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Wed, 01/08/2014 - 01:40 -- BlueWinds

So, this is a very small release - it has only a single new event, a variant for talking with Alison. It does however have large numbers of textual corrections. Special thanks to AColonyOfAnts for their through thorough proofreading.

Known issues with this release:

Haven't gotten around to fixing that one yet.

There are also some very small tweaks to the backer story - just a couple of typos fixed, no need to re-download or reread for ~10 letters difference.


In lieu of new content, I'll link you to a visual novel I recently enjoyed - Rising Angels: Reborn. It's not the deepest of plots, but moves along at a nice pace and I really like the characters and the visuals.

Super bonus points for having a cute MC named Natalie. I really like that name (no, it's not mine).

It's a little bit trope-tastic, but remember that tropes aren't a bad thing! They're what stories are made of. The only complaint I had was that the villain is a little too obvious from the get-go. It didn't need a twist, just another scene or two to make them more likeable before the long-predicted betrayal.

I wish I could find an artist like that. I have a new project in mind that would require custom art on a much larger scale than a few commissions here and there. It would be much more game-play heavy than - deeper mechanics, more time spent managing resources.

I'll probably write a longer article on some general, large-scale fluffy Game Design thoughts sometime soon. This has been quite an experience so far. Always more to think about and learn.


BlueWinds on

Whimpering sounds come from the closed doorway to Alison's room. You were going to ask her about some questions about her recent clients, but this seems somewhat more important. You knock delicately, and the sounds stop.

Alison? Are you ok?

I'm... I'm fine... I'm not fine. Help?

You can't imagine what could make Alison sound embarrassed. The girl will step out the front door naked to see how warm it is in the morning. You open the door.

You want to both laugh and feel sorry for her at the same time. Her legs are a painful shade of red, her labia swollen. Beside her is a pile of used wax, the pot keeping warm near a fire. You really shouldn't want to laugh as much as you do, but her expression is just too ridiculous as she rolls around on the floor grimacing.

I... haah... how do people do this once a month? I am going to... haah... fucking kill the cocksucker who suggested this...

You note, however, that this is entirely self-inflicted. She didn't stop until after finishing both legs and her entire crotch.

I can get you some herbs for the pain? Did you rub lotion on afterwards? It's a lot less painful if you apply some oil to your skin beforehand too.

You can see by her guilty and interested expression that no, she did not, nor does she have any on hand. You can get that for her too.

I am going to apply your lotion, then I'm going to wait until I can stand, then I'm going to rip that cockmongers balls off. Sexy legs my ass.


This... um... may have been from personal experience. Except I only get halfway around one leg before I gave up. Or rather, I gave up when I got into the crotch area - the last strip would not come up. Ouch. Most painful thing I've ever experienced. I eventually melted the wax off in a very hot shower. Gah.

And yes, I, like Alison, missed the fact that there was supposed to be a pre-treatment, and didn't have any lotion on hand afterwards. Not my finest moments.


Darn does that smooth skin feel good to the fingers though, even if it's still sore a day later.

Anonymous (not verified) on

*reads Alison's scene*

*reads Bluewinds commentary*

... I think I need a drink. Coca-Cola, come to me!


Anyway, back to serious mode, this just reminded me of something important that I have to ask you!

Bluewinds, do you, per chance, know how to speak Portuguese?

You see, I'm a writer myself, and I'm writing a book series. And, one of the main things I am careful with in this books are women. I've seen enough manga/animes/novels to know that in those many of the female characters are either incompetent (always needing to be saved) or just a tease (a character with sex appeal... and not much use more than sex appeal; basically a "fanservice material"). Even being a male, this annoys the crap outta me, and so I take care when writing my females so that they, y'know, seem like real persons. Considering your experience with feminism and it's areas, I think that your feedback on this would be very useful. It would certainly be appreaciated.

I will eventually begin to release this series in the internet as soon as I finish the second book, which should take only a couple months more. If you would be willing to read it, I would be very grateful. Of course, I'm already grateful you already took your time to read this. See ya.

BlueWinds on

I'm afraid I know nothing of Portuguese. Ten years ago I spoke Spanish, but through disuse I've forgotten all but a tiny smattering. I also have a weak grasp of Swedish, which I'd like to improve. I can translate ancient Greek very slowly.

None of those would allow me to read your story, however. Best of luck. :)

Dorllanen on


From the crotch area.



AColonyOfAnts on

So, this is a very small release - it has only a single new event, a varient variant for talking with Alison.

In leu lieu of new content, I'll link you to a visual novel I recently enjoyed - Rising Angels: Reborn.

Hah, just because I'm checking for your typos doesn't mean you can be lax, Bluewinds!

Anyhow this VN seems pretty short, I think I can fit it in between my current one and the next.  Hooray for freeware!

Dasanko on

There's also...

It does however has have large numbers of textual corrections.

Plus a comma here and there. Back to lurking.

BlueWinds on

I blame the fact that it was 1:40 AM my time, and that yesterday was very, very long.

The visual novel, however, is not. (not very long).

AColonyOfAnts on

It was a neat game, though maybe a bit mushy.  As a visual novel, though, the choices seemed to do very little to deviate the story, and then two endgame options just serve to see whether or not you maintain Zuri's favor.  I'm a bit miffed I didn't get my Natalie x Sol pairing, but it was still cute.

BlueWinds on

I love mushy stories. My roommate teases me about how much I love sappy love songs, so I don't share them with him anymore. :3

Sol is pretty much a colossal ass. :P I agree that some more (and more diverse) endings would have been nice.

lola (not verified) on

I wish i could play this game and share in your experience, but unfortunately it does not work on mac. :( Keep up the good work!

BlueWinds on

Do you mean the visual novel, or Because they both should work. is dependent on your browser, not your operating system, and PenPy (which Rising Angels is written in) is in Python, which is also OS-agnostic... perhaps would help?

Wizard on

By the way, gave Rising Angels a go. It was actually quite good, don't play many western VNs. If you have any more recommendations, by all means I'll take a look at them.

BlueWinds on

I don't have any other suggestions, though I'd like some from someone else. The Rising Angels' author has several older works, but I've found them a bit lacking. They show steady improvement from oldest to newest though, which is a very good sign. :)