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Fri, 03/14/2014 - 11:42 -- BlueWinds

I am impatient and excited for a new release of SlaveMaker. He has an open beta out, but I'm waiting for the full 3.4 release. Slavery isn't really my thing, but it's easy enough for me to mentally substitute "slave" in the BDSM sense for the human-chattel sense of the word.


I thought I'd share some of my perversion with the internet again. Don't open this article unless you want too-much-information about a random stranger. *^^*

I had a weird dream last night.

I was having a threesome with another woman and a man, kneeling over the woman's mouth while she licked me and the man fucked her, and she moaned really loudly. Now for the weird bit - I had two sets of sensations. I could feel myself being licked and fucked at the same time, though my "point of view" was still the woman sitting on the other's face.

I was really embarrassed, for a reason which I related to the man - "I'm having touble controlling my voice," I said in a worried tone, frustrated that "I" was being so loud, moaning continually when I should have been silent.

I concentrated really hard and clamping down my throat to stop my (her?) voice, and all of a sudden the world sort of flipped, and I was in my other body, being fucked and sat on (which, in the dream, didn't hinder my vision at all), and I could control my moaning now...

Then I woke up.



I dunno.

It was weird. Still working on backer rewards (crossing them out on the previous post as I finish them). New release this weekend.


Anonymous (not verified) on

Tell me, what do I have to eat before bed to have a dream like that? (Woo-hoo!!!)

Terryble on

Also too much information about a stranger here:

Strangely, for as much of a pervert as I am I have not once had a sex dream that I can remember, not even one I remembered after waking up and then forgot. I do have dreams, I even have lucid dreams but even in my lucid dreams I'll make the decision to take the dream to sex and some part of my psyche is like "Nope" and instead I end up on a date which never ends until the dream does. I can move the date to any place I like, I can talk about whatever I choose, I can make the date any person I want but I can never have sex with them. It's bizzare.

Anon (not verified) on

This happens to me every time, too. I can't have sex with them but I've come to realize it's because I don't have the "materials" to dream a sex scene with them (tl;dr haven't fucked them irl) ;-;

Vestrina on

I rarely have sex related dreams.  I often get friend-zoned in them, LOL. -_-

Even when I realize I'm dreaming I have trouble controlling my dreams.  I can typically fly freely and usually have telekinetic abilities in my dreams, but after too long a part of my mind typically summons my fears.  It's like not trying to think about a pink elephant when someone says it.  "Oh, I'm dreaming.  Cool, I can do whatever I want.  Oops, don't think about bugs.  Ah, swarm! Swarm!"

BlueWinds on

This was the first sex-dream I've ever had (I too am a virgin).

I can count on one hand the number of dreams I've remembered in my life. If I remember even having a dream, it will never fade - none of that "slowly forgetting" that people usually have, or even that other memories experience.

The first one was when I was 6 years old - I dreamt of a fiery snake and a man in a pickup truck. The most recent (other than this) was three years ago - I dreamt of being a freshman at college orientation. Both are equally and completely vivid.

Terryble on

Interested to hear all your stories, I guess what makes it especially weird for me is that I am not a virgin so it's not as if I have no basis for it, something in my dream state just won't allow me to go there. Hell, even if you are a virgin I don't think there's really any reason you couldn't dream about sex, you've seen porn, you've seen hentai, it's really not that different, the real difference is in the interaction between the people.

Tangentially: I was a 20 year old male virgin and felt like total shit about it, had sex and the overwhelming reaction was 'Alright then, that's sex.'. The point being that sex is not the be-all and end-all. I'm not directing this at anyone in particular, just something I feel like needs to be expressed more often. There's so much pressure to have sex and not be the "40 Year Old Virgin" it's just crazy. Yeah sex is good, hell sex can be amazing but sex is not that special thing it seems like when you're not having it.

(I'm replying to this post specifically because it's at the bottom of the stack and it will look better this way)

super on

I had a similar dream, except without the sex - mine was more like a scene out of Steins;Gate. (Stop writing right now and go watch it if you haven't, wow it's amazing ^^)

So I was dreaming that I was my friend from preschool through high school. Backstory on the friendship first. We were really close all those years but have since drifted a bit. Anyway, he was a rich kid and I was a poor kid IRL, and when he got his first car in high school it was this awesome coupe. /backstory

So in the dream, I was dreaming that I was my friend, and I was driving this nice SUV on the freeway. But I wasn't visualizing the dream, I just felt like it was happening. There was no image. Also, I "just knew" that I had bought the SUV with my own money (it wasn't just a gift from my rich family) and I (my friend) felt really good about it. Also important - I really understood a lot of my friend's (me in the dream) personality, what he thought like, everything about him pretty much. Then the dream instantly visualized itself in images, and I "became" my friend. It was weird because I WAS my friend at that point, driving the SUV on the highway, but also I had my own consciousness from the "me" me.

So that dream imagery didn't last very long. The next scene was, I was still my rich friend because I had "jumped" into his life or whatever you want to call it, anyway I was outside this outdoor strip mall with a girl I was crushing on or had just met. I was trying to explain to her how it was possible to jump into anyone's lifeline just by dreaming that you were them. But first you have to know a lot about their personality and everything else. At the time I was attempting my 2nd jump, from being my rich friend to someone else. And I was trying to get her to do her first jump. For some reason it felt really important that we jump into these new people, so we could infiltrate some organization like spies or something. It was scary though because we weren't sure if we would be able to find each other after the jump.

Anyway before we could finish talking about it, a cop pulled up and arrested us. That's when I woke up.

I still think it's a pretty cool concept, and I wonder if it's actually possible. I thought it would make for a good story, but I don't have a very good plot for it. I would probably focus on the relationship between the two main characters. It sounds a lot like Cloud Atlas, even though those characters aren't all the same two people like they would be in my story. I would hate to give it some generic plot, though. I'd probably want to teach the readers something or inspire them to do something.

Crazy huh?

BlueWinds on

I watched the first 10 episodes of Steins Gate about a year ago, then stopped when I realized I didn't care about any of the characters. The writer / artists / director had completely failed to capture my sympathy and interest. ^^;

Sounds a lot like Quantum Leap. I think there was another TV series based on a similar premise, but I can't think of any details at the moment.

Doug C (not verified) on

I've been a big fan of Quantum Leap, and they had a male/female leap story arc for a while. I even picked up the series guide secondhand.

Also check out "Killobyte" by Piers Anthony ( for immersive VR with a couple who meet in that world.