What should I write about?

Mon, 12/23/2013 - 15:40 -- BlueWinds

I'm curious what people care about. Which things should I put here in the coming year, and which stay silent on?

This poll, like all the others, is non-binding. I'll write about what I feel like. Just wanted to know what you all think, including anonymous and unregistered visitors.

Yes, you could easly write a script to spoof a thousand votes (the multi-vote module sucks), but that would make me sad. Computer security through puppy-dog eyes - still more effective than security through obscurity.


The Game: Everyone who votes check this. That way everyone can easily see how many votes have been cast.
91% (558 votes)
Anime / Manga / Computer games: What I'm watching, what I like and what annoys me.
46% (283 votes)
Programming: Various interesting tidbits I come across related to computers, Javascript and generally being a nerd.
38% (236 votes)
Explicit: I met a nice man the other week. I'm not into men, but he gave me a butt plug because he thought I was pretty. *^^*
38% (235 votes)
Feminism: Links to articles and my take on them. How to write and enjoy dirty kinky porn and still respect yourself.
30% (184 votes)
My life (non-sexual): My other job? That I live is Seattle? That I enjoy west-coast swing, but am out of practice?
25% (158 votes)
Random stuff: Hehe, moonwalk (http://bit.ly/1gl4lI2). Bouncy Animals (http://bit.ly/1dz7Yox).
24% (150 votes)
Cooking: I make delicious homemade meals pretty often. Do you want pictures and descriptions and stuff?
23% (142 votes)
Total votes: 611


BlueWinds on

Bleck, the multi-vote poll looks like garbage. Sorry about that. I don't use it ofter enough to care about finding a better alternative (no, I'm not looking for suggestions either).

Terryble on

Wait, a guy just gave you a butt plug apropos of nothing? I don't even. Do you work for a sex related company? Were you at a sex shop at the time? My mind is blown.

Anyway, I enjoy both the feminism and the explicit content, I think they actually compliment each other too. Plus, you seem to have a lot to talk about ^_^

BlueWinds on


I'll type up that story in more detail sometime when I'm bored, but for now suffice it to say that A) he was not being creepy and B) I work with a small startup that has not yet launched, and is entirely unrelated to anything "adult."

terumokou on

Besides the first,

Anime/Manga/Games - cause it's a standard question

Cooking - I need recipes and tips

Explicit - Bizarre enough to completely break the ice. And sounded amusing.

firedrop2007 on

In my opinion you are waaaaayyyy over thinking it...

Definitely post updates about the game but after that post anything you want.

I am here for the game but anything else you want to post about is a A+ bonus.


Keep up the good work!


Xenmen on

^I'm with this guy.


Also, like Jethro below, I just voted for everything.


You're a rational person, your insight and braindumps are interesting. Most commenters over the months here seem to be rational too, so there's not much to worry about in the way of fallout for whatever you choose to post.


First time commenter here. Normally I just lurk everywhere, but you've had some interesting posts before on feminism, porn, and your thoughts on this and that. I've thought about when to post some good cheer, since people who take financial and personal risks, for their liberty and to make thought experiments with their fellows (whether mutual amusement, musement, or both), should be encouraged. You seem to be a classical liberal, the "everybody do what you want just don't infringe on me" sort. Good on you for overcoming your pubescent programming and walking your own comfortable middle ground.

The way you write is more significant than the content you write about.


Relatedly, just for curriosity and because you're a writer, have a look at these:





Also relatedly, I also thought you were a guy, until your first *hint*ing post. To me, your sentence construction and word choice is what made you seem masculine. Sometimes you're more recognizably female in your writing, but the way you explain your personal circumstances and technical points is... different.


PS, it's inspiring to see you do well at this.

BlueWinds on

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy reading my posts.

>> You seem to be a classical liberal, the "everybody do what you want just don't infringe on me" sort.

Ha. Haha. Hahahaha...

I'm a died in the wool technocratic anarcho-socialist, rabidly, outspokenly, anti-capitalist. I have marched with the black bloc, am friends with the homeless, and got into a very fiery argument a week ago about how software licenses were not just bad, but actively immoral.

>> Relatedly, just for curiosity and because you're a writer, have a look at these:



I've heard of Lojban before, but not Láadan. http://www.xkcd.com/191/

Have you seen E-Prime? I experimented with that for a couple of days a few months ago. Láadan seems worth investigating further.

Also relatedly, I also thought you were a guy, until your first *hint*ing post. To me, your sentence construction and word choice is what made you seem masculine. Sometimes you're more recognizably female in your writing, but the way you explain your personal circumstances and technical points is... different.

I am not particularly feminine in my writing, it's true, nor am I particularly emotional. If I seem softer in my fiction, it's because I'm getting into the headspace of a more emotional character rather than my own cold and calculating viewpoint.

I am an avid reader of science fiction, and my favorite authors - and thus heaviest influences on my writing - are exclusively male. My non-fiction writing is heavily styled after Larry Niven and Ben Bova.

Xenmen on

Ha. Haha. Hahahaha...

I'm a died in the wool technocratic anarcho-socialist, rabidly, outspokenly, anti-capitalist. I have marched with the black bloc, am friends with the homeless, and got into a very fiery argument a week ago about how software licenses were not just bad, but actively immoral.

This is where archaic natural language fails me... I use 'liberal' in the way Stallman uses libre; if I knew a better demonym to use, I would.

I think that no country can consider itself a modern society if it hasn't begun building an automated agriculture distribution system by 2020, and I've been arguing the same point on licensing with my family. Only after getting locked out of her hotmail account and being completely unable to get anything changed for over two weeks (and counting) is my mom starting to see the inherent 'software as a service' problem (at least, in-so-far as ISPs are legally permitted to actively prevent us from running our own e-mail server out-of-home, an arrangement which in any other industry would immediately be recognized as gangsterism). One point I argue with greater furvour is the need for in-home microchip printing. The Reprap folks have been sidetracked for far too long, humanity needs logic circuit printing for the masses...

I'd like to think that some of the ye olde libbies like Locke, maybe even Hobbes, would abhore nonnegotiable software licenses, and champion the accessibility and right of individuals to inspect and create logic, but I may well be giving them too much credit. No doubt they'd be unable to stomach regional automated food growth and distribution... at least until they saw the inevitability and scale of automation as things stand today. Admittedly, many figures held to be saintly held some very distasteful views in their personal lives, views conveniently left out from the gradeschool textbooks.


Have you seen E-Prime? I experimented with that for a couple of days a few months ago. Láadan seems worth investigating further.

Glad to contribute something interesting!

I've reconsidered E-Prime over the years, but find it has very limited use. It's good practice for separating definitive statements from subjective ones in writing, but there's hardly ever a reason to write something lengthy under such a limitation. It's an excellent addition to the patchwork fix for natural language; another step in overcoming tribalistic societal baggage.


I am an avid reader of science fiction, and my favorite authors - and thus heaviest influences on my writing - are exclusively male. My non-fiction writing is heavily styled after Larry Niven and Ben Bova.

Have you written Ringworld fanfiction? If not, it's not too late to start :]

BlueWinds on

When most people say "clasical liberal," it's code for "libertarian." I assumed that's what you were going for - sorry if that wasn't the case. ^^;;

I disagree with much of Locke and Hobbes (and yes, I've read them). Way too much emphasis on property and state respectively.

Ringworld fanfic? Nope, never gone there. I prefer to create my own worlds from scratch.

Jethro Makari on

I voted for everything. Personally, whatever you post, so far they've been pretty interesting and easy to filter. I can sort through what's relevant to me and what isn't, and like your one statement earlier, it gives me something to do when I'm bored. I and others could do worse reading through your opinions, discoveries, and revelations. Taking the community into account, they all seem pretty eager to see this develop, and for you and the game to succeed, so on the occasion that you happen to post something controversial occasionally, you and the (general) community seem mature enough to just take it in and move on.*

Like, for example, I don't inherently agree with more than a few representations of modern feminism, but that doesn't mean I want you to stop talking about it or cease sharing your opinions and philosophies.

*beta, may not be present in final version of Community. does not apply to hate speeches, the advantages of genocide, or racial supremacy.

Volk (not verified) on

Well sucky silly polls aside, it's really up to your discretion whether you use this blog to trade cooking tips, to soapbox your political views or just to promote your very own fanboi cult. ;p


Just please, remember why most (if not all) of us came here in the first place.


PS: If you're going to promote something, then why don't you consider Egalitarianism rather then supremacist junk views like femi/chauvi/whatever -ism's. :)

BlueWinds on

Feminism is NOT about the superiority of women. Get that idea out, out, out of your head. My favorite definition:

Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.

Seriously. That's it. There's no hatred or super secret supremacist leanings in there. Feminism is not the rival of chauvinism, implying some sort of rough equality. It's the antidote.

Volk (not verified) on

I'm sorry if I offended you, but do you honestly believe that even a half of self proclaimed feminists are not as toxic (or at the very least: as prone to rivalry) as the "original" venom?

Now speaking of quotes, I actually prefer this one:"There's just as many different kinds of feminism as there are women in the world."

It deflates the tension with a bit of humor, and allows for focusing on different topics rather then waiting until some ass from one side provokes a zealot from the other, and you end up censoring everything to prevent that mess from escalating even further. (which only serves to aggro "all parties" even further)

Now of course, it's your game, it's your blog.

And for what it's worth, I suppose that appreciating brothels.im or even trading those cooking tips is ultimately more beneficent for both the users and you: but hey, maybe in some fifty-odd years they will teach in schools around the world that it was in fact:

Which finally ended the battle of the sexes... :)
BlueWinds on

Yes, I honestly do believe significantly more than half of the self proclaimed feminists are nice people. It's fundimentally dishonest to compare it to chaivinism. If women were the dominant gender, or even equal, I'd buy that comparison.

The contrary idea mostly comes from Mens Right Activists. Straw-man feminism is one of their favorite tactics.

Volk (not verified) on

You mean male chauvinism, right?

Because chauvinism, as in a sense of excessive enthusiasm for a cause (patriotic or otherwise) also occurs in females, and is not inherently negative.


Frankly I'm tempted to continue, but I doubt we can actually discuss this topic without it turning into an argument, not to mention that I already ended up being the ass from my own example... heh.

I guess we can at least agree that: Cynic's and Pangloss's of the world don't see eye to eye even when they don't disagree.

BlueWinds on

Interesting - I'd never heard the word used in any other context than male chauvinism, but I see you're right. I learned something new today. :)

The word still does have negative connotations, however it's used. If you wanted to describe the same concept in a positive light, you could say "partesianship" or "outspoken support."

Volk (not verified) on

You do realize that a member of partisanship is a partisan?

A word commonly associated with merciless, take no prisoner guerilla-like, (often) paramilitary units which use(d) just about every "terrorist" tactic in existance..?

Including but not limiting to: wiping out political opposition, suicide bombers charging enemy tanks, leaving "piked" POW heads on significant road crossings etc.. (and thats only in the EU WW2/WW1 era; French revolution, Africa, Asia and South American partisans aside)


So, do you still suppose that any connotations derived from my choice of comparison for the Feminist Movement were less flattering then those related to yours?

Mate, semantics can be a bitch (an angry she-dog, obviously ;) ) even without trying to sugarcoat them with rhetorics. :)

BlueWinds on

Yes. If you approve of guerrilla tactics, you call them partesians or freedom fighters. If you disapprove of them, you call them terrorists or murderers. Different words have different connotations.

Freedom Fighter is positive. Partesian is more or less neutral. Terrorist is negative. They can all be talking about the same thing.

Chauvinist is negative. Pick a different word if you don't like the connotations it has, or when people call you out on them.

BlueWinds on

I rather like the Less Wrong community's formalization of the concept of "tapping out":

Tapping out doesn't mean accepting defeat or claiming victory, and it doesn't mean you get the last word. It just means that you don't expect your further comments in a thread to be worthwhile, because you've already made all the points you wanted to, or because you find yourself getting too emotionally invested, or for any other reason you find suitable.

Anyway, this will be my last comment in this particular comment thread. I'll approve your response if you have one of course - the approval requirement on anonymous commenting is to weed out spam, not disagreement.

AColonyOfAnts on

I think I voted for everything except for programming / explicit / your non-explicit life/ random stuff.

The game: Obviously as a backer I have a vested interest in seeing the game develop into something that I will enjoy.

Anime/Manga/Computer Games: Right up my alley.  Speaking of, have you played Long Live the Queen by Hanako Games?  It's quite adorable.  I was actually surprised when I took a look at the game files and saw that it was coded in Ren'Py, the same engine Ashford Academy uses.

Explicit:  Eh, while I do enjoy talking to friends about their sex lives, it just feels awkward sharing them with strangers.  I'll pass.

Programming:  I don't know squat about programming, so most of those posts go right over my head.

Feminism: I actually rather enjoy your posts on this topic.  It's pleasantly surprising to see others talk about feminism as gender equality, not gender rivalry.  It's sad to see that vocal extremists on both sides (male chauvinists and [I really hate this word, but I'm going to use it anyways] feminazis) too often drown out the voices of moderates such as you.  So keep putting up the good fight!

Non-Explicit Life:  Same thing with Explicit Life, unless we're friends I don't happen to care much for life details.

Random Stuff:  I'm more or less a tumblr addict, I've already seen random.

Cooking: All I ask is, if you're going to tease us with photos and descriptions, the least you could do is throw a recipe our way.  I love cooking.


P.S. I wish we were friends, though, you sound like a pretty interesting guy.

Terryble on

"...you sound like a pretty interesting guy."

Oh boy, you've done it now! :P

AColonyOfAnts on

Unless I'm reading wrong and BlueWinds is asexual/lesbian... =P

BlueWinds on

I've never stated it explicitly, but yeah, I'm a woman.

Hinted rather strongly several times, but never explicitly stated. ;)


Oh, and by the way, if this makes you want to reconsider your vote about the explicit option, examine your feelings on the matter carefully - it's a real, live, bonified chance to see your mind's inner workings in action. ;P

AColonyOfAnts on

Whoops.  Sorry about misidentifying your sex. =P

Still, this doesn't change my vote about the explicit stuff; I'm not saying no because I'm not interested in male x male, I'm saying no because I definitely reserve my cares for people I consider friends, i.e. people I know personally.


That said though,

Edit: I wish we were friends though, you seem like a pretty interesting gal. =D (though I happen to use guy as a gender neutral term anyways)

BlueWinds on

I'm not offended by being refered to as a guy, or dude, or he, but I correct people on it anyway in the hopes that they'll think about it, and perhaps to start a conversation.


Try using "they" instead of "he" next time you're not sure. A small change, but all changes are small when taken in isolation.

AColonyOfAnts on

It's not so much that I was unaware of your sex, but I honestly thought you were a male.  Maybe it was just my hope to get to know another male feminist so I would have some comfort that I'm not the only one around.

BlueWinds on

What made you think that? What male traits do you see in my behavior and writing?

There's no agenda/disapproval behind that question - I honestly want to know your thoughts, since it happens a lot and I'm curious.

AColonyOfAnts on

I know this explanation would probably be dissatisfactory to you (probably because I can't gather my thoughts very well at 1AM in the morning, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, by the way) but here goes:

I slugged through old posts looking for examples and I *think* it was the post "The Journey Outside, Gor, and Functional Programming" that may have made me think you were male.  Not the bit about functional programming, mind you, again, I know next to nothing about programming, besides the odd  .cmd snippet I've picked up here and there.  Your insight about Gor/The Journey Outside, though, pretty much reflected how I felt about the topic of female relation to male, though I tend to prefer my intimacy in the form of kisses/cuddles.  Another point that pretty much hit spot on was Gretta Christina's view on porn that you posted a little earlier; I definitely felt that way when it came down to plot v. porn.

I guess the way we viewed the topic resonated and because I'm a man that thinks that way, I thought you were a male as well?  I THINK I'M RAMBLING AND I DON'T KNOW I NEVER STOPPED TO THINK ABOUT IT.

Other than that I can't seem to find any other moments that made me think, "Oh, BlueWinds is a guy," but I also can't find any of the strong hints that you're a woman either.  I guess I'm pretty oblivious.  That or I'm secretly female too.

Also, Spiderweb games!  Geneforge series was one of my favorite games as a kid.  I don't know how I missed reading that post.

Anonymous (not verified) on

Explicit: I met a nice man the other week. I'm not into men, but he gave me a butt plug because he thought I was pretty. *^^*


*starts trying to imagine scene*

Man - Oh, hi.

Bluewinds - Hi!

Man - How are you?

Bluewinds - Fine, thanks. And you?

Man - Fine. Hey, wanna have a buttplug?

Bluewinds - Um... why do you walk around with a buttplug?

Man - ... *man's face turns blue* ... You have pretty eyes.

Bluewinds - ... 'Kay... I'm taking the buttplug bye *runs away*

Man - Bye bye *walks away*


We have a better love story than Twilight here. And it's not even a love story. HURRAY!

Also, knew that you're a woman but didn't know you were lesbian. Cool. A little strange considering most of the content you write is "man-on-woman", but cool. Althought... now that I wonder... why are all the women I know to be related to games lesbians? Weird. The world is weird. I'm never gonna understand it.

Oh well.

BlueWinds on

You made me curious, so I sat down and counted through all the sexy events in the game. I counted events with variable character gender as both straight and lesbian, since it depends on the player's choices. Threesomes and orgies I counted however felt right (mostly straight, occasionally both). Tentacle scenes were not counted.

Results: 55 straight, 33 lesbian.

Interesting. There's a lot of non-sexual lesbian content that I didn't count here - Antinua and Hathawa have at least a dozen events that aren't sexual.

That particular ratio wasn't really intentional, it's just how it's happened to come out so far. I wrote a lot of straight stuff because A) most women/men are straight and B) a female PC can access both lesbian and straight scenes. A male PC can only access the straight ones.

Dorllanen on

I'm interested in everything, bar programming. Because I just don't understand anything related to programming.

I must say - I often give out flowers, even to friends, but buttplugs? That's a new one. MAYBE I SHOULD CONSIDER IT THOUGH. Sign of times, I guess? Although when programming has more interest than cooking or sexy talk then maybe I'm not surprised at all *chuckle*.


benryher (not verified) on

I voted for the top four in the poll (as written) and I'll comment on two of them:I'm disappointed that "feminism" is receiving so few votes, I hope that you consider at least doing posts where you round up your thoughts on the subject every once in a while if you feel that it polls too unpopularly to post about everytime you are thinking about the topic.  I read a lot online but -- for reasons that are obvious and yet annoying -- most media outlets link to something Naomi Wolf wrote once a month and then wipe their hands of substantive coverage of the issues (etc.) surrounding pornography, so your referencing has been valuable at least to me.I'd personally enjoy programming posts that are more an exploration of utility than (what seem like) looks at features of programming.  For example, my personal background in programming is Fortran (sadly, that's the entirety of it, unless you count Mathematica).  I write code for scientific computing purposes, trying to get supercomputers to do very complicated calculations as quickly as possible, which envloves detailed management of how code is parellelized, how data is transferred, how algorithms work, etc.  When I come home at night and try to read up on just the basics of object oriented programming, all I can manage over and over again is to ask myself "Why?".  It seems to just make the code much longer and make writing efficient algorithms much more difficult, and as far as I can tell it only seems advantageous if the code you are writing has to also be worked on by someone who can't figure out what the code does.  So, for me (for example), posts simply explaining why object-oriented programming is even useful would be really cool... and then just apply the same frame to other areas (like why using a GPU is better for certain things than a CPU, etc.... though I already know the reason for that one haha).

BlueWinds on

This poll is really just for gauging interest, not a determining what I end up writing. I wasn't actually going to shut up about feminism even if it only got 10% of the votes. :P

Object Oriented Programming has upsides and downsides. I've never been a super big fan, but it does have advantages in certain situations - namely, when you're dealing with a small set of discrete object types.

This game has an excellent example: the condition matching code. Let's say I have this set of conditions:

{people: [{status: 'Hired', building: {status: 'Owned'}}]}

(You can probably guess what this means at a glance - "pick a Hired person living in an Owned building")

  1. I ask the Game object "check these conditions".
  2. The Game object knows (through its checkConditions method) that it has a list of People (You, Wend, Hathawa, etc.).
  3. The game asks each person in turn "Do you match the condition {status: 'Hired', building: {status: 'Owned'}}?"
  4. Each person decides whether they've been Hired.
  5. If they have, the Person object knows it (may) have a property "Building". If it does, it asks the Building "Do you match the conditions {status: 'Owned'}?"

In short, I can define "Do you match these properties" for People, Buildings, Rooms etc. - and the Game never needs to understand People, only know how to ask them questions. The Person object has no concept of a building's status, but it can delegate responsibility.

That's the key. When your behaviors are complex, object orientation allows you to delegate. Your top level methods can be dumb.

I could, in theory, add a new object type - say, "Items" that were attached to "People" - and since Items would know how to handle themselves, I'd only need a tiny tweak on the Person object ("pass any Item Conditions to your 'item' property") to integrate a whole new set of complex behaviors.

super on

I'm interested in everything, but then, I have way too much time. :)

How about unreleased writings of yours that we may find... interesting?

Y'know, that stuff that you think isn't good enough for the masses.

Anonymous (not verified) on

he gave me a butt plug

Oh, great! I haven't figured out what color roses to give whom/when, and now there's a new token! Plain, curved, powered, leather, racoon, fox, day-of-the-week... Well, I guess I must learn, so... What does one give that is accepted by someone who's not into them?