Version 1 update

Sun, 08/18/2013 - 14:43 -- BlueWinds

So, I've added another girl to the original game - Anaru. Thanks to Arcess, who contributed her images and did a bit of text cleanup. :)

As I said in a topic on the forum (did you know I have those? They're not very used, but I do check them regularly...), I'll be happy to continue to add content if users want to create any.


So, a progress update on V2: In addition to writing some new content (mostly continuing the Hathawa + Antinua story - they really should be hireable by the next release), I have three improvements in the works:

  • A screen displaying why different customers choose different girls, and why they're satisfied or not with their service.
  • An interface for uploading custom content - drag and drop javascript files into the Options dialog - or enter a URL - to load user-generated content.
  • Documentation on game internals so that you, dear users, can create new events, actions, girls and jobs.


ProfWankerton on

I see the Wiki is protected now thanks to all the spam that's on there. I've got a quick-and-dirty entry for Anaru here if you get bored.

EDIT: It looks terrible when it's posted, but it should be okay if it gets copy-pasted. 

{{infobox|name        = Anaru|image        = Image:Anaru.jpg|fullname    = Naruko Anjou|birthplace    = Japan|version    = ?|seriesoforigin = Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai}}


Starting stats:

*Obedience: 30*Modesty: 60*Charisma: 30*Constitution: 20*Intelligence: 30

Sex stats (Libido/Experience):

*Oral: 15 / 0*Vaginal: 30 / 0*Anal: 30 / 0*Bondage: 5 / 0

Special notes:*Gains Happiness whenever she increases her Anal Experience or Anal Libido

==Unique Ability==Anaru has no unique abilities.

==Actions========In addition to the basic Talk variants common to all girls, Anaru has six of her own, five of which are possible to get at all times. (randomly selected, no requirements):*Find Anaru naked in her room (There's a slight variation; whether she tries to cover up or not depends on whether her Modesty is above or below 15)*Why she came to Valaia*Chat and play games*Tour the ciy by horse-cart*Walking through the city*Disappointed that you can't spend time with her (Only possible during the Evening)

======Anaru has no unique variants for Rest.

==Missions/Events==Anaru has no unique missions or events.

BlueWinds on

I've made you a sysop on the wiki - you should again be able to edit things. Thanks for all your work on this.

All around, I am not overly pleased with the MediaWiki software. The UI is poor and unintuitive, and it usually requires changing code by hand just to modify simple settings.

arcess on

I'm really pleased to see Anaru included. Thank you for your work!