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Sun, 09/15/2013 - 17:06 -- BlueWinds

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So, here's the deal. I spend a lot of time cleaning up images. I'd like some help with it. A lot of people volunteered, and rather than attemp to coordinate everything in my head and via email, a form thread seems like a better idea.

I'm going to lost a list of images here, and a description of what needs to be done to them (right click and save-as - they're full resolution, even though they're displayed tiny on the page).

You people do stuff, and post the results back in here. I'll add the cleaned images to the game, and give you credit - it (along with the original source of every image) is visible A) in dump.html and B) by looking at the code.

Here's a sample of the colors of eyes and hair for all the characters. When I say "this is X", look here for "X" to see the cannonical values for their hair and eyes.

Wend: Hathawa: Antinua: (regardless of lighting, her eyes are always completely colorless)

I'll keep this first post up to date, removing items as people do them and adding my new requests. I'll also make new a new post whenever I update this opening. If you see an image back up here that you already did, let me know and upload it again! I probably lost it rather than am intentionally ignoring you. I'd let you know if there were an issue and I was (intentionally) not going to use your version.

  • All Images: When done, images should be resized to a maximim dimension of 800px (if larger - don't blow them up!), saved as jpg, and the quality reduced until they're ~100kb or smaller. When removing backgrounds, be careful - the final version needs to still look crisp. No stray white pixels or faded areas.
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So, a couple of words on quality.

I'm rather picky about images. I generally work at 800-1200% zoom depending on the image - each pixel is individually visible. I don't care about "pixel-perfect" (and clients who ask for that are ass-hats :P), but I do want something at least close - lines and edges should stay clean (no fuzz, no stray white pixels) and modifed colors should feel "right" with the lighting.

I didn't always have this level of quality myself - you can probably find some poorly done older images - but I do want to maintain it going forward.

I don't mean to discourage anyone, but I also don't want to waste people's valuable time with edits I'll have to turn down - it feels bad for everyone involved.

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Just popping in to say that applesauce's work is good, and to cross those three off the list. Thanks!

Dorllanen on

Hey Blue, can I assume you still need help with those posted here? (Shit, why I'm always late to the party?) I'd like to take a look if I may. As a side note, maybe you could upload the "source girls" images here. Truth to be told I have no idea how Antinua, Hathawa or Wend look like. No, wait I found Wend in the demo. The violet hair gal, right?


EDIT: Or, even better, just write the hex code for the colours you want us to use for their hair&eyes.

EDIT2: Rain_0 with Wend done:

I deleted the background in Stoic.jpg and begun working on Rain_1.jpg & Rain.jpg with Hathawa, as I know she's blonde (btw I don't know how it will turn out, dark hair is shitty to turn into blonde. Speaking of which, good blonde truly is hard to get).Will resume works when I know what hair and eye colour they have. I also begun working on the campfire but... are you sure you meant "smudge"? It looks strange and not at all like a city XD Fuck it and say it's a park or outskirts or whatever :P

BlueWinds on

Ooh, hex colors. Let's just pretend I thought of that.

I don't actually have hex colors for them - I do have the settings for GIMP's Colorize tool, though. The first two numbers are Hue and Saturation - the third is kind of like Lightness, but measured -100 to 100 as a transformation of the existing value, rather than an absolute number (so the tool maintains highlights and dark areas, just recolors).

In short, the Hue and Saturations listed are "official", the "lightness" depends entirely on the picture, and the RGB values are only approximate. Make of it what you will. ;)

Later edit: These values are very poor. Instad see "cannonical images" in the first post.

Antinua - Eyes (180/0/10 ~ #808080), Hair (44/38/24 ~ #B0964F)

Hathawa - Eyes (138/35/-35 ~ #295637), Hair (40, 45, -14 ~ #816731)

Wend - Eyes (329, 23, 0 ~#6E455A), Hair (274, 21, 5 ~#83659A)

Dorllanen on

Cool, I just wanted a rough estimate. Shall we say I got Wend right or should I fix her? I was eyeballing to be honest.

BlueWinds on

The link takes a loooong time to load for me - I thought it wasn't going to work at all until it did. On the other hand it may just be my connection that's really slow today.

Your Wend is pretty good. If you still have the layers saved you could darken her hair a little, but no need to redo work for a minor tweak like that. You estimated the dome image very well, but I changed her hair tone since the demo was released. ^^;; Take a look at this one:

Hathawa is light/mid brown, rather than blond. That doesn't really come out in the hex version of her hair color. Here's one of my favorites of her:

Dorllanen on

Ah, then Hath should be easier to do. I used this one: before and it looked blonde(ish) to me.

I have all the other files saved as .psd BAR the dreaded Wend. So, if you say it's okay, I'd prefer to let it slide (and do better next time).

Stoic made and a change of host (strange though, pimp is really good to me and images stay reaaaaaally long, even without any trafic):

As a side note - if you zoom in really close, the colour on the edges might seem off (although I judge the picture how it looks on 100%, since that's how it will be viewed). The outline in the original pic was greyish and looked well on a white BG, but here it stands out. I wasn't sure whether to darken it or leave it as-is so I kinda took the middleground. If there's need of adjustments, feel free to yell.

Dorllanen on



However I try I can't get that colour from the pic (btw, the eyes on your pic and the hex code provide differ greatly - is this correct?). Well, I'm saying "she's wet, hair goes darker when it's wet".


Btw Hath looks sweet. I'm totally looking forward doing depraved things to her when you release the game >:D.


 I'm still not sure whether that's what you meant. To "hide" the smudginess I attach a version with a tint of lens blur with additional noise.

No blur:


So that leaves you with Bondage4.jpg. I won't touch this one because I probably can't do it properly. AND I DISAGREE WITH BUTCHERING THIS AWESOME PICTURE. Yeah. It totally goes to my fap folder.

Btw, if you want to adjust the hue personally I could provide .psd files (or any kind that carries layers). You would just need to select layer and 95% work is done. Yell if you need something else or should I fix the uploaded images (in case they're a no-no).

BlueWinds on

I'll have to check out the colors later when I have more time to see where the RGB mismatch comes from.

I agree that that pic is awesome - trouble is there's no electriciy to power those cords in an early-renaisance world. ^^;;

Rain pics look good. For the camping, I write things first, then look for / mod pictures to fit - the scene in question is on a city street, rather than in a park or forest. I was imagining the background more strongly smudged, until it was all just indistinct blue-ish, and leave what's really there to the player's imagination.

Dorllanen on

So - more smudge, got it. I'll look at it tomorrow. Any more details about the scene? Maybe hunting down a different image might be better? Although I like this artist, he has a peculiar style.

Yeah, I get that about the bondage pic. Nevertheless if editing this image proves too dificult to whomever will do it, maybe wing it and say in the scene that's either a magic rotor and these are totally not power cords - they're tubes and she's being... pumped... by... with... and... well... maybe not that good of an idea after all. MAGIC! A wizard did it.

Dorllanen on

Campfire v. 2 The Smudgy Night:

With background:

Without background:


(Hair and eyes done; screws removed). Cords still there :P. I tried to remove a bit of jpeg artifacts because when you go deeper, the image quality is horrendous (I imagine it was tossed around the web a good few times before it ended here). Because of that I did not resized it and upload it in .png. If someone wants to pick up the torch - by all means. Otherwise, ignore it.


Dorllanen on


Imho, that looks *nice*! For me personally it's a bang-up job, I'm almost sure BlueWinds will agree. Okay, now we need to make our master and commander to look at all this stuff and CLEAN THE THREAD BLUE. We need your input whether it's good and a new batch of images would be nice too.




Yeah. And glory to Hath-chan!

Jyeti on

Okay. I've tackled the Rain.jpg image and sent it to the benevolent creator, BlueWinds.  I kept the .xcf layered file in case the coloring wasn't right.  I'd post it here, but I haven't put it on a site.

BlueWinds on

Woot, thanks everyone! And very nice work on the bondage pic, Dorllanen. I'm fine with leaving the egg in place - it's small and easy enough to ignore as is.

I don't have another batch of pictures ready to be cleaned yet - still trying to get the game back into a working state after all the code changes.

Dorllanen on

Credit when it's due, as I only made the hair in the bondage pic - the cords and the REALLY hard stuff was made by Terryble.

Btw, out of sheer curiosity - which version of campfire pic you went with? I'm asking for future reference:P

Jyeti on

I actually ended up sending three versions of Rain.jpg myself and am also curious which one was chosen so that I know which is the most ideal goal.  I'm hoping that BlueWinds really liked one of them since I haven't gotten a message asking to try altering it again.  Once I have the layers, I find it great fun experimenting as I try for an ideal look.

BlueWinds on

Hm, I'll have to look more closely - I remember getting one version from you, but not three. Been feeling a bit disorganized recently - I probably just grabbed the most recent one without comparing the differences.

Terryble on

I've made a couple of minor changes to the image, it's still at the same address so just grab it again if you already have. Unless I go insane and decide to try to remove the egg I think it's finished now.

Thanks Dorllanen for the hair and eyes, I have a lot more fun doing the stuff I did than messing around with color replacement and carefully selecting hair.

Dorllanen on

Haha, I know what you mean ^^. Nevertheless I like that kind of work, time to time. It's strangely therapeutical.

BlueWinds on

Ok, new batch of images up. Also, please see the first post for the set of images I consider "most correct" as far as hair and eye color goes - probably a lot more helpful than the very incorrect values I gave before.

Terryble on

I'm going to call this an attempt at Undressing_1.jpg, I won't be offended at all if you reject it.

As for "Creampie.jpg" I'm currently working on that, I've decided to go slightly nuts and deconsor it while I'm at it. Once that's done I'll work on the headband, I'm pretty sure it can be removed; the ear will be the difficult section but I shall try it. If somebody else wants to do the hair and eye color for Creampie I would be much obliged as it will help me get the rest done faster.

This links to my current progress on Creampie.jpg, except to see some weird, work in progress shit:

BlueWinds on

Undressing looks good, thanks.

Is... is it weird that I never noticed that image was censored before? *^^* I guess I spent a lot more time looking at her face, and only ever glanced down to the bottom. Yep, probably a bit weird. ^^;;

BlueWinds on

The Anal image is very good.

Hair and eyes is Smirk are good as well, but the background is now pure white instead of #222222 like it should be. Receptionist has a similar problem - it's blue rather than grey. Hopefully you still have some intermediate stage, where you can change the background again easily?

I realize now that's probably my fault - I think it HTML colors, where #222 and #222222 are synonymous, rather than image editors, where people probably read #222 as #000222.

Anyway, thanks for the very high quality work so far.

Terryble on

Woops! The links should now both be updated with the corrected images.

BlueWinds on

Yay, very nice (including Smirk_1 below).

BlueWinds on

Looks good. :)

BlueWinds on

Three new images posted above, plus two still from the last set. If they're not done by the end of the weekend, I'll probably do them myself so they can be nice in the next release.

So, know what's really weird? How sensitive we are to facial expression. Take a look at the newest Antinua pic in the first post (the Sword one) - I adjusted a total of 20 pixels - 5px wide on each side, moved them down 1-2 each, and suddenly she's frowning instead of smiling.

On an image containing half a million px, 20 of them were enough to change the entire mood.

Terryble on

Yeah humans are hardwired to pay incredible attention to human faces. I've read that babies can recognise their mother's face from any other face in the world from the moment they're born. It's one of the most important skills for people to have and that's part of what can make autism spectrum and the ilk so disruptive.

I'm working on Sword_0, Crying and CoweringBystander, links follow and are WIP until stated otherwise.

Terryble on

I have now completed Sword_0 and Crying. For the record, Crying was way harder than it had any right to be. CoweringBystander is under way.

For the convenience of anyone using Photoshop's 'Match Color' tool as I am or for anyone who knows how to use .sta files with GIMP for similar effect here is a pack of all the .sta files you need to do this stuff. Note that Antuina's eyes simply need to be completely desaturated so no .sta file has been included for her eyes.


Terryble on

And CoweringBystander is now finished as well.

BlueWinds on

With the legs is the one I wanted. Looks good - thanks!

BlueWinds on

Not sure why your code messed up in this one and not the other (I edited to fix it, and shrink the images a bit in both).

This one looks good too, just needs a tiny bit more work - Antinua's blonde (see this image).

applesauce on

All images seem to be completed up to date at current, is that correct?

alrick (not verified) on

i think this one wasn't done:

Uploaded with

BlueWinds on

Hey, thanks for doing all these. Options are always good! I ended up using your version of Crying.jpg here (it looks nice without the background), and Terryble's for the others.

Blonde hair is really hard to do - I still haven't quite gotten the hang of it. I really like Terryble's Antinua stuff.