Status update

Sat, 10/26/2013 - 22:36 -- BlueWinds

Thanks for everyone who did the most recent batch of images - I will get around to updating that thread sometime next week. At the moment, I'm completely exhausted.

The re-write of the game engine is done. Still a little buggy, but it loads. I'm currently updating all the content to use the new format - it's clearer, more consistant, and smaller. Done with ~25% of that.

This week wasn't all that productive - and the reason is that I'm staffing a booth at AkiCon! One of my friends is running it, and asked for help, so... Weds was chaos, trying to get everything organized. Thurdsay, we were up until 3:00 AM. Friday, we got up at 6:30, took a taxi-van loaded with stuff down to the convention, set up, ran the table until 7:00 PM, and took the bus back. I arrived home at 11:00 PM.

Wow, that was tiring. I'm not really a crowds-person. I spent today recovering, while another friend helps him run things. Tomorrow I'll go back down at 7:00 AM again to run the booth and pack up in the evening.

No, I will not say which booth I'm at. :P Only that this is our very first convention ever, and we're learning a lot. Very fun. Lots of interesting people. Exhausting, but fun.

Progress... kind of?

Sun, 10/20/2013 - 19:41 -- BlueWinds

So, I got a little distracted these post few days. See, the current code is a wee bit messy, despite the version 0.6 re-write... and, well, I started refactoring again; ^^;;

I have a rather specific goal this time: clean separation of game and engine. I want (almost) all the code living in one directory, and all the configuration and design decisions living in another.

Version 0.61

Mon, 10/14/2013 - 16:26 -- BlueWinds

Grumble grumble, things not working the way they should...

Anyway, here's the latest snapshot. I wanted to get it out this weekend, but ended up debugging and feature adding instead. Some of the images in this release aren't cleaned yet - poke your head in on this thread if you're interested in helping out with that.

  • This version has all the text for recruiting Antinua, but most of it won't trigger properly. You could be patient, or you could poke your head into dump.html and read it now.
  • There are roughly 2000 more words than the last release - and more importantly, many fewer bugs preventing you from reaching them.
  • Recruiting Hathawa should be working properly again.
  • Two new room types and a new (but boring) job. There are probably bugs with them.
  • Slightly improved balance and pacing. I don't want to say "good" or even "ok," but a little less horrific.

As always, please report bugs, typos, and anything else that seems even a little weird. I prefer as comments rather than the "Contact Me" form (a change from what I've said in the past).

As soon as I finish cleaning up Antinua's path, I'll get back to working on some backer stuff. Fear not, those of you who I have spoken with about your content - I have not forgotten you!


Thu, 09/19/2013 - 23:20 -- BlueWinds

So, here's where we stand.

The reworking of game mechanics for the next version turned into a full fledged re-write of the entire codebase. This rewrite is in theory done - in practice it needs a ton of testing and bugfixing.

Said re-write also spawned a lot of extra in-game content - I've added about 6,000 words since the last release (hard to get an accurate count, since I haven't fixed dump.js for the new version yet).

And until the end of the week I'm hosting family for her birthday, and this isn't the sort of thing I can work on while my mother is staying over. ^^;;

Long story short... no release yet, but hopefully in the middle of next week. I will also have to finish up any of the current batch of image editing no one else has done before I can release (thanks, applesauce for doing three of them so far).

I don't want to subject anyone to the steaming pile of broccoli rinds that is the current code base. Thanks for your patience.

Another non-release post

Sat, 09/07/2013 - 00:47 -- BlueWinds

So, you know what's really satisfying? Deleting code. Seriously, it's like chocolate icecream.

I've been working on 0.6, which is a ~2/3rds re-write of the game engine, and it's about 100 lines shorter - even after adding a bunch of new features. :)

Saves are about 1/3rd smaller, the game runs faster, and it's more fun to play - less repetitive, faster-paced. Rather than click-click-click until something interesting happens, you may actually have choices on what aspect of the game to pursue at any given time.

In short, I'm taking a break from writing content to work on the gameplay for a while. It's been pretty neglected until now.


I really need the money from opening the baths to make the upcoming loan payment, but there's also a tasty blue action over in the docks that only shows up in the evenings, and I'd have to take Hathawa away from her job to explore it...

Damn it Wend, you're supposed to take that man's money, not buy him ice cream using business funds!

Any manga cleaners?

Thu, 09/05/2013 - 20:12 -- BlueWinds

So... this isn't exactly the same thing, but I spend about 1/3 of my development time "cleaning" images. Cutting out text, changing backgrounds to #222 instead of white, and drawing polygons around girl's hair and eyes so I can use GIMP's Colorize tool on them.

I'm not interested in teaching, but it's basically the same skills used by manga cleaners, and I was wondering if anyone here has that skillset and would like to help out. :) If you're not already a supporter, I'd be happy to make you one.

If you're interested, contact me using the site form, or comment here.


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