Wiki now open for contributions

Fri, 04/12/2013 - 18:10 -- BlueWinds

Yep. There it is. Pretty much empty. Go crazy. Well, please don't actually go crazy - Sakuya is out sick this week, and I really hate cleaning spittle from the carpet.


Arcess (not verified) on

There's something unusual going on with images on the wiki. It seems to share images with the Wikipedia Commons, so already has an image assigned to it, for example.

BlueWinds on

That is absolutely bizzare. I have no installed extensions that would do that... but it turns out that sharing is enabled by default. Not exactly what I would have expected.

Should be fixed now, I hope? Not a piece of software I'm real familiar with.

BlueWinds on

By the way, I've added you as an administrator to the wiki. Not sure what exactly that does, but hopefully you'll find it useful since you seem to know more about MediaWiki than I do - that infobox thing is nifty.

Arcess (not verified) on

I've never been a wiki admin before, so I'm not sure if I'll need the additional options, but at least I'll be able to action intentional vandals if I see any.

I have a tiny bit of experience from the wiki for a video game I once played, but it was full of people who were a lot more speedy and eager than I was, so I never really got a lot of hands on. But I did managed to pick up a couple of things.

Arcess (not verified) on

Spam accounts are being created on the wiki, and each is making one junk page in the main namespace with an unrelated external link. I spent a while going through and blocking and deleting on Wednesday, but they're now back and I'm not sure how to prevent this.

BlueWinds on

Wow, there were a lot of those. I've deleted the accounts, removed the spam pages (I may have accidentally hit one or two real ones edits, but it's hard to be careful when there's so much cleanup to do...), and added captchas to new account registration and new page creation.

No captchas for page editing still - let's hope these measures are enough. And I do appreceate the amount of time you put in. I didn't count, but there were hundreds of reverts - thanks.

serenity (not verified) on

i was playing around reading text and came across the guard rape... so i saved the game so i could see all 4 of the possible texts ... but upon reading the bribe text and reloading cannot get mana to get attacked by the guards again after 250 days ... does the guard attack scene get disabled ? if so... maybe yall could put that in the guide or allow for this event to re occour if you choose the bribe option

BlueWinds on

Definitely not disabled. The conditions for it are A) Rape on, B) at least day 15, C) You've completed or skipped the tutorial, D) you are not accompnaying the girl and D) she's in the slums, docks or garrison, E) you haven't started or completed the Avenge Rape quest line. All of that is read straight out of the code - someone should probably put it on the wiki, but I'm lazy. ;)

Given those, it is of rather low probability - your best bet for triggering it is either Streetwalk (1.5% chance per time-slot) or Exercise (1.2% per slot).