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Thu, 03/20/2014 - 19:37 -- BlueWinds

Two things in this post: an update, and a personal story. Everyone likes stories, right? Update first, story below the fold.

I am getting there! I edited the last sever images for Katri, wrote the fourth and final loan payment event, wrote one event for Tom Makhura, and added a harem scene involving all six women for a male PC.

Still to go are a couple more scenes, hiring Katri, and rebalancing Whore. Not that much left! I've also been working on the next game - new things are always shiny. I have some beautiful artwork from two artists, but I'm not sharing any of that here yet. :P



Story time! Not really related to anything, but it's been on my mind, so I thought I'd share.

Ok, not really a story, but more some random musings.

I'm four years out of college. I've been in paid labor for about one and a half of those (with a year-long break between the one and the half). My first serious work (other than random tiny little contract gigs) was for a startup, paying $50/hour. I took them from "concept" to "beta launch." Then, having raised $19 million in investment, they decided to bring me on full time.

The offer was under industry standard, with poor benefits. I said no, of course - I was expecting a percentage of the company, not a pitance. So they kicked me out, replaced me with a team of four developers, a project manager and an entire team from Belarus.

Skip ahead 18 months, and several million dollars in development. They're still using the server I built in 2012, because this other team can't get anything else working. It's a piece of crap - but I put it together in six months, while their whole team of experienced developers can't build something to match after a year and a half.


I'd rather have had 3% of $19 million, but I can at least take comfort in poetic justice. That and $.25 will get me a package of Ramen.


super on

Ha! Too bad about the 3% though. Sounds cozy.

But $50/hr sounds nice to me. What type of startup do you look at for that kind of pay? It makes me wish I had finished college, but hopefully my entrepreneurial ideas will take shape and I can grab some dough that way.

I'm considering just writing the dream story instead of saving it for something to be written by 30-35 year old, more practiced at writing, me. When I explained it in the other topic I kind of created some story landmarks for it without really thinking about it.

Eagerly awaiting the new release, and the new game. :)

BlueWinds on

You look for startups being founded by an owner with lots of cash. Contracting is very different than steady work - it was nothing like 40 hours / week. But tech pays well in general.

My advice would be to write it now - dream stories tend to loose their appeal or change over time, so if you write what you like now, you'll have more ideas later that you'll want to write then. Creativity and good ideas are a stream of water, not an oil well - they don't run out.

super on

Thanks for the encouragement! I found that it helps to talk to others about it, because they can have good ideas to help with the plot. I've got some really good ideas and concepts for it now, some came from other dreams and some from conversations. I hope those concepts keep coming because the story keeps sounding more and more awesome with each new idea.

Coga on

Yeah, it's a bummer losing out on your money, but hey, life's short- might as well do what you want in the end.


Anyway, onto cheerier stuff- anything you can share about your next project :) ? It doesn't have to be an entire plot walkthrough or anything, maybe some technical things- will it be in visual novel format, are there any RPG elements etc. Let's all get hype together~!

BlueWinds on

I'm playing it close to my chest for now - spoilers (and even hints) kept to a minimum. :P

But it involves a world map, retconning the Universal Trading Company into the Universal Trading Concern, and a pathfinding algorithm I've modified from A* with the help of this blog post.

Coga on

A polygon dating sim? How avant-garde! I call dibs on anything with more than five sides- what can I say? I find hexagons really... SIX-Y!




Geez, tough crowd.

James (not verified) on

Sorry if I sound a bit stupid here, but I noticed you were working hard on! That games is freaking awesome, and I beat the first one as soon as it came out :D I just know figured out that the new one is a demo and you are currently working on it right? So are you almost done with the new You know the progress that was mentioned in this update? To talk about the game a little, it would be nice to have a activity to increase submissive/dominate stat. If you go have sex with Callie to much, you become submissive, and after awhile there is no way to increase it to dominate, which leads to only being able to increase your oral skills rather than viginal skills. Don't read this next part anyone if you don't want a spolier.


You get into an argument with Alison, and I figured in order to have sex with her you would have to increase your skills...but you right now can increase only oral.

This isn't a finished project and it's just a demo AND you can't see all scenes in one playthough, I just wanted to let you know ;)


I love your work man, love it. I can't wait to see your new project as well. 

BlueWinds on

Yep, there's actions to modify your personality traits in the full game. Overall I'm not real happy with how the dom/sub sens/slut thing turned out - it was an experiment, to let the player control their personality, but it didn't really work out well for a game with so much writing involved.

"I love your work man, love it. I can't wait to see your new project as well."

Man? :looks around: Nope, no men around here. :P

Anonymous (not verified) on

I wonder how much time will it be 'till people start figuring out that you're a woman, Winds...

Though I'm pretty sure that you find this confusion more amusing than anything, truth be told.

BlueWinds on

Each new person that arrives... is a new person. And since I lack an "about me" page, the only way to figure out my gender is to read comments on old posts... not the most popular past time. :P

In short, I expect to be re-establishing my gender for the rest of my online life, or at least until there's some drastic societal change.

Eaun (not verified) on


On advance, no, Im not a stalker, but I like reading through a developer's thoughts over time. How their views change (or don't) over the time, over the feedback, over the trolls, over the loss/gain of faith in humanity etc.

That said, I would probably consider it a good exercise/hobby for those like me, trying to familiarize with a "foreign" culture, with a chance to peek into the mind of one of the "Advanced" beings of said foreign culture.

(by the way, did you ever read trough the developer diaries of the Introversion Software guys/girls? those were quite interesting and enjoyable).

BlueWinds on

Well, I'm sure there are people who enjoy reading archives (I do in some situations), it remains "not the most popular pasttime." :P

I had never heard of Introversion Software before - if you have a link to their diaries, I'll take a look (it wasn't immediately obvious what you're referring to from their website).

BlueWinds on

Nevermind, found it in their blog archives. I read through perhaps a dozen posts, but didn't feel really involved, since I already knew the ending (game is cancelled) and hadn't played any of their previous games before.

ThatGuy on

Maybe he was being colloquial? I don't speak for him, but I, for one, refer to anyone as 'dude'. Male, female, young, old. I seriously have referred to an old lady as 'dude' before.


That might just be me though. >_>

BlueWinds on

It's not just you - it's a feature of the English language that masculine is generic.

Or it's a bug, rather. There's a reason most people say "humankind" rather than "mankind" nowadays.

James (not verified) on

Nah you are right, I use "man" and "dude" as an end scentencer, not acutally calling Bluewinds (like the name btw) out on her actual gender XD


Either way, nw I know you are a woman, let's leave it at that. Humankind, mankind, means the same thing, and a gender discussion is rather useless when we have an awesome game to play huh? XD

BlueWinds on

> Humankind, mankind, means the same thing

No, no it doesn't. One includes the entire race, the other assumes that only half the race is worthy of consideration.

They are not the same.

James (not verified) on

Your a girl? O.O...


Sorry lol, just seems like a girl wouldn't make something like this. Usually guys do this type of stuff. I'm not one of those guys that's like "omg a gurl is makin a pronz gamez dats hot!", it's just unexpected XD

Natas Baker on

Gender isnt a variable in whether or not you can learn code neither does it affect if you decide to use that code to make video games. There are alot of famous female game devolpers and even more famous female erotica writers mind you. 

James (not verified) on

I have nothing against female gender, I'm sorry. I wasn't limiting skill down to gender...I just maybe shouldn't have said that in the way I did. I was just trying to show my surprizing feeling, because I didn't know many females did stuff like this. I'll do some research on some female erotic writers sometime. 

BlueWinds on

"You'll probably won't even show this comment because of your cowardness of gender sensitivity"

Indeed, goodsir, I won't.


A note to people attempting to comment here: I moderate comments on this blog with a rather heavy hand.

You can disagree with me, but you cannot be (1) angry and you cannot be (2) personal.

This is about ideas, not people. If you can abide by these rules, feel free to disagree with me all you like - plenty of people do, and plenty of people get their comments approved (James above, until he started getting angry) even when I find them annoying or wrong.

Another anonymous poster violated the "personal" rule - he attempted to make this about "you" and "your kind" rather than about my ideas. Apologies to anyone who briefly saw that comment - I usually glance at a comment, approve it if it's not obviously confrontational, then finish reading. That one slipped by my radar.

Taikdarys (not verified) on

You know, that makes me think... just exactly how much shit do you deal with that we don't even know?

I mean... look, I don't agree with everything you say. You say some pretty good things, but I don't think that everysingle one of them are right or true, just as I don't think that all I say is right or true (as much as it seems that way to me). After all, no one here is the lord of truth, right?

That said, I think it is really low to go on a personal level. And unfortunately, this seems to happen a lot. It's fine if you disagree with someone - no one is forced to agree with the point-of-view of others - but if you are going to give words to that disagreement, you should at least be civil. People these days (and now I sound like an old man, despite being younger than you) seems to always resort to offensive irony, passive-agressive statements and outright insults, as if they think than this makes their point better or proves that they are right.

It is a sad thing that people seems not to realize anymore that, in a discussion, arguing is just half of it; the other half is actually listening and respecting to what others have to say.

And... oh, by the way, I've put a nickname for me. "Taikdarys". It means "Peacemaker" in lituan, you know? Not that I speak lituan or anything, but I think this is pretty cool! At least now you can somehow know that I'm me when I say something to you here. Yay!

BlueWinds on

Lithuanian, eh? I know preciesly two words of Latvian (spoken, I don't know how to spell them), but no Lithuanian.

Civil disagreement does seem to be a lost art sometimes, but I take hope from the places it's still practiced - mostly in original posts rather than in comments, but still. I try to do my part.

AColonyOfAnts on

Just wondering; have you ever had to remove a comment from a verified user?

BlueWinds on

Not that I can recall. Which I find odd, since it's easy enough to generate throw away email addresses, register, and get your comment immediately visible.

Perhaps I'm overestimating the amount of effort people are willing to spend on being angry, but given the length of some rants people consign to the void (after I read the first sentence) it seems odd.

BlueWinds on

Hah, very funny. I don't generally enjoy ribald humor, but I do occasionally, especially when it's super heavy-handed like this. Hit it with a sledgehammer.

Meridon (not verified) on

Good for you.  I remember reading George Washington had a rule, among a few other of general hospitality and civility, in his house that said you may not speak ill of anyone.  You could speak of their ideas.  You could speak of actions.  You may not speak ill of them.  Veiled personal attacks were likewise frowned upon.  These, in general, are good rules to live and discuss by, and I thank anyone who works to enforce them.

Josh (not verified) on

Hey, looking forward to the relese, just wondering if the homosexuality can be for male and female characters, and if the extra sex scenes can happen for both charaters?

BlueWinds on

Thanks. :)

There is currently no male-male sex in the game, nor are there any plans for it. Nothing against that sort of thing - it's just not my interest, so I don't plan on forcing myself to write it.

James on

If it makes anything better, I've decided to make an account here. Besides, doing this should prove that I am not a random troll, and while I can't sadly donate anything due to...things...the least I can do is show some support by signing up.


I'm sincerely sorry I've caused this mess all because of my choice of wording, I'll watch my netiquette a little more wisely next time. 


All I really came here for was to say how awesome the game was. Again, I sincerely apologize T_T (I wasn't angry btw, I just didn't want to discuss gender is all) 


Edit: I looked through the whole blog and it seems as though you get this trouble all the time X_X. I am so sorry X_X

James on

They proably most likely come from porn game sites. Brothel is on quite a few porn game sites, so they play the game, then they see "site". They click that, and they appear here :D

Coga on

But of course! Pornography is a universal constant! It has been with us since the dawn of mankind, and shall be with us even when we've evolved into being of pure energy living at the interstices of the Nth and 35th dimensions (mmm, xhe's got some nice string particles, hurrr).


Honestly, I'm more surprised that isn't more well known- gameplay's simple to understand (but hard to master), and it does have some nice (if non-unique) porn, and an enjoyable storyline beneath everything. More enjoyable than, say, Slave Maker which gets boring outside the stuff made by cmac and Fenoxo, Corruption of Champions (also by Fenoxo) with its endless parade of out-there fetishes, and don't get me started on the many, many, many terrible RPGMaker games out there. The Queen Opala series is the only one worth talking about, and that's because it focuses on story first, porn second, AND has original art.


Man, look at all these words I wrote about tittygames.

ThatGuy on

Actually, this post reminds me of the adult dating game "Date Ariane". Most dating games are utter garbage, but I think this one and its sequel are kinda good. I remember how BlueWinds stated she doesn't like most porn games, since they tend to be at least somewhat misogynistic, but maybe she'd like this one? I don't know if you know of it BW, but there's the suggestion if you're interested I guess.

HypnoKitten on

I am torn now - half of me is excited that you're working on something new, the other half wants this to just keep going and going and... Have I mentioned that you're one of my two favorite indie developers?  (And totally get the 'shiny' syndrome - I'm making headway on a dozen projects in my spare time, half could be done by now if I could have your staying power and focus.  Props.)

And yea, startups.. urgh.  I had a team contract me out to code for them in a totally new language, on a totally new OS, as a trial bases.  A month later I'd met every goal they'd set out for me (even though they communicated poorely and changed things up a few times), added some extra features, and then they offered me a contract that was pennies on the dollar of what I'd originally discussed with them.  Calculating only half the hours I was really expected to put in it would have come to less than minimum wage after you took in taxes.  Good job moving away from that - they happened to have made it as a business (rare) but sounds like they'd have worked you into the ground and thrown you out anyway.

BlueWinds on

You have, but I'm always pleased to hear it again. You have such a wonderful writing voice that I'm always happy to see your comments. It's warm and fuzzy and I really love cats.

The startup I left isn't making it as a business - they're blowing through investment capital at an astonishing rate wth no sign of making headway. And the new startup I'm working with (which did make me a very solid offer, right at the beginning) is well positioned to blow them out of the water.