Yet another non-release update

Fri, 11/08/2013 - 18:58 -- BlueWinds

Whelp, here's another week. This week I debugged like mad, redid the Job/Customers system a bit (it was always a bit weird, now it's simpler and more intuitive how Reputation works), and played way too much Avadon 2.

Spiderweb Software is my favorite game developer, bar none. He's been releasing quality games for almost as long as I've been alive, and they just keep getting better. Ignore the sometimes bad artwork. Mute the horrible sound effects. Read all the text.

Give his stuff a shot - he has huge free demos. Avadon 2 is rather casual as far as the "gaming experience," but fun. Avernum: Escape From the Pit is a remake of a remake... but currently my favorite game of all time (I expect it to be replaced next year by the sequel). Geneforge 5 has one of the best game-settings / stories I've seen, though it feels a little old now.

I have no affiliation with Spiderweb. I'm just a fan and felow developer, and hoping to distract you from my own lack of progress. ^^;;


Anonymous (not verified) on

As always best of luck with your project BW, but I honestly think that you could have found a "more deserving" game to plug...
I mean, no offence; but one would figure that Jeff Vogel would at least fix some of the issues which plagued his game four+ iterations ago rather then remake them with the same gripes again and again... :( (and again and again AND again ;p)

BlueWinds on

What gripes in particular do you have?

The balance could be improved (see the fan remixes of A:EftP), but I think he keeps making the same games over and over because people like me keep buying and enjoying them. :P

Anonymous (not verified) on

Too many to count, but apparently just not enough to keep me away from eventually trying the "latest sequel" ;p

Just please do me one favour: if and when you decide to use a separate inventory screen, (or a quest one, or whatever) and if and when you allow for binds to ease the acess - for the love of god, make the screen toggable on the same key rather then having to press esc to close it. :)

alrick on

LOL  i think i learned english with the first avernum <_< now i'm trying to end a second time the first opus, escape from the pit, though it's a bit easy s a game :)

it was also the first game on wich i used a key gene <_< but now i got the set of 2 dvd and the 8 games :p

not fond of the 3 last one ...



BlueWinds on

Hah, yeah. I usually use a keygen, play through the whole thing, and then at some later point send him money. ^^;; Not this time - I actually bought Avadon 2 before playing.

In case anyone noticed, the releases I've made so far include the GPL license (ie, you have the explicit right to redistribute or modify it at any time). is Free Software, even though it's not quite yet free-as-in-beer.

Avernum 4 was terrible. I quite liked 5, and 6 was mediocre. Escape From the Pit is excellent, however. I can't wait for The Crystal Souls - Avernum 2 was my favorite of the old series.