hathawa's actions, but a known one - the effort to fix it would be quite large compared to its severity. Do you think I should just remove it for Antinua, and leave only Hathawa's variant?

AColonyOfAnts on

It'd probably be easiest to remove any interactions between characters outside of actual events.  It'd be odd to find out that Antinua ate out or fisted Hathawa *while* Hathawa was simultaneously visiting a professor.  That would be quite kinky, but professionalism (especially when it comes to education) is key.

Just my thoughts.

As for Torill's dialect, apostrophes can go a long way to indicate to readers that they are speaking in a different accent and/or slang.  It would definitely help the reader understand that such errors are intentional on the writer's part.

Edit:  And now my Antinua can read, write, do math, and has a solid understanding of Valia's history and law.  

lola (not verified) on

I am new to this site. Are the updates under Play Demo or Original?

lolalovelyass on

I am new to this site. Where are the updates for the game. Under Play Demo or do a download a file somewhere?

BlueWinds on

Current updates are for supporters only. I'll be releasing the full game for free when it's done - not entirely sure when that will be, but hopefully within a few months. I'll also be putting out an update of the demo before then, at the end of the year.

Vestrina on

It's a small detail, but during Antinua's punishment I got the event where she was a customer while another girl was whoring.

FYI, I tried the current code on an Android tablet running Firefox Mobile.  For whatever reason it still autoscrolls up to the top.  I can't get more than an event or two past the original shipwreck because of this.  As soon as I release my finger from the screen it jumps up all the way.  I also tried Dolphin browser, but couldn't get it to load correctly.

Out of curiousity, does the Cave event ever trigger more than twice?  Once for exploration, and once via sleepwalking?  Seems like it would work okay as  a random event.

BlueWinds on

Hm, thanks for the report about Android. Since I have no way of debugging the issue (I don't own any touch devices), I'm just going to have to shrug and say "sorry, mice only." Someday I'll get a smartphone and fix it there.

The punishment-whoring event will be fixed in the next release, thanks for reporting.

The cave events are the start of a plot I intend to eventually flesh out, wherein the player's choices determine what happens with the tentacle monsters. I'm currently planning three conclusions - a bad end, a large revenue source, or accolades from the king and the Guild for saving the city.

I could make it repeatable until I get around to expanding things though. I'll do that in the next version.

DRL (not verified) on

First of all, cool game by the look of the demo, keep up the good work.
I don't know pretty much anything about coding and fixing bugs, but i was playing the game and this error came up:

Uncaught Error: No job found for the player.
Error: No job found for the player

On day 59, with $2594 and i think the day after i bought the onsen for $40000.
I'm not sure if its a bug or what else, but i thought i should tell you about it.
Anyway, looking forward to the full game.

BlueWinds on

Yep, that's a known bug in the demo. Since there isn't a ton of content in the demo anyway I never bothered to fix it, assuming people would rather get a real game sooner. ;)

DRL (not verified) on

Sorry, i forgot to say that after that error message came up (the one in my previous post), it doesnt let me do anything, can't rest, manage onsen, work at onsen, talk with wend or manage property, which leaves me stuck with nothing do to but restart the game.

thesleep on

I got an unspecified error the day after hiring Hathawa. I attached the bug report and the save.

BlueWinds on

Thanks! It will be fixed in the next version. For now, just don't drop anyone onto the Inn by hand. (-_^)

thesleep on

Also there are occasional instances when I get a "script has become unresponsive" error in firefox. The file and line number are ""

Attached is a save from right after I stopped the script. The thing that triggered the error in this case was choosing the work action at the Onsen.

Vestrina on

I've never gotten a "script has become unresponsive" error, but sometimes (rarely) I do notice when I click a button all of a sudden the whole works freezes up for 5-10 seconds.  It seems like it might be happening sometimes when trying to load an image that hadn't been used before.

BlueWinds on

This isn't something I've seen before. Next time it happens, export a save of the turn *before* the freeze and let me know what action you took to trigger it. Also what browser you were using (include along with the save, since if you tell me now I'll just forget).

BlueWinds on

Hm, I'm unable to reproduce. You wouldn't happen to have a save from right before you did something that triggered the error, would you?

thesleep on

No and I don't know how to obtain one short of saving before every single action. The unresponsive script only happens once every 100 actions or so, so it's relatively rare... but maybe if I send you saves/line numbers from all the times it happens? Would that help, do you think?

BlueWinds on

The game saves before every single action automatically for exactly this purpose. ;) If you hit "load", then the autosaves are always for the three most recent turns.

thesleep on

Ok I managed to get a save of this. The first time I clicked on Palace/Visit Court I got the script unresponsive message. However, after loading that game and clicking again, I was not able to replicate it.

Note: this is a save from the new dev version, but I posted here for continuity; I assume it's the same issue.

Note 2: I can't get this to happen in Chrome, it only seems to be a Firefox thing.

BlueWinds on

Hm. I can't cause any problems using that save either. The "Don't Reseed" checkbox makes sure that the *exact* same sequence of events plays out in-game (and I mean exact, deterministic, same-random-numbers), so the fact that I can't reproduce even using that...

Sorry, nothing I can do here. It looks like a browser or operating system bug, not game one.

Jethro Makari on

"Hathawa has expressed an interest in history and, never one to discourage curiosity (especially when it might have practical benefits), you've scheduled a trip to the library. You'd send her alone, but the fee would be prohibitive - only your contract with the Guild makes library visits possible without breaking the bank."

-- This displays with Hathawa, whom you meet at the library. --


"Her fingers trace the outline of the rapidly hardening lump in your pants through the fabric, teasing with her nails as she looks up at you with teasing eyes. When you go to unbutton your pants, she shoos your hands aside and does the job herself. Reaching inside, she wraps her hand around your rigid dick - cold! - and pulls it out into the air. She strokes it slowly as her other hand goes back inside to play with your balls.She maintains eye contact as she slips her head down, lips meeting the tip in a kiss before opening to accept the head. Her tongue swirls around for a moment before resuming her journey downward. You feel the back of her mouth, and she leans further forward, finally breaking eye contact. You feel the back of her throat - surely she's going to back off now, or start gagging, but she continues, swallowing the entire length in a single slow motion."

-- Displays cunnilingus as the image, as a male player. --


"Wend is laying across a couch, one arm draped over the back and exposing a good bit of leg in hopes of attracting a customer when she another woman enters, standing in the doorway and looking a little lost. She eventually comes to a decision and approaches Wend.I must be gone in an hour. Are you available?

Wend is a little taken aback until she realizes that the other woman's face is merely serious, not the scowl she'd taken it for at first. The impression wasn't helped by the sword hanging at her side. After establishing that Wend is available, that the woman's name is Antinua and that Antinua would like a back rub and warm oil massage, they head to a back room."

-- This scene played while Antinua was at the stockade. --


>> "I've never gotten a "script has become unresponsive" error, but sometimes (rarely) I do notice when I click a button all of a sudden the whole works freezes up for 5-10 seconds.  It seems like it might be happening sometimes when trying to load an image that hadn't been used before."

I just had the 'script has become unresponsive' error for the first and (so far) only time, but like the 7-15 second freezing (which I've encountered my fair share of times), I simply ignored it and the game continued on (with seeming no consequence). I don't have the save, just seconding the encounter of the bug. I'll keep a look out for it next time.


Are you familiar with Articy: Draft (2)? While definitely a particular program best utilized for a particular type of development, I believe that it would be excellently utilized in organization and development here. With its tiered flowcharts, word document processing, entity-linking, and conditional branching, mapping out arching and individual storylines for major characters or significant events could be blueprinted easily. If perhaps you're interested in the idea, I'd be content in donating a key after you trial it, if you don't already have it and you like it. [Edit: It'd also help with keeping track of backer story placements and (or just general) to-do's. :D]

It might take a little time, but I see it being of a huge use to you during bugfixes when there's a lot of content, maybe. Especially with the conditions.

--- Also, just checking, Alison is supposed to drop off the face of the planet (in a WIP-looking manner) after your first sexual encounter with her, right? (Sex her, fist her, spank her, deny her).


I'm in Seattle too, yo! Shadowrunner reporting!

BlueWinds on

I believe all of these bugs are fixed in 0.7 - if any of them are still occurring, please re-report on that post. There were a lot of mal-displayed images, and I was really surprised when I discovered the problem that people hadn't deluged me with bug reports on the subject. ^^;;

Articy looks interesting, and I can definitely see the use of something like that. In fact, for a while, my dump.html was starting to evolve a lot of the features it touts, like flow visualization and stary-boarding. I abandoned most of that when I rewrote my game engine, but the possibility is still there.

I see two problems with Articy though:

  1. It's on Steam. I will not give a third party company control over my software to that extent (or a second party company, as a matter of fact).
  2. It's not Free Software. Seriously, this is a deal breaker for me. Free Software doesn't mean Free (has no cost) - it means I can poke around in the internals, hack it apart and use it for another purpose.

So thanks for the offer, but I think I'll stick with dump.js and a text editor for now. ;)

Ooh, looking through things did make me realize I've left out of recent development snapshots. I'll fix that in the next release. The code is supposed to be GPL licensed, the content Creative Commons.