Oh no!

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 01:02 -- BlueWinds

It's time to admit my feelings. I'm a complete Homura fangirl. Like... serious case of fictional-character crush.



My theme song right now. Over the past month, I have tried... a lot of things.


Wed, 04/23/2014 - 16:34 -- BlueWinds

So, time for an update.

I have the game engine for my next game up and running, and seem to have most of the bugs fixed. I had this done a couple weeks ago - haven't really made too much progress recently.

The artists continue chugging away. I have some truely amazing pieces that I'm getting pretty excited to share, but I shall hold strong - you all will have to wait for the demo :P. Probably still a couple months away, depending on exactly how motivated I am (and how busy my other job keeps me - things are crazy there right now).


I'm feeling a bit perverted today, so this next bit contains Too Much Information about me. If you're not interested, don't increase the zoom on your screen until you can read the fine print. :P

I've been visiting an erotica writers group here in Seattle for nearly 9 months now. We sit, read one person's work, and then critique it while that person listens. About six months ago though, a new guy started showing up - Torp, I shall call him. Torp was about 30 years my senior, and Torp liked me. Torp thought I was really attractive.

Now, this is somewhat of an unusual experience for me. I'm tall and thin and a bit flat and don't put much effort into my appearance. I don't usually get any attention paid to my body, only my mind. But we ended up drinking coffee, and talking about life - I did rather enjoy his company, and he enjoyed mine, though I made it quite clear at the beginning that it was going nowhere.

He was, it turned out, doing two things of relevance to this story. First of all, he was moving back to California. And second, he was getting rid of some BDSM equipment for his move (he's very much a masochistic, a little submissive). He offered to give me some of his stuff, but I dimmured - I was just discovering my kinky nature at that point, and not ready to do anything so drastic as *own a sex toy*. He laughed, and we kept talking.

The second and final time I met him, he presented me with a little black box, velvet padded and containing a steel butt plug. I didn't turn it down that time, though of course I was rather embarassed. *^^* And that is how I came to own my first sex toy, an $85 steel butt plug gifted to me in a non-creepy way by an almost complete stranger.

Now, of course, I'm a little more comfortable in my own skin. I might like a ball-gag, or wrist/ankle cuffs or something else I can use on myself without a partner. ;)


Lady Meghan

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 02:21 -- BlueWinds

While I work on the demo of the next game, I thought I might write up some articles on the various people you might meet, or parts of the world that haven't been explained yet. Also, share some low-res preview art.

Let's start with Lady Meghan. While you might know her best for her interaction with Karter (changing him into Katri in a fit of pique over his insulting pickup attempt), you'd do well not to judge her by that. She's normally quite good natured - a good thing too, given the amount of power in her delicate little hands.

Describe your character

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 22:21 -- BlueWinds
Female / Dom
13% (123 votes)
Female / Neither or Switch
15% (141 votes)
Female / Sub
23% (226 votes)
Male / Dom
28% (274 votes)
Male / Neither or Switch
16% (151 votes)
Male / Sub
5% (49 votes)
Total votes: 964

Continuing our long line of polls, what did you play?


I should probably eat something today other than the single doughnut I had for breakfast. Let me share a recipe.

Release 1.02

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 00:55 -- BlueWinds
Female player, female character
11% (71 votes)
Female player, male character
3% (23 votes)
Male player, female character
47% (317 votes)
Male player, male character
37% (251 votes)
Other (explain in comments)
2% (11 votes)
Total votes: 673

I'm sure many people tried out both genders, but just answer the one you consider "primary". The "other" section is mainly for people who don't identify with the gender binary.


This release is bugfix only. It contains many spelling and grammar corrections, as well as the ability to actually hire Katri. Thanks to everyone who reported issues - even one-letter nitpicks (correcting typos) are much appreciated.

Development Snapshot: 

Favorite Woman

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 20:33 -- BlueWinds
21% (87 votes)
11% (46 votes)
15% (60 votes)
23% (96 votes)
6% (25 votes)
24% (97 votes)
Total votes: 411

Define "favorite" however you'd like.

I do not mean to be ignoring all the wonderful comments I've been getting - I will have a new bugfixed release for you all sometime this weekend, and will respond to people who need responses before then.

Now, curious as I am about this fact (and I'll be putting up more polls soon), it has a point. I was recently asked an interesting question:

What do women desire in hentai/porn? Generally, like the mainstream stuff. For example do they like the man being rough, gentle (but dominant and confident), that sort of thing. Since you seem to be a lesbian...

Anyways generally I find that a lot of hentai mainly doujins and movies, don't really have all that touchy feely stuff (which I actually kind of like) and most of it is just about mindless fucking. Anyways I would appreciate your views on this, and if you know any other females let me know so I can ask them :l

Do not be afraid to go into detail, if you wish to write an essay on this I will read it with vigor.

Very well, an essay it is. But an essay deconstructing the question, rather than answering it. ;)

Release 1.0 (now 1.01)

Tue, 04/01/2014 - 21:18 -- BlueWinds

Hold onto your sexy-parts, ladies and gentlemen... it's here. 10 months, 13 days after the demo was announced:

Version 1.0.

This release contains:

  • 6 hireable women, each with dozens of unique images
  • 79000 words, comprising 627 distinct events.
  • 538 files, 421 of which are images and 99 of which are .js scripts
  • 33.7mb of compressed goodness
  • 35.7mb when uncompressed (yeah, not a ton of difference)

Enjoy. :)

Download (best experience) or Play Online

Edit: 1.01 contains a couple of minor fixes - several events now render properly, and some typos have been corrected. If you've been playing the online version, you may need to refresh the page a couple of times for the changes to show up.

Release 0.9

Sat, 03/29/2014 - 22:09 -- BlueWinds

So, here's the final backers-only release. In the next few days I'll be finishing up the last few details (and fixing any bugs discovered here) for a full public (free) release of the game. Expect it... very early April.

In this release:

  • Katri is now hireable (and her transformation related events should be a bit smoother).
  • I finished the last ~10 images for Katri.
  • There is a fourth loan payment (not a ton of text surrounding it, but some).
  • Apologizing to Alison after your fight (you can only trigger this event once, so you'll probably have to start a new game to see it).
  • A big gangbang is now available once you've hired all the women.
  • I tweaked the whoring money calculation. I didn't test the change, so you all will have to tell me how well it compares to Baths / Public Use now.

Emerald City Comic Con

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 22:53 -- BlueWinds

Anyone else in Seattle and going? I was there today running a booth, and I'll be back on Sunday.

So... tired... I hold up to prolongued physical labor pretty well (and standing up + moving around for 10 hours counts), but crowds and people and smiling and talking...

I'd rather be locked in a basement alone for a month than locked in a basement with five others for a month.


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