What browser do you play in?

Sun, 03/03/2013 - 11:34 -- BlueWinds
Downloaded / Firefox
18% (67 votes)
Downloaded / Chrome
14% (53 votes)
Downloaded / Safari
1% (3 votes)
Downloaded / Other
2% (6 votes)
Brothels.im / Firefox
34% (131 votes)
Brothels.im / Chrome
27% (102 votes)
Brothels.im / Safari
1% (2 votes)
Brothels.im / Other
4% (16 votes)
Total votes: 380

If you vote other, let me know what it is! I'm curious.

Goddamn it Chrome, you ruin everything.

So, I wanted to take a moment to explain how Chrome Ruined Everything(TM) . Basically, javascript can't use AJAX to load local files in Chrome. Which means that instead of:




in a nice, separate, human readable file, you get a hundred lines of <script> tags in index.html, which you have to edit every time you want to add content.

Summarized from 2008:

  1. "Firefox does it.."
  2. "How can we do it?"
  3. some time passes
  4. "Here are the patches"
  5. "Passes! On trunk wonder what happens in the next dev release"
  6. "Ahhh it's broken" "Use the command line option" "ok"
  7. "We shipped!"
  8. "WTF guys? You broke all my stuff! Why didn't you tell us earlier?"
  9. silence


  1. "Hey guys, let's fix this."
  2. silence


  1. "Here's a way we could fix this without making things insecure."
  2. silence


  1. "Why can I still not create webapps that work locally in Chrome, when they work fine in FF, Safari, IE, Opera..."
  2. silence


This is also why all of the content looks like this instead of this. So... I'm asking what browser you all use, as I consider dropping support for local versions of Chrome. Note that there is a workaround: if you start Chrome with the "--allow-file-access-from-files" option, it will work fine. Kind of annoying that the switch isn't even configurable from inside the program...


The Rest (not verified) on

I use IE10, and the polls giving me shit about cookies.

BlueWinds on

Drupal has a very poor builtin poll system. I'm considering upgrading to something A) more reliable about duplicate votes and B) better in basically every way.

Hadn't gotten around to it yet since it was just personal annoyance, but if other people are having trouble too, I'll look at other polling modules.

The Rest (not verified) on

Fair enough.  You're the one doing all the work so I'm not arguing, just weird I haven't been able to vote on stuff.

I was using Chrome for a damn long time, but IE10 is the first IE that's actually good in so long I don't remember the last time :p

TalosParoxi (not verified) on

I gotta say it's refreshing to find a project like this that uses plain old simple html/javascript. kudos on the job so far.

BlueWinds on

Javascript is quite a full-featured language - not only does it own the web, it's also making inroads on server-side programming (nodejs in particular, but also mongodb). It has its own annoyances, like all languages, but don't be fooled by "script" into thinking it's just for kiddies. ;)

RedRocket (not verified) on

Love it so far. On secound play though I have gotten way ahead of the repayment curve with 45,000 on day 109. I have alot of experance in games like this so I'm the type you have to add difficult and very difficult modifications once you got the base game worked out. (medium level priority at best to change) Does the game end with victory when total debit earned? or at least tell you have enought to pay the debet total what ever that is?

BlueWinds on

Nope! At the moment, it doesn't even send a message when you make the final payment. On day 720, the final payment is $75000.

For the next version, I'm going to transfer the loan to the Mission system instead of being its own separate little thing as it is now, and start adding text for each payment. Who is it that you owe? How did they track you to a distant island? Are you a man or a woman (you'll get to choose, of course)?

RedRocket (not verified) on

Great sounds like a good change. I found even more fun missions and liked buying a secound building although with only 5 girls max can barrly need two. And with two girls sold off and one more soon I will have hired the last one available :) have 165,000 on Day 174


Donald (not verified) on

Maybe this has been requested before;

Futa, futa clients, futa whores, futa brother owner etc

Lesbians, bisexuals, etc


Would be neat to manage a full fem4fem or futa4fem brothel. Anyway just giving out suggestions, no biggie


BlueWinds on

It actually hasn't been requested. You're the first! :P

But regardless, I am open to the idea. I'll probably get around to adding some lesbian content myself eventually, but if you (or anyone else) wants futa, you'll have to write it and collect the images yourself.

I would still do the coding if you'd like, so it's just the text / images someone else would need to handle.

pi (not verified) on

jApplet client with custom scripting... is what I'd use since Java's the only web-compatible language I know...but...


yet another brothel sim written in yet another markup language... i see what ya did there...

BlueWinds on

Java. Burn it. Salt the ashes and throw them into a volcano.

Seriously, Java is a terrible choice to write anything in, much less a game. It is still popular for much the same reason Windows is - people are comfortable with it, even though, at the core, it's an obsolete product.

The biggest advantage of javascript, and why I chose to use it, is that javascript interperters (nodejs excluded) come attached to highly advanced, robust, easy to work with and themeable GUI component - HTML/CSS. As much as I complain about cross-browser variation, CSS 3 / HTML 5 are the most feature-rich GUI abstraction layer I've ever heard of.

Anonymous (not verified) on

Hey! Windows is not "obsolete!" *stinkface*

Anonymous (not verified) on

I use the Adobe Flash Player (v11.5); it's an executable.

Arcess (not verified) on

If it's feasible, could some future version have an option to toggle images off? This game runs on my phone, but there are many places that I couldn't possibly risk someone seeing some of the images in this game. The simulation and writing are strong enough (and fun enough) to stand alone at this point, and a no-images option would go a long way to being able to play in public inconspicuously. (And hiding the site logo in no-images mode would help too.)

I imagine that a no-nudity middle option would be even more difficult to code, so I won't mention that.

BlueWinds on

Yeah, the no nudity option isn't particularly viable - especially since it's sort of relative. What about particularly sexy images wherein the girl is still fully clothed? The cutoff would be really arbitrary (besides requiring a lot of work to set up in the first place).

On the other hand, I have been planning to set up an "image resizing" option, so that people with different screen sizes can adjust things for their resolution. If I were doing that, it would be easy enough to add an "image size 0" option at the same time. No promises on when I'll get around to this, but it's on my list. ;)