Version 0.83

Sat, 03/01/2014 - 19:18 -- BlueWinds

I was planning to work on the fourth and final loan payment, and to check out how much money various activities bring in, but instead I ended up writing a lot of fucking. Sex, sex, sex. I know you all will be very disappointed.

In this release there is:

  • Talia, a customer who wants to be used (Antinua obliges)
  • Nixa, a guard who wants lesbian sex with the PC
  • Tentacles invade the Onsen (female PC only again)
  • 22 updated images for Katri (only ~12 left to do before she'll be hireable, but you can see the changes now if you use her images for the PC)


firedrop2007 on

No love for people playing as male. :(

Any chance of getting some type of magic sex change potion?


P.S. Thank you for the update...

BlueWinds on

(nervous giggle)

(runs hands through hair)

Guess I was sort of in the mood...


(Also, two of these are backer-requested scenes - I'm slowly working my way through that list. There will be more cumming comming.)

EDrake7 on

This TT_TT

I've already given up on male PC... Who needs penis anyway?! *insert frantic maniac laugh*

BlueWinds on

I did some checking, and here are the results:

  • 15 scenes that can only be accessed as a male PC.
  • 14 scenes that can only be accessed as a female PC.
  • ~12 scenes that can apply to either a male or female PC
  • A whole lot of scenes that can apply to any woman - PC or employee.

So a female PC can have a lot more sex than a male one (with the Whore or Public Use jobs), that's the extent of content-gender-disparity.

RocK_M on

Woohoo! Tentacle scene! :D

firedrop2007 on

Hey! no bashing people with giggle sticks....

Terryble on

Using the same image in two front page posts? Gosh BlueWinds, that's just simply lazy, shame on you!

*Storms off*

AColonyOfAnts on

Typos for this release:


People talk to her, she feels pleasure. Simple reenforcement reinforcement learning.

I'm not very good at teaching, an am I?

#talkHathawa5Name (can't figure out what you're trying to say here)

She slides down the wall, look mixing pleasure and exhausted pain.


Your entire body is on fire with sensation, sensitive and touched continuously, massaged and licked by pulsating muscles, an endless wriething writhing mass of pleasure and tentacles.

Suggestion:  After the tentacle invasion, drop the cleanliness of the Onsen as well.


Nixa, as she introduces herself, is very pleased to meet <<- people[0] >> and would be pleased to have her pussy eaten out tonight ane and then return the favor - she's not shy about asking for what she wants.

Bug:  I knew about this one before, but never really bothered to report it (dunno why not before until now)

#whoreHathawa1 doesn't show any stat or monetary changes.

Magician on

Regarding reenforcement versus reinforcement, they're both valid spellings.

Regarding "#talkHathawa5Name (She slides down the wall, look mixing pleasure and exhausted pain)," I'm guessing we're expecting something like "She slides down the wall; the look on her face shows both pleasure and exhausted pain" or "...; the look on her face mixes pleasure with exhausted pain" there.

Wanderer (not verified) on

Typos observed in demo:
shrew negotiator -> shrewd
shuddens -> shudders

Also, in the original version in the Github repository, the file is still a ZIP file. (Run "file" on it, it'll tell you so.) Should either rename it to, or extract it yourself and put the unzipped folder in the repo. (See also: )

BlueWinds on

Thanks, fixed these for the next release.

derp619 on

iam not sure when you removed the futa option


but why was it removed and when? :O


(got the old.602 here where its still in it..)

and in 0,83 it disapeared :/

BlueWinds on

It was removed quite some time ago (not sure exactly what version) when I realized that I can't write Futa content because I find it a complete turn off. There was never really major support for it, just the occasional "male scene with female pronouns," and removing the option has made coding content much faster (if / then is surprisingly simpler than if / then / else).

Natas Baker on

Hmm. If writing futanari content too hard, I can do some scenes for you. About 80% done with around 11 plus scenes with Susan Grant. 

Natas Baker on

Since I saw the dev of this game post here may I ask how do I get the whole verison? Or is the demo the whole verison.

BlueWinds on

The full game is currently "under wraps", available only to those who have donated. I say "donated" rather than "bought" because I will be making the whole game available for free sometime in the next month.

So... stay tuned. Exciting things (like a full public release) coming soon. :D

Natas Baker on

Oh shit buckets you are good. I never expected to get a reply so quickly... Well I guess if is too late to donate huh? ^^" Wouldnt really help since your nearly done..

BlueWinds on

Haha, yeah, I get an email whenever someone comments, which in turn pops up a notification on my laptop.

You can still donate if you want access to a 5000 word short story I wrote based on a couple of the characters, or if you want me to write something special in the game based on your description. Or if you just happen to like it a lot, of course. :P

Natas Baker on

I am willing just to donate just because you replied. 

Anyways I know this is not a place for informal messages so Ill only comment if I have anymore questions. 

If it is any help, I am going to be learning some coding here soon, from this great site called codeschool. If you can tell me what lanagaue (sp) you use maybe I can be some use in the future. Meh :P ( That wasnt really a question. ) 

BlueWinds on

This is a perfect place for informal communication. I kinda' like bantering with people in the comments section here on the blog.

The game is written in Javascript, but I don't usually need help with the coding - the game engine is pretty much done and stable. Adding content is a matter of writing, finding pictures, and throwing it into a file, like so:

Requires only very minimal coding - more formatting than coding, really. Writing and image-finding is much more time consuming.

My next project (which I've just started work on) in written in CoffeeScript, a language which compiles to Javascript.

Natas Baker on

Oh okay then. Thats interesting. I been playing the demo and thus far I havent seen anything really word heavy. ( like Corruption of Champions ) I am kind of wondering why? Trust me here! I am not complaining only wondering since you mentioned a 5000 word story.

BlueWinds on

Not very wordy? ^^;; There are 500 words before you make your first choice, and 750 more before you event see the city map.

Is it possible you're playing the Original instead? That was much less textual.

There are about 28k words of text in the current demo, and about 78k in the full game. A decent, but not overly long, novel.

Natas Baker on

Ah I am sorry! Must have been really tired to say that. I played most of it ( getting to 79% of content ) and I must say I love your less is more method. Something I am quite known for doing when writing erotica. Even wrote a few scenes in that CoC game I mentioned earlier. However I didnt any credit. If you wouldnt mind I would love to send you a sample of my writing. (( Earlier morning and I feel as if this post is just covered in grammar mistakes. ))


BlueWinds on

The % content thing is a not terribly helpful, since it counts (for example) both "You're a man" and "you're a woman" as separate events, even though they're not accessable in the same game. 79% is about the highest possible.

I have played CoC - the TF / grotesque aspect doesn't appeal to me, but it does to a great many people feel otherwise.

By all means, send me some writing - I'm always soliciting contributions, but only one person has sent me writing so far (a couple of veny small whore variants).

I generally give credit in two forms - first, a big thank you on the blog here in the release notes, and second in dump.html, next to the content you created.

It's broken in the demo, but for the full release, dump.html contains a full game transcript, along with credit to the original artists and anyone else who's helped out.

Natas Baker on



May I have an email then to send a sample?


Since you are asexual, I can just merely hope you can like erotica taste then. 

Also can you tell me would you like a detailed sample or to see how much I can do with little detail? ( Just give me a word limit/min/max ) I love being challanged in my writings so that I can improve as a writer. 

BlueWinds on


I'm not so much interested in a sample as "things you want to contribute directly." So if you have a scene you think would go well in the game, send it over ("Contact Me" in the right menu here goes to my email, and I'll respond from there).

There is no word limit - just that whatever you want to write for the game has to break up into panels of a couple paragraphs each, with an image for each one. Anything longer than ~3 panels should be spread out over multiple days / timeslots, so that a player doesn't accidentally stumble upon an endless wall of text.

You know, kind of like what's already there. ^^;; You can use existing characters or make up your own.

Natas Baker on

Little update; I found three eager artist who really want to try thier hands at drawing hentai. They argeed to make the commisson as long as I let them be the first to read the erotica with it (( these man/woman are fans of mines )) Ill post thier characters submissions (( which will either be brothel women or random event in game )) here I suppose. (( Sorry dont have the time to grammar check. ))


Natas Baker on

Okay then Ill contact you then once I ask for some commisions for pictures. Expect a message in a few days or so. Maybe longer if you want colored pictures.


BlueWinds on

Yes, definitely color images - things that fit the style of the current game, anime-inspired or semi-realism.

I usually don't commission pictures - I just search one of the *boorus, maybe cut out the background or tweak the image a bit, and then give credit as much as I can to the original artist. I have commisssioned a couple of pictures, but only a couple.

Natas Baker on

Well if you have some images you want a really good story behind it that would fit in your game then show me. Thus far I lost one of my artist because there was no way she could draw it on a computer or scan it. I am on the opposite of a writers block. xD ^^'


BlueWinds on

One of the biggest things I'd appreciate is more variety in Running the Baths and Whoring.

Or, even better, a dozen events for a male brothel owner to prostitute themselves. These blurbs are generally a paragraph or two long with unnamed (or randomly named, changing) customers, but longer scenes or repeating visitors are also good.

If you want to write male-male stuff I'm fine with including that, or you could stick exclusively to female customers.

I don't really have a library of pictures - I usually write a scene first, then search for something that fits and strikes my fancy (and possibly adjest the description slightly to match). If you just want to write, then I can also find the pictures myself - it's kind of fun and a nice chage of pace from doing all the writing myself.

Natas Baker on

I am totally okay with that. Through writing man on man will be a first with me I am sure I can make it work. I heard people been wanting that for a while now. ^^ I need to make sure you like my writing through ( which the more I talk with you the more sure of myself I feel ) so just show me a picture. I already got some good softcore scenes in my mind for the running the baths. Cant wait. I hope this works out well. 

BlueWinds on

How about The PC can kick them out, or rent them a room if they won't stop messing around in the baths.

Natas Baker on

Only two mins late on sending. Reason on why is posted.

Natas Baker on

Excited and itching to flex my erotica muscles. (( Sounds really off and wrong!! ))

Natas Baker on

Also if dont be afraid to test me with three or more pictures. I love being challenged. Sorry for blowing up your inbox.

Natas Baker on

While sending you the Susan Grant Variants; it says that I am limited to five messages per hour. There are maybe around 20 scenes (( not yet entirely finish )). Ill also start writing some futa on male. 

Natas Baker on

Oooo okay this should be fun. Ill have something good for you at 19:00. Keep an eye on your inbox. (( Ill have it peer checked for quality and mistakes of course. )) ^^


Natas Baker on

Sorry to be blowing up your messages but Ill make a few scenes with her in it. She will be a random encounter the player can come across as they whore themselves. (( Male exclusive for the time being. )) Mix length in the scenes.Will send scenes once you have posted here.

Natas Baker on

Update; Over several (8+) scenes with Susan Grant. Breaking down into submissive and domainait (sp) branches. Not entirely done. Will add one more variation to what can happen when you whore yourself and Susan appear and I also plan to write random events in the university or beach that lead to further options. (( Based off if you was dominate or submissive to her at the start. )) 

Kitoru (not verified) on

Finally someone is writing an scene with an small boobed girl. I feel like these game writers have something against small boobs, probably because of lolicon. I can relate to not wanting any kind of children sexualization on your work, but there are plenty of adult women with smaller (A-cup, B-cup... ) breasts (I'm basing myself in the common sense of bust size... looking at the wikipedia page makes my head spin...) , and I feel they are discriminated. I would try to help Natas Baker, but my writing is boring (have plenty of ideas though).

BlueWinds on

Now, the images don't always match (because breast size is one of the least important things I notice when searching for pictures), but "cannonically" (ie, in my head), 3 of the five hireable women in the game have small breasts - Antinua is very flat-chested, Alison and Hathawa small but not flat.

Wend is a little but not extremely busty, and Hilde is very well endowed... but I'm totally down with your point of view on the subject. *^^*

Natas Baker on

How do you enjoy my writing. I still have alot of nonsexual scenes to type up. It would help if I wasnt limited in 5 submissions per hour. Heh...


caseyzero on

A bug I've noticed in 0.83: Some nights, two Karters will visit.  This even continues after his... scene.

AColonyOfAnts on

It's not so much of a bug rather than an unfinished story arc.  

Natas Baker on

Reached limit again. Still far from finished. 

Natas Baker on

Still need to write RE at the universty for domaniant players and more nonsexual encounters.

Natas Baker on

Update again; done with 99.999% of nonsexual encounters. and 98% percent done with sexual ones. Once finish Ill do maybe 5 scenes for whoring in the shower. Luck will roll the dice to see if it will be male or female exculsive. Expect the next update to be rather large. Hopefully bluewind will give us a word count of how much content will be there. :p

Natas Baker on

Update; Done with add Loli Susan Grant. Sent to BlueWinds for review. Writing baths whoring scenes now.

Natas Baker on

Update; Pushed myself kind of hard tonight but already have 4/9 new bath scenes that are aleast paragraph length. Will be sending these scenes to Bluewinds. Currently have planned


+4 solo women

+2 duo women 

+1 futa 

+1 loli

+1 ????????



Edit: Ah didnt know you could edit these things. Heh okay. Hey it is cool ^^' Ill stop. Cant wait to see the full release of this game then.


Edit 2: I see then. As stated before Ill stop. Not really feeling it anymore so it is all cool. Ill be back in a couple of months to hopefully see alot of progress in the game. ^^ Wish you the best of luck.

BlueWinds on

Um, yeah, I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I will not be adding loli to the game at all.

Also, you've deluged me with 18 email messages in the last 48 hours (not to mention a dozen comments on this post). Slow down a bit... I haven't even started looking at the first one yet. Generally, when you hit the submission limit on a web form it's time to slow down.

I'd appreciate it if you saved your work somewhere online (a shared dropbox folder, for example) and just sent me a link rather than copy-pasting the text into the Contact form each time.

I'll take a look at what you've sent, but it will take some time.

AColonyOfAnts on

No offense to you Natas, but I'd prefer it if Blue released your content as a separate add-on rather than part of the core game, similar to Ashford Academy's style (there being the core game, and then there are user's event packs).  I know others and myself are not interested in yaoi/futa/loli, and since enabling/disabling these scenes can only be done at the beginning of the game (assuming they'll be toggle-able), we can't change our settings for our 150+ day games.  Also, this just might be my being a stickler, but I can tell differences in writing styles, which makes me feel disconnected from the game when the content is jarringly different.

Edit:  Oh, and unless you're responding to someone, it's easier to just edit a singular post if you're going to post updates.  That way it doesn't balloon the message board. ^^


Terryble on

Pretty much this, even though I'd probably enjoy most things I'd rather have any third-party content seperate from the original game.

.exe file (not verified) on

How does a browser based games have mods?? If that even possible, then awesome.

BlueWinds on

It is indeed possible. has functionality for plugging in mods that I've somewhat neglected - the tentacles events use it, for example. You could (at one point, but not anymore) drag zip files into the "New Game" screen and have their content added to that game.

It took some doing, but yes, it is possible.

.exe file (not verified) on

Well as long as we are doing an Ashford Academy comparison then may I say the Ashford Academy third party content was fanstatic and definely helped with the raw repetitiveness of the game. Also I read somewhere else on these blogs that Bluewind had someone write a scene for him. I am just going to figure you dont feel disconnected now so...


Also why cant third party content be togger-able? I dont know anything about bowser based games but I guess I can understand if someone said because of reasons... 


Varitey is the spice of life.~

Jethro Makari on

I would love to see support for modding and community spring up. Browse through thousands of modder submissions of submissives.

Events! Places! Go-Karts! Quad-fisting!

The unlimited possibilities!