Warning: Construction Zone (updated)

Wed, 09/25/2013 - 14:57 -- BlueWinds

Edit: This new version is still broken - managing a building doesn't work at all - but it's a lot less broken than the last one. Also, dump.html in now functioning again.

Read this before downloading.

This is not a release, it's a preview. Even looking at the screen funny will cause errors. Do not send bug reports for this version - I will ignore them, possibly without response. Yes, I know it's broken. Don't tell me about it. Spelling and grammar stuff, on the other hand, please tell me about as usual.

Why should I bother to make this public at all, then? Well, no particular reason, I just felt like it. I know some of you like looking at the game code, so you can see all the stuff I've been doing. And some of the new writing is accessible despite all the errors.

Enjoy. Try not to trip over the open exposed wiring, and ignore that hole in the roof - I had to knock out the ceiling to put in a new chimney.


Dorllanen on

Ouch. You did not joke about it being broken. I crash even before starting the game XD. Oh well, easy comes, easy goes.

BlueWinds on

Hah, I didn't think it was that bad - on mine I can get through 2-3 days of play before something breaks. So that actually is a bug report I'd like to see - what's the error message say?

Dorllanen on

Lesssseee... I downloaded it, extracted and opened via index.html.  It starts, I can see the prologue stuff, but when I click "Continue" (name - default or otherwise doesn't matter, neither do options). Afterwards it's this:


Script error.

Please attach this export when reporting the error.

Script error.

Please attach this export when reporting the error.

Java and flash should be up to date, Firefox is 23.0.1
Mana Beast on

Hmm, I get the same thing...

Dorllanen on

Well, he  BlueWinds said looking at the screen will give one errors...

So it's my fault, I shouldn't have looked at it.

BlueWinds on

"He"? ;)

Dorllanen on

Oh shush. I forgot to fix it, I'm easily distracted _^_ Btw, can I safely delete the .psd files of the pics that were recolored?

Dorllanen on

NOW WAIT A MINUTE. I suddenly realised something (Two fucking days later). Why exactly you put "he" in question marks?

BlueWinds on

A lot of people make that assumption. There are no women on the internet, right?

Yep, go ahead and delete the PSDs.

Dorllanen on

I should get a golden star for quick thinking. And no, there aren't, especially women who code hentai games; you're just a figment of the collective conciousness of the internet.

Not that it matters, but my grammar, especially pronouns may rest easily now.

Anonymous (not verified) on

Yôu would be surprised how many woman are developing AIF games... ^^

LandOfFallenDreams on

Yeah, I'm gettting this too.here's the core contents:

-- snip by BlueWinds -- (Attach files, don't try and put code in the text box)

addaxe (not verified) on

so so nice grafic and goooood game

nashnailo on

Doesn't seem like there's much of anything interesting in your debug files - clicked 'continue' after scrolling through the intro section, and the game crashed.  Probably about like the folks above.  Perhaps a stack trace would be more of interest?  If not, feel free to ignore, of course.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'forEach' of undefined player.js:180(anonymous function) player.js:180loadGame save-load.js:79startNewGame new-game.js:42jQuery.event.dispatch jquery-2.0.3.js:4676elemData.handle jquery-2.0.3.js:4360

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'el' of undefined core.js:359activateCenter core.js:359trigger sly.js:1591render sly.js:434

BlueWinds on

The "debug file" is just an exported save game - which for some errors is enough to reproduce the problem, but doesn't inherently tell me what the problem is. The current system is good enough for tracking down in-game errors, sometimes, but as you say, it could be better.

Which is why I re-wrote the error handling code yesterday to dump stack traces along with the save file. It's surprisingly hard to get useful information cross-browser in an async language. ^^;;

So yes, the stack trace is very helpful. Thanks.

gamemathwiz (not verified) on

don't care for the reply back thought you should know that if your staying at your own place your still paying the $55 per day. it says in your game that it should be free so you should fix that bluewinds

BlueWinds on

You're talking about the demo, which is three months old - nothing to do with this conversation.

I'll be releasing the full version when it's ready, probably around the end of the year. Until then, the demo is all that non-supporters can see, and it's so out of date that I'm not going to bugfix it either.

hornguy6 on

I can't get past trying to start a new game either. I basically have the same thing as Dorllanen. T_T

Dorllanen on

It's because you looked at the screen.

Honestly though, I smell a conspiracy. Blue was actually well aware we couldn't run this build, she released it only to tease us. Now she cackles like a madman in her coding lair denying us smut.

Remember, you heard it first from me! And in case I mysteriously disappear, spread the truth... if you dare.

BlueWinds on

So, I just put up a new file. I figured out why it was loading for me but not anyone else - the last version could load saves, but not start games, and I'd never tried to start a game in it (the bug was introduced just before release, when I was tweaking a few things).

Dorllanen on

So, I poked around the game - I catched a few spelling mistakes, I'll upload everything later. Other than that, are you still adamant on not taking bug reports? It's not that the game crash every five seconds, but I had found one or two (although I don't know exactly where the content ends and where the bug begin).

On the other matter, I'd like to suggest a few things (as well as offer my lousy help on these matters) - are you okay with that?

BlueWinds on

Yeah, I know a bunch of places this is broken still, so bug reports are just wasted effort for this version.

I'm always open to suggestions though.

Dorllanen on

Okeeeey then. I shall make a thread then, when I'll wrap everything. Btw, could you tell me what kind of formatting option your forum supports? I.e. "how to" things like that:




Edit: Which obviously doesn't work here. I'm a total doofus in regards to anything related to "code" so...


Edit 2 (Important): Before I start writing/looking/searching AND suggesting, I'd like to ask about the pictures in the release - can I assume *most* of them aren't placeholders only and/or need only minor editing?

Because if they are generally "old and newer and on the way" my point is kinda moot.

BlueWinds on

Re edit 2: All the pictures in this release should be correct. If there are any issues with the images (as with the text), that's something I'd like to hear about.

Dorllanen on

I won't be able to finish writing the thread (it's where I wanted to post stuff) on time (as I'm leaving for a week in... three hours) so I zipped the bugs and upload it now. After I'm back I'll fire all the guns :D

PS. Could you include .7z in the future as an extension? This compression is really good.

BlueWinds on

Hm. People should be seeing a WYSIWYG editor - the site is configured that way, but it's not showing up for anyone except admins. I just spent an hour trying to figure out why it's not working to no avail. Grrr.

So... maybe I will get it fixed later, but for now you'll just have to deal with HTML by hand. There should be a bit of help text beneath the input area showing which tags are allowed - no [spoiler], but <blockquote> works a little bit.

hornguy6 on

So, while I know you told us not to post bugs, this one makes it irritating to advance through things but it's still possible to work around it. Every time my mouse moves to the bottom left hand corner of a "tile", it sends me to the first tile like my mouse is stuck to it. I can select options in that corner by tabbing through the stuff, but I thought you should know in case this is just a personal bug for me or a bug for everyone.


Edit: oh nevermind, it's not the left hand corner. It's the entire left side of the screen. O_o