Version 0.82, and a Poll

Sat, 02/08/2014 - 22:15 -- BlueWinds
"Then leave."
0% (0 votes)
"We'll talk later"
24% (8 votes)
42% (14 votes)
Follow Wend
33% (11 votes)
Total votes: 33

Which option did you choose, upon Wend and Hilde having their big fight? If you reloaded to look at more than one option (or have played through more than once), which one did you choose first? Before you knew the consequences, which one "felt right"?

In this release:

  • Reballanced income / customer system. Baths had an income way higher than intended because I forgot to adjust a couple of variables. I also fixed the "more than maximum customers" bug.
  • Public Use. If your or your women's Slut is high enough, you can set yourself out as a cum dump / public toilet / fuck hole. This is a job available in any room. Alison is the only girl slutty enough "by nature," though anyone can learn.
  • A new gangbang / public use scene in which Antinua coaches a nervous customer through her first experience.
  • You can now, starting a new game as a woman, choose Katri's image set. Note that it's not finished yet - many of the images will have wrong hair or eye color, or otherwise seem a little odd. They will also get a lot smaller without noticeable quality loss when they're finalized (and Katri is hireable).

Lots of sex in this one. Guess I was feeling kind of horny this week (plus working on backer rewards - you know who you are ;) ).

Development Snapshot: 


BlueWinds on

I would have chosen "Follow Wend" if presented with the choice myself. I say that I like crazy girls not in some anime coo-coo-cloud-lander sense, but as an empirical observation. And don't be fooled - Wend is more than a little deranged. Mostly in a fun way, but it's not just an act.

My first girlfriend was bipolar, among other less clinically-defined varieties of crazy. I really, really, loved her, even after she moved to Australia and married her highschool sweetheart. Took me years longer to get over her than it should have.

The other two women I've been attracted to, one had drug issues (hard drugs, not soft ones) and told me "you get two free months rent when you move out of a place - 30 days until they can issue an eviction notice, and 30 more days before they can call the cops." Not the most stable / reliable person in the world.

The other dropped out of college, got married and became a born again Christian shortly after we started dating. I have a 2/2 record for turning women straight after dating them, and a 3/3 record for "loving teh crazy," as they say.

AColonyOfAnts on

Tried the public use feature.  Alison got 20/20 customers and clocked in $200, compared to 700-800 for for 4/20 customers while whoring normally.  Granted it makes the closet not a total waste of space, but as a new feature it's the least profitable method at the Onsen (excluding the kitchen cake at $150 every 4 days, but that's not the point of the kitchen).

Is this a bug or is $10 per customer the intended rate for public use?

Edit: save file uploaded.

BlueWinds on

$10 / customer is the intended rate. $700-800 for whoring, on the other hand, is far more than the intended rate. Would you mind attaching a save for me to poke at?

It should be roughly eqivelent to Baths as well... perhaps I didn't test things as well as I should have... >.>

AColonyOfAnts on

Uploaded is a save file of my MC working 7/19 customers, +$2562, for a rate is 366 per customer.  I think this is the highest she's been paid for whoring.  It seems her average rate ranges as low as 200 to as high as 400.

Edit: Bump that low range to 150, just got a night 4/19, +$656.

My other workers, particularily Antinua/Hathawa get significantly less, probably because their sex stats haven't been trained extensively. =P (Antinua just got 4/19, +$220)

AColonyOfAnts on


She appologizes apologizes and invites him to fuck her.

Bug: 2nd event with the lady that requests a gangbang has a completely blank panel, save file uploaded (also contains more examples of onsen work revenue)

Edit: Checking the dump file she's named Tanya when first introduced and then referred to as Talia in following scenes.

AColonyOfAnts on

So the whoring rate is actually pretty inconsistent, I'm getting as low as ~300 for 2/20 customers one night and then ~1200 for 5/20 the next.

BlueWinds on

Whoops. I wrote the intro scene and the sex scene on different days, and got her name jumbled up mentally. Will be fixed.

firedrop2007 on

I picked "We'll talk later" first because I was having a conversation with Hilde. Wend didn't belong there and was interfering in a possible business tranaction/gain. I wasn't trying to be rude but it wasn't the time of place for an outburst like that.

Zoinks on

I picked "Why?", because Wend and Hilde were both good friends to me/my character, so knowing why they were at each other's throats seemed extremely apropos to the impending situation.

Sure, putting personal matters aside for business gain is a necessary practicality. But sometimes, those personal matters run deep enough that they affect the course of one's life with others, the very reasons why you're doing business or whatever in the first place. Sometimes, putting professional propriety aside in order to get at what really matters IS the most practical thing you can do.


Follow Wend was a close second. Basically, "Why?" would be my most immediate reaction to blurt out, while following Wend, trying to make everyone sit the hell down and stop flipping out, would be my most reasoned response.

AColonyOfAnts on

Typo (Uptown, Encounter with Wend): The walk back to your room takes for far, far too long, her breasts rubbing against you from behind, her hands occasionally reaching around to rub your crotch, unconcerned who might see.

When the door closes neither of you have any more patience, tearing away your at each other's clothes.

BlueWinds on

Thanks, will be fixed in the next release.

The_Ripped on

Hey folks. saw the poll, decided to check out what the hubbub was about. My first instinct was follow Wend...except I wasn't allowed to? So I picked "Why?" and that seems to go badly...

Up until Hilde spelled it out, I actually thought Wend was her daughter, with a really broken relationship. That was very much the vibe I got. Still operating in the caring sub/dom mode, except with the obvious poisoned well, they left in, 7 flavors of emotions running roughshod over everything...

I'm going to try a couple playthroughs to see if I can fix this mess. 

BlueWinds on

All the responses are a mess. :P You couldn't choose "Follow Wend" because Hilde has too much influence over you. It increases when you act submissive around her, do what she says, and sleep with her.

The middle two options will eventually allow you to hire both of them. On either extreme, you alienate the other person too much. So "Why" is actually one of the two good outcomes, believe it or not. ^^;;


The_Ripped on

Yeah, I've pretty much been a total sub to her this play through. Oddly enough, I also couldn't pick the other extreme I'm also a sub to Wend? And Subs are forced to take the best outcome. :D "My brothel: it's where I keep my doms...(and Hathy)"/"My subby butt for the win!"/"BrothelSim: Subs and Doms" (with such as classics as "The Horse Can Do [me]" "A Pecker and a Bush" and "Sit Down, I'm Rocking Your Boat"!)


Sorry, I'm in a sort of silly mood. I went and scanned the dump file - I'll have some spelling corrections for you shortly. (I'll post is in the latest, no need to drop back in here just for that).

I'm very much look forward to the 4th pay installment now. So many branching paths! *glee* *tries to work it so menage a trios* *tries to also work it so the women go to war for my subby butt* so much drama... XD

Thanks, as always, for the awesome.

Also, holy ! that H&A side story. F! I was saving it until I hit the story point for it...just did. "!" So very "!"! Her parents...! Body sublet/ownership/time share. As a compromise. I understand it, and papa, at least is apparently trying to be good...? But still...awkward. Also - That scene in the study, at night? Well written! [there were fangasms]

I have no ideas what moreys H's culture work on, but I hope they find a way to make it work. 2 decades hiatus from a love for a marriage is hard.

Out of curiousity, what happens if you don't hire A, vis a vis her punishment? Since she isn't a hired whore at the time, she's a concerned citizen threating another citizen on behalf of a third, right? Or does Mr. RedThreads just hold his complaint until you take A on?

AColonyOfAnts on

The event doesn't trigger until Antinua's one of your workers.

BlueWinds on

I'm glad you enjoyed the backer story. I was rather pleased with the fireplace scene myself. :)

There won't be too many more installments for this game. Mostly because I have the itch to work on a different game for a while - a sequel, if you will, set in the same world, having (some of) the same characters, but entirely different mechanics. Think of a cross between Recettear (or Kamidori, if you haven't played Recettear) and Pirates of the Caribean.

It'll give me a chance to explore some "larger scale" things - how Vailia came to be, Antinua and Hathawa's homelands and the geopolitics surrounding them, what exactly the Universal Trading Company is and why they're antagonistic to The Guild (whoops, spoiler :P ).

Terryble on

Capitalism ho!

chris on

I can't vote in the poll, as I don't think that happens in the demo, but as I scrolled by it was exciting to see a picture that I worked on hit the front page!

Really liked how things are going based on the new demo ~christmas, and looking forward to see the rest of the game someday.  Keep up the good work.